Swimming is a great exercise for the body and mind. It relaxes you, strengthens your body and sheds off a lot of unnecessary weight. It is also a fun activity and people of all ages seem to enjoy swimming very much. But to become a good swimmer, you must also exercise. Because exercise is something that develops your core muscles and endurance. It will teach you to be a better performer and take your swimming skills to an advanced level only within a year’s time.  Most people are worried about what kind of swimming exercises should they do to reach there. But you have no reason to worry because this article has shared the 9 best swimming exercises just for you.

Do Some Sports First:

To develop some endurance, muscles and good skills; you can first try some cool sports apart from swimming. This will help you stay active, fit and confident. Some of the best type of sports you can do is bike riding, foot ball, gymnastics or tennis.

Perform Exercises:

Before you dive into the pool, you should know that exercising is also quite a valuable part of your swim regime. Perform 20 minutes of exercise in the morning as well as in the evening. You can do any kind of workout you like but make sure you are using some light weights as well.

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Be A Runner:

For your core muscles and inner body strength you should run. Running is a great exercise for those who enjoy swimming and would like to take it to a professional level. This will help you become a good swimmer and boost enough confidence too.


To be a better swimmer, you should practice about 500 freestyle strokes every day just for a warm up. Do a combination of breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly to keep yourself charged up and to also prepare yourself for the upcoming races.

Sprint And Rest:

Sprint freestyle five times within 50 meters first. You can change strokes if you like. Rest for 20 seconds after that. Sprint for another five times but make sure its 100 meters this time. Rest for another 50 seconds and repeat. After this you can swim at a regular pace nonstop for about 15-30 minutes.

Sprint with Dolphin Kicks:

Sprint for 100 metres first. Do it for about five times. After this you may rest and do some flutter kicks. Next sprint for another 100 meters and then rest by doing some breast or dolphin kicks.

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Swimming And Push Ups:

Swim for 100-200 meters in a very normal pace. Then spend 30 seconds on push ups. You can do 20 to 40 reps; all depending upon your level of fitness. Then work out on your abs. By this we mean crunches, set ups, leg levels and flutter kicks.

Swimming And Exercising:

For this you must swim for 100-200 meters. Then do about 10-20 push ups. After that you can do about 20 to 30 crunches. 10 to 20 bicep curls are next. Finish it off with 5 Military presses. Don’t use dumbbells more than 5 lbs.

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Exercising With Dips:

Swim for 250 meters in a normal pace. Do 20 to 30 push ups. After that, you can do some abs crunches and abs exercises. Do pull ups for about 15 times and end it with Dips. You can do bench dips or regular dips; all depending upon your choice.


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