If names stand for a person’s identity, pure Tamil baby boy names are the identity of the state and their culture. Male child names in Tamil or even female ones are names that hold a strong sense of Tamil culture and tradition. Their names are a mix of religion, modernity and tradition. If you are looking to name your little one after a Tamil name, here are some of our ideas.

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Tamil Names for Boys:

Take a look at some of these names.

1. Aabhat:

Aabhat is a Tamil baby boy names that is rare. The name means ‘shining’.

2. Aadavan:

Aadavan is a name that means the Sun. The names are given to parents who respect Sun as their God.

3. Aahan:

Aahan is a stylish Tamil baby boy names that mean dawn. Naming him dawn would mean you are opening the gates of all new beginnings.

4. Advait:

Advait means unique. A unique name for your baby!

5. Arnish:

Arnish is a male baby names in Tamil that is modern and trendy. It means ‘lord of the sea’.

6. Arnoh:

Arnoh is a latest Tamil names for boy that means unblemished.

7. Aroush:

Aroush means the first ray of the sun.

8. Ajai:

Ajay or Ajai are two very popular names in almost all communities. The name means invincible and is fairly popular in Tamil culture.

9. Akil:

Akil means fire.

10. Balan:

Balan is a common name in Tamil. The name can be a good traditional name for your little one. Balan means vibrant. The name Bala, a reduced version of Balanis used as a nickname too.

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11. Bhadran:

Bhadran is the masculine name of Bhadra. Bhadra is commonly used for girls. Bhadran is a Tamil Hindu boy baby names that mean auspicious.

12. Chandran:

Chandran is a very old Tamil names for boys. The name refers to the moon. If you like to name your baby boy after celestial bodies, this will be a good one.

13. Charan:

Charan means ‘feet or a humble person’. The feet here refer to the feet of the almighty.

14. Chaitan:

Chaitan means consciousness.

15. Deva:

Deva means deity. It popularly refers to Lord Shiva. If you are looking for a name that shows your respect for God, this could be your choice.

16. Deva:

A variation of the name Deva, Dev refers to Lord Shiva.

17. Dhir:

Dhir means ‘wise’.

18. Dabir:

Dabir is a name that is not from the Tamil language but is widely accepted by Tamil parents. The name means teacher or writer.

19. Daiwik:

Daiwik means ‘by the grace of God’.

20. Deeraj:

Deeraj means patience.

21. Dandapani:

Dandapani is a very common and old Tamil names for boys. The name refers to God.

22. Devesh:

Devesh is modern Tamil boy names that mean God of Gods. It refers to Lord Shiva and is commonly used by Christians as well.

23. Deepesh:

Deepesh means lord of light.

24. Desikan:

A very classic and pure Tamil names, Desikan means national boy. It refers to Lord Krishna.

25. Dhanush:

Dhanush means bow.

26. Deivigan:

The name means divine. This will be another good old Tamil name for your baby boy.

27. Duraivel:

The name is a very popular and traditional name in Tamil for males. Duraivel refers to Lord Murugan, who is known to be the son of Lord Shiva.

28. Eegan:

Eegan is another classy old school Tamil name that means benevolent, endowed and charitable. Eeagan is a pure Tamil name.

29. Eashan:

Eashan means Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

30. Eniyan:

Eniyan means young. For that little one who is young and will remain to be young at heart, this is a good choice.

31. Evyavan:

Here is another classic Tamil name. It means one who grants all the wishes. Eniyan is also another name for Lord Vishnu.

32. Ezhilarasan:

The name means the prettiest King.

33. Falgun:

Falgun is actually the name of a month according to the Hindu calendar. If your son was born in this month, this could be a good choice of name for him.

34. Giri:

This Tamil baby boy names with meaning is well known and profound. Giri means mountain and refers to Lord Shiva.

35. Gayan:

Gayan means song or sky.

36. Guhan:

Another classic pure Tamil baby boy name, Guhan, refers to Lord Murugan, and if you are too an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan, you can name your son Guhan. Lord Murugan is also referred to as Lord Karthikeya.

37. Guna:

It is another male child name that you can think of. Guna means one who has a good character. Guna refers to ones’ character.

38. Genivan:

Genivan means a person who is truthful.

39. Guru:

Guru means teacher and has been widely used in the Tamil community to name their sons Guru.

40. Hanish:

Hanish means Lord Shiva.

41. Harish:

Harish is another name for Lord Shiva. This modern boy baby names in Tamil is quite popular and a trending one too.

42. Hardik:

Hardik means heartfelt and a good way to express your love and happiness.

43. Harshavardhan:

A name from Sanskrit, Harshavardhan is a popular child name in Tamil boys. It means ‘one who increases joy’.

44. Hemanth:

Hemanth is usually a name given to children who are born in winter.

45. Ilayaraja:

Haven’t we heard of this name a lot? The name is of a famous and celebrated music director in Tamil. The name means prince.

46. Ilesh:

Ilesh means lord of the Earth.

47. Iniyan:

Iniyan is a stylish Tamil baby boy names that mean sweet.

48. Jagan:

Jagan is a famous name in most South Indian languages. It means universe. The name is apt for all those parents who consider their child to be their universe.

49. Jairaj:

Jairaj means Lord of the victory.

50. Kailash:

Kailash is a traditional name in Tamil for baby boys. It refers to Lord Shiva, who sits in the Kailash mountain of the Himalayas.

51. Kasi:

Kasi is a famous pilgrimage site. The name also refers to Lord Shiva.

52. Kalidasa:

It is a name given by parents who enjoy poems. Kalidasa is the name of a famous poet of all time.

53. Karun:

Karun means compassionate.

54. Kathir:

Kathir is a very traditional Tamil name given to little boys.

55. Lalit:

Lalit means beautiful.

56. Likhith:

The name means ‘written’. Likhith is a name that is referred to as Lord Vishnu.

57. Mahit:

Mahit means son of Earth. The name is universal and also very famous in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

58. Maniyan:

Maniyan is a very famous Tamil name for baby boys that means gem. If your son you consider be a treasure to you, this could be a good one.

59. Naren:

Naren means lion.

60. Narun:

Narun means leader of men. Isn’t this a very empowering name?

61. Narayanan:

Narayanan is a very traditional and religious male child name in Tamil. It is the name of Lord Vishnu.

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62. Nirush:

Nirush is a name of a King in Mahabharata.

63. Nirvaan:

Nirvaan is a very modern Tamil name that we often hear these days. It means salvation.

64. Punavan:

The name means ‘flowered sky’.

65. Perumal:

Perumal is a name that refers to the Lord.

66. Prasad:

Prasad is a name that is always in use. The name refers to the holy offering from the temple.

67. Rithul:

The name means someone who seeks the truth.

68. Raghu:

Raghu is a common Tamil baby boy names with a meaning that refers to Lord Rama.

69. Raghavan:

Another name that refers to Lord Rama is Raghavan.

70. Ram:

A classic name that refers to God himself.

71. Saswin:

The name means creative thinker.

72. Taraknath:

The name refers to Lord Shiva and is a traditional name of Tamil.

73. Thaman:

Thaman is the name of a popular Tamil God.

74. Ulhas:

Ulhas means delight or joy. For that cute little bundle of joy, Ulhas will be a good one to name your baby boy.

75. Ulaganadhan:

The name is a very traditional one that means one who is the owner or ruler of the world.

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Tamil Baby Boy Names: Nick Names

Here are some nickname suggestions for you if you are looking for one.

1. Appu:

Appu is a name that is used to call affectionately, even if the baby grows.

2. Baby:

A very common name, the baby, is also widely used by parents for their children.

3. Chellam:

Chellam is equivalent to ‘darling’ in English and is very popularly used by parents to call their baby boys or girls.

4. Chellakutty:

A nickname that is a variation of the name chellam, which is also a nickname in Tamil.

5. Chittu:

Chittu is another cute Tamil nickname used for babies.

6. Gundu:

Gundu means fat and is a term that is not intended to affect anyone. The name is especially for kids who are healthy and chubby.

7. Jo Jo:

Jo Jo does not mean anything in particular. It is simply a term used by parents to address their children affectionately.

8. Kutty:

Kutty means little.

9. Kannu:

Kannu means dear and is used to express how much the kid means to the parents. Literally, kannu means eyes and signifies importance.

10. Kannukutty:

Kannukutty means calf and is a very affectionate term in Tamil used by parents to address their children.

11. Pappa:

Pappa means child or baby.

12. Pattu:

Pattu means silk and is a very common Tamil nickname.

13. Pattukutty:

Pattukutty means ‘silk baby’.

14. Pappu:

Pappu is a term used for young boys.

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Tamil Religious Names:

Here is some popular religious name in Tamil.

1. Sivan:

The name is very popular and refers to the almighty himself. This Tamil Hindu baby boy names is an all-time hit.

2. Ganesan:

Ganesan is a hugely popular Hindu baby boy names in Tamil. It refers to Lord Ganesha or Vinayak.

3. Suryan:

Suryan refers to the Sun God.

4. Aaron:

Aaron is a Christian baby boy name in Tamil that means ‘shining light’.

5. Abbott:

The name means ‘father’ and is a Christian baby name for boys.

6. Abdiel:

The name means ‘servant of God’ and is a popular Christian baby boy names in Tamil.

7. Aabid:

Aabid means worshipper and is a modern Muslim baby boy names.

8. Aftab:

Aftab means the sun.

9. Aali:

Aali is a traditional Tamil Muslim baby boy name that means high or tall.

10. Aamir:

A very popular Muslim name, Aamir means prosperous.

Male child names in Tamil are a lot. The task is for you to only understand or know what theme you like your baby to share. Once you know this, the task of finding the name gets really easier. We hope our article will be of good help in getting and finding the right name for your baby boy. Check out the meanings and the many categories of names that we have classified into for faster selection. The categories have also been provided meanings.


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