Nowadays tail hairstyles are becoming more and more popular, as days go by. These haircuts are very versatile and look very unique. They also bring a great amount of diversification in one’s life in terms of different styles and choices. More choices are always better, but making the best choice is tough. We’ve covered all those best tail hairstyles you can possibly think of.

Best Tail Hairstyles for Female and Male With Images:

Let’s find the top 9 Rat Tail, Pigtail and Topsy tail Hairstyles,

1. Laid Back Ponytail:

This is a great looking tail hairstyle for women. This haircut features medium styled hairs that are gathered together and are tied to the back of the head in a certain laid-back style. There are also some more loose strands of hair that are tucked behind the ears for a better look. Definitely looks better with long beards. This style is indeed a good looking tail haircut.

2. The Messy Ponytail:

If you want a high tail hairstyle, then this is your best bet. This messy type of haircut features very long strands all over the head that are collected and tied together at the back of the head creating a ponytail like structure. Some of the hair strands are also loosening up a little bit and are kept behind the ear for that perfect messy type look. This hairstyle is truly a nice looking women’s tail hairstyle.

3. Tight and Bright Curls:

This is a fantastic looking hairstyle for female type haircut. The whole part of the hair is pulled and swept behind the head for a tidy and clean look, and the ponytail is created on the top of the back of the head, with a nice colouring on top of them and also giving it a curly type look as well.

4. Bridal Updo with Flowers:

This is one of a kind topsy tail hairstyle to get. The hair is first pulled cleanly towards the back of your head, with nice finesse and is created a topsy tail cut. The flowers are then added to this amazing hairstyle, and voila, you’re ready to show off your stylish and trendy haircut.

5. Faux Dutch Braid:

This is one of the most perfect looking hairstyles you can opt for right now. This is a new kind of style where the topsy tail is used to provide as a base for creating the faux dutch braid haircut. The braid will look great on the back of your head and will certainly be a show stopper for anyone.

6. Hipster Braid:

If you’re out of topsy tail hairstyle ideas, then don’t fret to try this one out. This is a very unique style to get your hair braided and it only takes a couple of minutes to finish it. No sweat. For the time you invest, you’re absolutely rewarded with a great looking haircut and a fantastic look overall.

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7. Low Chignon Bun:

If you’re into easy topsy tail hairstyles, then this bun will absolutely look gorgeous on you. This style can be done on your own and can be removed on your own too. Takes very less time to create, looks very much simple to create a bun on the backside of your head and doesn’t cost much too.

8. Fun Ponies:

If you’re after pigtail hairstyles, you’ve come to the right hairstyle. This is a very simple to pull off hairstyle for adults, where the hair is divided into two parts and is middle parted and then allowed to run down via the two sides of the head. You can also braid your pigtails as well for more style.

9. Brushed Back Hair with Braided Rat Tail Hairstyle:

If you like experimenting with your short hair, definitely try out this rat tail hairstyle. This cut features brushed back hair towards the back of the head, with the back strands of the hair braided, and thus closely resembling a rat tail. This cut surely looks much more fashionable yet very simple in the making.

Choosing the right haircut isn’t always easy for anyone. That’s why this list is made just to make you much more informed in making the right decision. A good hairstyle always brings confidence in one’s mind, and that’s what we’ll be helping you to achieve.