So you are the lucky new mother who just welcomed her child into the world. While you have been taking care of your baby, you have been neglecting your hair and skin. Well good news. It is but temporary and will be back to its gorgeous self soon. Of course your regime needs change and attention soon.

Throughout and post pregnancy your hair and skin both go through a lot of chances. Some include acne and stretch marks- the most common ones, while the uncommon ones include hyper pigmentation, alopecia and the likes.

How To Reduce Hair And Skin Problems:-

To take care of your hair after pregnancy, the following are to be kept in mind

1. Eat Healthy:

There is nothing that takes your hair care regime a step ahead than eating healthy. Ensure that your diet has antioxidants and is rich in fruits like apples, banana, prunes. This is because, antioxidants help strengthen the roots, while the diet is always given a boost by fruits rich in iron and vitamins.

2. Keep Your Scalp And Hair Clean:

Do not use a strong shampoo. Switch to a gentle anti hair loss one instead. Condition your hair regularly to prevent breakage. Besides these, keep a leave in conditioner after using a dry shampoo if you are short of time.

3. Avoid Pulling And Tying Hair:

When you tie your hair, refrain from pulling it tightly as it strains your scalp making your hair fall out even easily. Avoid typing up wet hair.

4. Vitamin Supplements:

Your hair post pregnancy will obviously need some rejuvenation. Try using supplements like vitamin B and E regularly and it will get your hair back its strength thus leaving in fuller hair.

5. Chemical Treatments:

Do not colour your hair immediately post pregnancy since this may lead to hair loss like never before.

6. Get A Great Short Haircut:

A suggestive short hair that makes your face look fuller and thus keep you feeling happy and high.


To reduce skin troubles when you are and after you are pregnant, these tricks should help.

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1. For Acne:

Cleanse your face twice daily with a mild cleanser. Never forget to put on moisturizer, preferably light weight. Avoid oily ones for a while since they clog pores. A scrub with pores isn’t a bad idea in itself. Buy aloe vera and eucalyptus supplements for daily use to get a clear skin.

2. For Pigmentation:

Within a year or so, all your spots should disappear. Until then, stay indoors and in case you need to go out, use a sunscreen with heavy SPF formula. Use moisturizer daily to nourish skin and use creams made especially for pigmented skin.

3. For Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and take short naps daily. Use an eye cream enriched with almond oil to see the trick in no time.

4. For Stretch Marks:

This one is a situation that needs to be avoided from the very beginning. So try a moisturizer rich in vitamin E or olive oil. Focus on your problem areas, particularly breasts, hips, belly and inner thigh.
Massage daily twice.

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The key to healthy skin and hair post pregnancy is to stay calm, happy and stress-free! Enjoy your time as a mother and let your body recover naturally.