Also commonly known as flu, influenza is definitely one of the most frequently occurring health ailments among the population. It is a contagious viral infection that affects the respiratory system and causes a series of problems in the body that leads to prevention of normal routine activity as well as forced bed rest. The crisis is quite a mild one but delayed treatment can also prove to be fatal in the situations of influenza.

To ensure that fastest cures and recovery is adhered to, the idea is to start looking for the signs and symptoms of the same at the onset itself. This not only helps in early detection but also efficient treatments. You also have to understand that flu is totally different from the conditions of cold.

To understand the difference and to broaden your knowledge about influenza, keep reading this list below. It has some of the most guaranteed signs and symptoms associated with the ailment.

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List of 10 Symptoms Of Influenza:

1. High Body Temperature:

Among the first few and a sure shot sign of influenza, you will surely find your body temperature rising and leading to fevers. Usually, the temperature is above 100 degree F. though, you can be rest assured that it does not go to the extreme levels of high temperatures.

2. Chills:

In some rare cases, people might not actually develop fever but only feel feverish and have chills. This is a again a sign that can be related to the occurrence of influenza and the onset of this viral infection. This can often be accompanied with excessive sweating as well.

3. Headaches:

Again a common symptom of not only influenza but all kinds of infections is that of frequent headaches. The extremity of the aches will totally vary from person to person.

4. Fatigue And Tiredness:

The body is constantly trying to fight off the infections in the body and this is making the body tired as well as experience fatigue. While talking about influenza, this is definitely one symptom that you can relate yourself to. It can also be one of the symptoms in thousands of other health ailments.

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5. Sore Throat:

There is swelling and inflammation in the throat because of the viral attack during influenza. This makes it difficult to talk as well as swallow food. Soreness in the throat is a 100 percent guaranteed symptom here.

6. Muscle Issues:

There is a subtle feeling of aches and pains in the body and all the muscles and muscle joints when it comes to influenza. Look for this symptom so that it is easier for you to detect the crisis.

7. Stuffed/Runny Nose:

Whether some people go through runny nose during influenza, there are some who have stuffy feeling due to nasal congestion. No matter what, you will surely experience one of these symptoms during the crisis.

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8. Cough:

A common and sure shot symptom of influenza is cough. Some might experience subtle levels of cough and the other might have constant issues depending on the severity of influenza. In rare cases, cough is also dry in nature.

9. Vomiting and Diarrhea:

In extreme influenza problems, people have also complained of issues like nausea, vomiting as well as diarrhea. This is one symptom which is more common among the children as compared to adults.

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10. Weakness:

An overall feeling of weakness and lethargy takes over in the case of prolonged situations of influenza. It is something that is equally felt by children and adults and it compels to take proper rest and prevents any regular day to day activities in the sufferer. It is a confirmed sign of the crisis.


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