Tahitian pearls are one of the best pearls in the world. The Tahitian pearls range in color from black to brown. These pearls are of quality ranging from AA+ to AAA. You can get the best of these pearls set in jewelry items like rings, earring, necklaces and bangles.

1. Tahitian Pearl Earrings:

Buy these Tahitian black pearl earrings that have a wonderful luster. The black pearls are 13mm in width and are the larger of the pearls that are available. The Tahitian pearls make a great jewelry item that is sought by many people. Use these pearls with combination pearl necklace for a set.

2. Black Tahitian Necklace:

Choose this gorgeous set in Tahitian pearl necklace. The necklace comprises of single pearl earrings and single pearl necklace pendant. The black color of the pearls is most expensive as they are cultured to get this hue. The diamond on each of the items also adds to the charm.

3. Tahitian Trifecta:

Here is a cool Tahitian pearl bracelet that is a set of 3. The three rings of the bracelet have six pearls on them. Each black pearl is a perfect round and of top quality. This gold and black combination is loved by many as well. So choose this stunning piece for yourself.

4. Tahitian Grapes Necklace:

This cluster necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that you can own. The Tahitian black pearls used here are of grape shape. So this Tahitian grapes necklace is quite a unique set that you will love to have. Since it is a string of many pearls in a cluster it also gives you a full neck.

5. Tahitian Hue Pendant:

One of the best ways to own Tahitian pearls is to have all the hues of the pearls. This Tahitian pearl pendant is a stunning item as it has 7 pearls in different hues from white to black. This gives you the best of the best. The pendant is aptly names victory for its beauty.

6. Tahitian Pearl Ring:

Another cool way to have Tahitian pearls is to get a Tahitian pearl ring. This single pearl ring is studded with diamonds on the side. The ring is a great piece to own. You can always charm your wife or girlfriend with this beautiful ring. The round shape of the pearl is without a blemish.

7. Gold and Pearl Bracelet:

Get the best of all three – gold, diamonds and pearls, in this stunning bracelet. This Tahitian pearl jewelry is a great item to have. The flower gold and the diamond centers make it a pretty bracelet. The Tahitian pearls add all the charm to this wonder.

8. Open Tahitian Bangle:

Try this funky Tahitian pearl bangle that has the open style. This bangle is open so you can put it on your hand from the wrist itself. The two pearls are at the end of the bangle and give you a stylish effect. The Tahitian pearl used here are of a nice sheen and luster.

9. Double Strand Black Pearl Necklace:

Get this double strand Tahitian pearl necklace with gold beads in between. This gorgeous set is a statement piece that you can wear with formal outfits. It will look great on western formal as well as Indian formal clothes. This will surely make a nice neck piece.

Tahitian pearls that are black or brown in color are the most sought after pearls. They can be put in rings or even pendants. You can have single strand pearls or double strands. The luster of these pearls is brilliant.


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