Tab top curtain is the one which is having tab pattern on curtain. The tab of the curtain is passing through the rod and tied with button in front area. It is time-consuming. You need to button up all the tabs of the curtain to hang it properly. Mostly big buttons are attached on tab top curtain to highlight it. This tab top style is delicate and highly effective.

Stunning & Stylish Tab Top Curtains for Home Decoration:

Decorate your windows with these beautiful Tab Top Curtain Designs. Here You Get top 9 tab top curtains.

1. Creative Tab Curtain:

This tab top window curtain is having creative tab design. The tab is tied up with same fabric. The whole curtain is unadorned and simple but nice tab pattern. The rod is going through the hole in tab top curtain and it is looking awesome.

2. Printed Tab Top Curtain:

It is white tab top curtain having beautiful prints on it. It seems like the curtain is having turtle like print. The curtain pole is also very thick and strong. Even the wall beside curtain is having awesome grey and white stripes paint.

3. Colourful Tab Top Curtains with Buttons:

This rarely found curtain is having tab top curtain panel. The tab of curtain is tied up with a big button. There are different designs on this curtain in variety of colours. This colourful curtain is catching everyone’s attention and is superb.

4. Multicolour Tab Top Curtain:

It is plain tab top sheer curtain in variety of colours. There is blue, orange, red, white, green and yellow transparent curtain. All this multicolour tab top curtain is hanged together to give a bright-coloured look and all this look brilliant.

5. Tab Top Curtain Hole:

It is back tab curtain of white colour. The top area of curtain is showing here which is having wide open hole. The wooden rod is passing through this white tab hole. The curtain fabric is light and thin with no prints.

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6. Twisted Tab Top Curtain:

This grey tab top curtain is garnished with bow on top. The bow made up of grey lace is affixed on tab top. The curtain is in dark and light grey colour which is impressive. There is wide dark grey line area on top of curtain.

7. Jute Tab Top Curtain:

This white tab curtain is so much pretty and lovely. This white fabric curtain contains floral print of lighter shade. One nice bird is shown flying on curtain. The flower and leaves print on white curtain is adding fragrance and looking wonderful.

8. Kids Tab Top Curtain:

This cream tab top curtain is best for kids’ room. The tab of this plain cream curtain is in multicolour and having different prints. The curtain is having half-moon border and that too multicolour printed. It is awesome creation of curtain.

9. Unique Blue Tab Top Curtain:

It is unique printed tab top blackout curtain in blue colour. The tab is in pink check print and the curtain is having vehicle prints on it. The curtain is bright and glowing. This vibrant curtain idea is looking rich and picturesque.

This tab top curtain is light in weight seeking much attention. Tab top curtains are flexible and wonderful. Even the fabric used in making tab top curtain is mainly thin. The tab top is having broad hole so you no need to worry about the thickness of curtain rod. Any kind of curtain rod will be used with tab top curtain.


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