One of the leading STD diseases that lead the way is gonorrhea. This according to a survey has been classified as the second most common sexually transmitted disease to hit the market, the first reserved for Chlamydia. Emerged from the bacterium neisseria gonorrhoeae this disease mainly targets the mucous linings of our body especially caused by unprotected sexual actions. “gonos” means seed while “rhoe” is the Latin for flow.

This is a unisex disease where it targets both the genders equally as both of us have a chance to get affected by gonorrhea. Once again this is a sexually transmitted disease proliferating in number day by day with a myriad of people, younger sections mostly choosing the method of unprotected sexual act which may be one of the reason why the graph of gonorrhea has never descended once.

The bacterium mentioned above is a host in nature the doctors’ claim. It means that these bacteria hosts themselves in our body and after it has found a suitable temperature and climate it resides there in the warmth. The worst part to this is, it is hardly detectable since the symptoms stay dormant for a long time. However doctors say if this disease, gonorrhea is left untreated it may result in more fatal disease such as PID or pelvic inflammatory diseases or prostate gland issues and even urethral infection for men. With women the case of their infertility is directly related to the presence of this disease.

This may essentially be a sexually transmitted disease but once caught, gonorrhea is likely to spread to the other body parts, for example form ones genitals to their anus. This is related to the mucous lining which is not only limited to the lower body but also is known to affect the eyes and throats which make it all the more deadening. Being a contact disease this then can rub off into your partner making him or her a steady patient. Once it is in your partner’s body, it proliferates within.

For a better view on this topic and a safer precaution for the future here are some triggers that may cause you gonorrhea. For a better you avoid these causes and keep an eye out for the symptoms.

Gonorrhea Symptoms And Causes:

This article explain something important about what are the causes and symptoms of gonorrhea which would helpful to take care treatment action before you suffer.

Gonorrhea Causes:

Here we mention 10 main causes of gonorrhea for your better known facts.

1. Unprotected Sexual Act:

One of the prime keywords to describe gonorrhea will be sexually transmission. Therefore a lack of proper sense while engaging in a sexual act might be the reason why you are affected with gonorrhea. Poor decision making at such an important matter might cost you bad. This is why it is always better to use the safer option.

2. Pregnancy Checkups:

If you are pregnant and you still have no clue that you are a gonorrhea patient, it is recommended that you do your proper checkups since it is said by the doctor’s that may a times gonorrhea has been passed onto daughters or sons by their mother while they are still resting in the womb. To avoid such circumstances get a better checkup and cure before the newborn arrives.

3. Contact:

Gonorrhea is a contact disease that means it is spread through contact which is in this case not only applicable for sexual matter. Usually if you are a victim of gonorrhea and your partner or you is unaware of it, you might transmit this disease to him or her. Secondly, if you have gonorrhea and you have touched the infected area then rubbed your eyes, you have a high chance of getting gonorrhea in your eyes.

4. Oral Sex:

Gonorrhea of throat is caused only due to oral sex. This is applicable for both male and female and hence is recommended to not indulge in. While men are said to have a mere 20% chance of catching gonorrhea, a woman stands a 50/50 chance. If you have already, it is better to get a checkup if you have suspicion regarding this.

5. Don’t Take Second Chances:

Unlike pox, gonorrhea will reinforce itself on you even if you have had a brief medical history of fighting gonorrhea in the past. Even if it has affected you once, make no mistake it can affect you once more and once more again. This is why one should always be alert. Don’t let your shield down.

6. Genetics:

Blaming genetics in this case will not be a wrong thing to do. In some cases, it has been seen that if a parental women is suffering from the symptoms of gonorrhea, then there is a high chance that her child will be affected with the same symptoms. It is basically a germ that can live and spread during reproduction. Sexual contact thus easily triggers the occurrence and spread of gonorrhea.

7. Sexually Active Couples:

According to many researches conducted on this subject, it has been found that sexually active couples are at a risk of this diseases. One can easily spread the germ of this diseases from one person to another by getting involved in sexual activities with the former one. This is basically how gonorrhea spreads. This is one of the most possible gonorrhea causes.

8. Teenagers:

The most common victims of gonorrhea are teenage couples. This diseases has been mostly detected in teenagers as their bodies are young and this particular germ can spread easily through their bodies. Another reason behind the spread of this disease is to get involved in sexual activities with more than one person.

9. Weak Resistance Power Of The Body:

Yes, it is true. This is one of the most predictable causes of gonorrhea. If one has a weak immune system and has to take help of medications to cure almost anything, then he or she is likely to be affected with the symptoms of gonorrhea more easily compared to individuals who have a strong physical condition (internal). If you have a weak body then you will easily get affected with the symptoms of this disease and your body cannot also fight against the spread of this diseases.

10. Ejaculation:

Ejaculation is one of the most possible gonorrhea causes. Though, one can also transmit this disease without performing ejaculation.

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Symptoms Of Gonorrhea:

Now that you are aware of the causes here are some of the signs and symptoms of gonorrhea you should be looking out for in case you already suspect the worst.

1. Mucous Membrane:

Gonorrhea in both men and women target the mucous lining or membrane of the affected parts hence as a result, the mucous secretion increases manifold. This is not only for the genital areas but also for the eyes and throats. For women this usually comes in the form of vaginal discharge which may be thick and of color. For men it comes in the form of discharge from the tip of their gender. This may accompany weird yellow green color and odor. This is a strong symptom and should not be avoided or ignored.

2. Vaginal Bleeding:

In women, this is often noticed in a gonorrhea patient where at sudden irregular intervals, she bleeds from her vagina which is even though a painless process is not a normal healthy one. Apart from her fixed dates, this haphazard loss of blood may be a strong reason why you should go for a gonorrhea check.

3. Stinging Pain:

This is a common symptom for both the male and the female where during the passing of urine, an acute stinging pain or a burning sensation from within is felt. For men it is usually the urethra where the irritation occurs as the urine passes. The same goes for women. This is restricted to the abdomens only.

4. Mucous From Anus:

This is mainly a male problem where the mucous is felt from the anus. The source of discharge is targeted in the lower back region which is not at all a common scenario. Hence a quick doctor check up is recommended.

5. Lower Abdominal Pain:

This is one of the most justified symptoms of gonorrhea. It is pretty common that due to gonorrhea, there will be excessive pain in the lower abdominal portion. This particular symptom of gonorrhea is common in both men and women.

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6. Burning Sensation During Urination:

Another disturbing symptom of gonorrhea is the burning feeling during urination. Men generally experience this particular symptom. It is really hard to deal with particular symptom as one cannot just avoid urinating and when this burning sensation comes up it is really hard to perform one of the most important body related functions ever.

7. Bleeding Between Periods:

Women have a hard time dealing with gonorrhea. Bleeding between periods is one of the most irritating symptoms of gonorrhea. During periods, bleeding becomes a common thing when you’re suffering from this diseases. Women are the one, who seem to the worst time dealing with the symptoms of gonorrhea.

8. Burning Sensation In The Throat:

The throat is one of the most common victims during gonorrhea. One of the most visible and most experienced symptoms of gonorrhea is a burning feeling in the throat. This can be compared to the sore throat, but this one would be more disturbing and the pain will be a little more unbearable.

9. Spotting After Intercourse:

Spots start appearing after intercourse during the phase of gonorrhea. Are you experiencing this? Then you might have figured out what you’re suffering from. This is actually one of the most complained problems among married couples, when one of them are affected with the symptoms of gonorrhea.

10. Vaginal Discharge:

Want to know about the symptoms of gonorrhea? Greenish or yellowish discharges from vagina is one of the most common ones. A lot of women suffering from gonorrhea experience it. There is nothing specific one can do about it. One will have to bear it until the effects and the pain is completely gone.

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