One of the most versatile actors of all time, Tabassum Fatima Hashmi, better known as her stage name Tabu, is one of those many actress that has influenced the Cinema world with their prime persona and flawless skills. Until her recent film Drishyam, Tabu has been on a short break from her acting all these days. However, her prime times included some of the biggest hits of all time. At age 43, Tabu is still a stunning beauty, her grace oozing out of her personality every time we see her on screen. But it is a common known fact that stars often look quite different without their professional set makeup. It really comes down to the stars themselves whether they can pull off their no made up look with ease or not. In this article, today we shall talk about some of the best no makeup looks of Tabu and determine whether she can really pull of her looks or not.

Beautiful Pictures of Tabu Without Makeup:

1. With The Achievements:

This picture dates way back in the early acting days of Tabu, probably right after she has won an award for her excellent achievement. Posing without any makeup Tabu in her younger days was quite cute if not naturally a beauty. Suited up in a traditional mauve suit, Tabu in this picture looked so overjoyed and pleased with her award.

2. Grace Personified:

Once again dressed up in a traditional suit, here is yet another beautiful picture of Tabu without any makeup on, looking simply divine as she sports a cute little smirk on her face. Letting her hair down, long and graceful, Tabu looked quite professional in the way she carried herself.

3. Movie Stills:

Tabu has always been a daring actor with veteran skills ruling her roles with finesse. This is a still picture taken from one of the movies where she decided to opt for the look of a minimalist, her hair in its natural state falling on her shoulders as she uses nude lip hue and a soft black liner to add to her look.

4. Casual Forever:

This was one of the snippets before or after a conducted interview where we see her resting as she poses for a quick snap in her everyday casual look. Her hair was in its usual state was toned and sleeked down as she paired her full sleeved black tee with a bell bottom blue jeans.

5. Into The Interview:

This picture is from yet another interview where Tabu appeared to have had no makeup on. The soft maroon hue suited her toned down natural complexion while her tired eyes could tell us she’s had a hard time working on the new film. As she went on speaking about her film and her role in it, her charisma simply lighted up the room.

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6. The Best of Her Look:

There are only a handful of actors who are ready to appear on screen without prior makeup to cover their imperfections and Tabu is proudly one of them. This is yet another of her movie stills where she appeared without makeup looking fresh faced and beautiful.

7. Haider Shots:

One of her best movie screens of all time, this is a picture from the stills of her hit Haider. In this picture, she looks quite the beauty acting up to her role as her flawless face depicts only her lined eyes and her true beauty.

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8. Being Traditional:

Best of her looks has always been so traditional and here is a picture of herself sporting an elegant gold blue sari looking beautiful as always.

9. Movie Premier:

Once again pairing her black blouse with her light blue denims, Tabu looked quite down to earth and pleasant in her movie premier visit.

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