Modern Tamil baby names or even the usual Tamil names are known to be ever classy. They are cool and unique, often resembling their art and culture. Tamil parents are also known to be extra careful and choosy when having to name their babies. If you are wondering what to name your baby girl or boy, take a look at our suggested names. This will surely help ease the worry.

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Latest Tamil Names For Male Child:

1. Aariz:

The first one on this list is Aariz, which means “respectable man”. Aariz is one of the best names out there for Tamil children. The name is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and can be said to be a huge success in recent years, though it is a pretty traditional name for your baby boy.

2. Anosh:

Anosh means “eternal”. This is one of the finest baby names in Tamil. Anosh is a really beautiful and classy name, according to Tamilians. The name suits almost every Tamil boy and can be said to be one of the best Tamil baby boy names.

3. Anoop:

This is one of the best Tamil baby boy names. The name is so beautiful that all the family members will appreciate this name. The meaning of the word Anoop is “beautiful”. The name has many other similar meanings, such as incomparable or matchless beauty, just like each and every baby is to a family.

4. Aki:

Aki is a good name for Tamil boys. The meaning of this name is “Autumn”, which is really beautiful. It is so good when you compare a child with a season that is so beautiful by itself. This is one of the best ways to compare a boy when he is a baby. Those parents who choose this name for a boy will no doubt do their best in the boy’s upbringing.

5. Ajay:

This one sounds like a Marathi name but is a Tamil name for baby boys. The name means “victorious”. This is probably one of the best names for Tamil baby boys out there. It is a good name to name a child by. It will distinguish him from the other kids in future years, and people will also be fond of his name, which will make him a social icon.

6. Anbu:

Anbu generally means someone who is kind-hearted. This is a great name for giving your baby boy. The name has some other similar meanings as well, such as softness, love, etc. The actual meaning of this name is “kindness”. No matter what your situation is, one should always be kind-hearted and perform acts of kindness because, at the end of the day, we are all humans.

7. Arjun:

This is one of the best Indian names and one of the best Tamil baby boy names as well. The meaning of the name Arjun is “confidence and power”. The name will definitely suit almost every boy child since all of them are meant to be brave. There are some other meanings of the name as well, such as peacock, Lord Indra’s son, etc.

8. Aarya:

Aarya means powerful and noble. This is one of the best ways to name a Tamil baby boy. The name means “powerful, noble, etc.”. Arya is extremely popular in the Tamil States and is one of the best Tamil names for boys out there. The name will suit almost any boy child and will definitely remind the boy how lucky he is to be named with such a beautiful name when he grows up and develops some sense of understanding of the meaning of this name.

9. Arnish:

Arnish is a beautiful Tamil baby boy name. It means ‘Lord of the Sea’. This baby name in Tamil is very unique.

10. Ajai:

Ajai means ‘invincible’. If you think your baby fits in with this meaning and connotation, the name is sure for you.

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11. Balan:

Balan means ‘vibrant’. If your baby is always on the move and vibrant, this name probably belongs to him. Balan as, a child name in Tamil, is also called as Bala as a nickname.

12. Charan:

The name refers to ‘humble person’. Charan is a very popular modern Tamil name that has not yet lost its popularity.

13. Chaitan:

Chaitan is a popular name now. The name means ‘consciousness’ and has been in use since a very long time.

14. Deva:

A name that refers to the Lord, Deva is a modern and classy mix of pure Tamil names. It means ‘deity’ in Tamil and is a popular choice for a lot of parents who are religious.

15. Dhir:

Dhir means ‘wise’. The name is powerful and is a good baby name on the list for all those cute little baby boys.

16. Daiwik:

Daiwik must be a very rare and unusual name. The name means ‘grace of God’ and is a very unique name among the Tamilians.

17. Desikan:

Desikan is a pure Tamil name adopted from literature. The name means ‘national boy’, and it also has a religious reference to Lord Vishnu.

18. Duraivel:

Another reference to Lord, Lord Murugan is one of the most popular names in Tamil Nadu.

19. Eashan:

Eashan is a newborn baby name in Tamil and symbolizes both Lord Shiva and Vishnu.

20. Eniyan:

Eniyan means ‘young’. This is yet another popular child name in Tamil.

21. Falgun:

Falgun is referred to as a certain month according to the Hindu calendar. This would be thus suitable for all those baby boys born in this period.

22. Giri:

The name Giri is yet another popular latest baby name in Tamil for young boys. Giri means ‘mountain’.

23. Guhan:

Guhan has reference to Lord Murugan. The Lord has ample devotees. If you are also a devotee of Lord Murugan, Guhan could be your choice of name for your baby boy.

24. Hanish:

Hanish refers to Lord Shiva. If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, then this name is ideal for your son.

25. Hardik:

Hardik is a modern Tamil name. The name means ‘heartfelt’, and naming your baby would mean that you are expressing heartfelt happiness for his birth.

26. Hemant:

Another baby name in Tamil for your boy could be Hemant, as it refers to a part of winter which is regarded as the most beautiful time of the year.

27. Ilesh:

Ilesh means ‘Lord of the Earth’. The name has a strong mythological connection.

28. Iniyan:

Iniyan means ‘sweet’. The name is an authentic Tamil name that was very popular.

29. Jagan:

The name Jagan refers to the ‘universe’. Jagan is a very popular name in Tamil Nadu.

30. Jairaj:

The name means ‘Lord of victory’. Naming your son Jairaj would mean you are actually hoping and blessing him victory in everything he pursues.

31. Karun:

Karun means ‘compassionate’. The name is best suited for telling your child exactly how he has to be to the rest of the world. This name forms a part of the modern Tamil new name list.

32. Lalit:

Lalit means ‘beautiful’. This name will be a cute name for your handsome boy.

33. Maniyan:

Maniyan is a famous name among the Tamilians. It means ‘gem’ and will be a good way to indicate to the world and family that your son is actually your gem.

34. Maha:

Generally, the word Maha means “very big”. It is a good name to call a Tamil baby boy by. Maha also means gazelle. It is actually one of the best names for Tamil boys out there.

35. Maari:

Maari means Rain, and it is one of the best names for Tamil boys ever. This is a pretty old name, and it is still being used in most of Tamil families.

36. Mehul:

Mehul has almost a similar meaning as the previous one, that is, “rain”. The word is a really beautiful name and will suit the baby boy. This is one of the best names for Tamil boys.

37. Nirush:

Nirush refers to a King from Mahabharata. This can be a traditional Tamil baby name for you to think about.

38. Rithul:

Rithul is a ‘truth-seeking’ person. This name will also encourage your son to travel on the path of truth.

39. Ray:

The meaning of the name Ray is “counselor”. This is a really good name for baby boy kids who are born in Tamil families. The name will be suitable for almost any kid who has taken birth in a Tamil family. Ray has a few other meanings as well, such as “regal, beam of light, etc.”. The name is also an abbreviation of Raymond.

40. Ramu:

This is a religious name for a Tamil baby. The name means is actually Lord Ram’s pet name and thus can be said to be one of the best Tamil baby boy names out there. The name is really beautiful, and one should feel lucky to be named by this name as it is of immense significance to India’s religious history.

41. Rajah:

The basic meaning of this name is “anticipation”. The name also has another meaning as well, which is King. Rajah will be suitable for almost any Tamil baby boy out there. The name will help to make that kid make a different impact on his friends as it makes him a King among the commoners out there.

42. Rohin:

The meaning of the name Rohin is “rising”. It indicates the beginning of something new as if something new has taken birth in this earth to bring about a change for the sake of all.

43. Saswin:

Saswin is rather a unique name. It means ‘creative thinker’ and could be perfect for your kid.

44. Thaman:

Thaman refers to the name of a God and is a very popular name of the place.

45. Ulagan:

Ulagan means ‘worldly’ and is a name that is straight from the literature.

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46. Ulhas:

Ulhas means ‘delight’ or ‘joy’. Just like how your baby boy brings joy, this name could best fit to express what he means to you.

47. Uthaman:

Uthaman is someone who is ‘truthful’. This new baby name in Tamil is a good choice for those of you looking for something classy.

48. Vaishnav:

Vaishnav is an apt name for all those who are staunch believers of Lord Vishnu.

49. Vayun:

Vayun means ‘lively’. This could be one good name for your super active and energetic baby boy.

50. Wasan:

There are not many names in Tamil that start with a “W”. However, there is this one. Wasan means “idol”. It means a child is named by this name is denoted as an idol. This is a really prestigious name, and the child will probably thank his mother and father for naming him this amazing name when he is old enough to understand the meaning.

51. Yarlchelvan:

The meaning of this name is “kind”. It means that the child being thus named shows signs of kindness. This could be yet another good name for your boy.

Modern Tamil Names for Babies:

52. Aadhya:

Aadhya means ‘first power’. The name is unique and could be a beautiful choice for your baby.

53. Anne:

This is a beautiful name for the Tamil girls out there. Instead, this is the first girl’s name on this list which makes it one of the most used Tamil baby girl names. The name is so beautiful that it will automatically make the girl look attractive when she grows up to be a woman from a baby.

54. Agira:

Agira basically means heaven. The meaning of the name is so cool that anyone will easily love the name and want to know the person who has such a beautiful name. This is one of the best names for Tamil girls out there. The name is quite frequently used and is really good if you judge on the basis of pronunciation.

55. Adhya:

The meaning of this name is “first power”. The name also describes Lord Ganesha. The name is a really good name to give to a Tamil girl. This is one of the best names out there for Tamil children (girls), and this will actually mean a lot to the child when she actually grows up and gets to know the meaning of the name.

56. Akshi:

If you are looking for Tamil names for baby girls, then this might be the perfect one for you. It is sweet. It sounds good as well and has a good meaning as well. The term Akshi defines “eyes”. It will generally mean that the eyes of that child are really beautiful, and this can be said to be one of the best ways to name a child.

57. Alaka:

Alaka is generally used as a term in the Tamil states to define a girl with lovely hair. The name Alaka will thus be suitable for a girl with lovely hair. This is one of the best baby names in Tamil.

58. Banhi:

Banhi means Holy and hence is considered very special by many Tamilians. Since Tamilians are also known to worship fire, this could be one good way to show your respect.

59. Bhavika:

Bhavika may not be a pure Tamil name, but it sure is a modern Tamil name. It means ‘well-meaning’.

60. Bhanupriya:

Bhanupriya is a typical Tamil name that means ‘beloved of the Sun’. For your daughter, there could be no better classic name you could think of.

61. Chitra:

Chitra means ‘painting’. It is also the name of a river.

62. Daevi:

Daevi means ‘Goddess’. The name is a true Tamil name and is very rare to be heard.

63. Dipti:

Dipti means ‘brightness or ray of hope’. For all those who were waiting for your child, this name could be a true depiction of what she might actually be now.

64. Driti:

Driti means ‘courage’. The name is small, and thus it will be easier to spell out even.

65. Dwani:

Dwani means ‘sound’. If your baby girl is really active and brims with energy most of the times, Dwani could be a good name for her.

66. Devika:

Devika has a lot of meanings. It means ‘mother of Lord Krishna’, ‘like an angel’ and also ‘little Goddess’. For those of you on the lookout for a proper religious reference name, this could be a good one.

67. Eila:

Here is another newborn baby name in Tamil. It refers to the Earth and is a very sweet and stylish name for your baby girl.

68. Elakya:

Elakya means ‘literature’. The name is a very pure Tamil word.

69. Eswari:

Eswari means ‘Goddess Parvati’. This is a truly classical and religious name for your baby if you are looking for one in this category.

70. Gita:

Gita refers to the religious book of the Hindus and thus holds significance in the culture of Hindus and Tamilians alike.

71. Gitika:

Gitika means ‘small song’. This is no more just a Tamil name. The name is used by a lot of parents today and is a proper modern Tamil name.

72. Gautami:

Gautami is yet another beautiful name you can narrow down to. The name indicates the river ‘Godavari’.

73. Gitanjali:

Gitanjali means ‘an offering of songs’. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful name suggestion for all music-loving parents?

74. Girija:

Girija is a name that is in rounds for a long time now. The name refers to Lord Parvati.

75. Haniya:

Haniya implies ‘pleased’. It has other meanings like ‘happy place’.

76. Harita:

Harita means ‘nature’s beloved’. The name is a very popular name in the South of India.

77. Iniya:

Iniya is as sweet as it sounds and means ‘sweet’. The name is a perfect one for your cute little baby.

78. Ishva:

Ishva means ‘spiritual leader’ and is a good choice for parents looking for a child’s name in Tamil only.

79. Jaya:

It is very popular in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Jaya means ‘victorious’.

80. Jayantika:

Jayantika can be a very powerful name for your daughter as it signifies Lord Durga. Name your girl child this so that she is always bold and fearless.

81. Janhvi:

Janhvi means ‘Ganga of the river’. It is a modern and very trendy name today.

82. Kolam:

Kolam means ‘soft’. The name is a perfect feminine and classy name for you to think about for your daughter.

83. Kriti:

Kriti is a ‘work of art’. The name is a very trendy one today and is not entirely found just in Tamil Nadu but in other parts of India as well.

84. Laya:

Laya means ‘rhythm’.

85. Madhi:

Madhi has two meanings, one is ‘moon’, and the other is ‘brilliant’. This is a very beautiful new baby name in Tamil.

86. Mithra:

Mithra is a classic name for your baby daughter. It means ‘friend’.

87. Niravi:

Niravi means ‘bliss’. The name is very rare and is unique.

88. Prajina:

Prajina means ‘wisdom’. The name is a true Tamil word.

89. Rithya:

Lucky’ is what Rithya means. Rithya is a very modern latest baby name in Tamil. It is rare and a creative name to think of.

90. Sayuri:

Sayuri means ‘flower’. For the little delicate, cute baby your daughter is, Sayuri will be a good name to give her.

91. Oviya:

Oviya became a sudden hit among the Tamil speakers. It means ‘beautiful art’, and for those looking for some art connection, this one could be a good choice.

92. Venba:

This is an authentic Tamil name for your baby girl. Venba is a form of the classical poetry of Tamil. The name is a good representation of the same.

93. Urmika:

Urmika means ‘small wave’. The name is pretty apt as a modern Tamil baby name.

94. Yazhini:

Are you looking for baby girl names in Tamil? Then we have a great one for you. The meaning of this name is “musical instrument”. Naming a baby by this name will generally mean that the baby will be fond of music and musical instruments.

95. Yaalmani:

Yaalmani is a great name with a great meaning. The meaning of this name is “gem of Yaalpaanam”. This is a cool name, and probably anyone and everyone will like it.

Tamil Twin Baby Names:

96. Aarav and Arya:

Aarav means ‘peaceful’, and Aryarefers to Goddess Parvati. The name can be used for both boys and girls.

97. Aarsh and Arush:

Aarsh means bright. Arush is the first ray of the Sun.

98. Bhavan and Bhanu:

Bhavan means one who is the creator, and Bhanu means the Sun. Both the names, in some sense, are creators. While one is the creator himself, the other has the capability to create and nurture.

99. Daksh and Darsh:

Daksh means capable, and Darsh means sight and refers to Lord Krishna as well.

100. Dev and Druv:

Dev refers to the Lord. Usually, Lord Shiva and Druv refer to the pole star.

101. Akash and Prakash:

Akash means ‘sky’, and Prakash means ‘light’. Both indicate the idea of positivity and light.

102. Jay and Jatin:

Jay means victory, and Jatin refers to Lord Shiva.

Tamil Twin Baby Names:

103. Raahi and Rohi:

Raahi means one who is a traveller, and Rohi means a soul. This could be one good modern twin baby name.

104. Rita and Sita:

Rita means pearl or way of life, while Sita refers to the wife of Lord Rama.

105. Meera and Misha:

The former refers to the devotee of Lord Krishna. Misha means someone who is happy for their entire life.

106. Megha and Medha:

The former means clouds, and Medha means intellect and is also another name for Goddess Saraswati.

107. Mythili and Mytri:

Mythili refers to Goddess Sita, while the latter means goodwill or friendship.

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Celebrity Tamil Baby Names:

108. Ishwarya and Soundarya:

The names are the daughters of the superstar of Kollywood, Rajnikanth.

109. Dev and Diya:

Dev and Diya, one which indicates Lord Shiva and the other means ‘light,’ is the name of the children of the famous actors of Tamil, Suriya and Jyothika. Their names also mean ‘light’.

110. Nandan:

The name refers to Lord Shiva and is the son of the famous director Maniratnam and Suhasini.

111. Sanjay and Divya:

These are the names of the children of the popular actor Vijay. Both the names mean ‘light’.

112. Vedant:

Vedant has a more religious connotation. It is the name of the versatile actor R. Madhavan.

113. Vihaan:

It is a popular name for baby boys, which refers to Lord Krishna. Vihaan is the son of the popular actor Sneha and Prasanna.

114. Emira and Aymaan:

Both these are very popular Islamic names. They are the children of popular actor Abbas.

115. Lingaa and Yaatra:

Lingaa means Lord Shiva, and Yaatra is travel. These are the names of the children of the famous actor Dhanush.

116. Ameen, Katija and Rahima:

The three names refer to the Almighty. They are the children of the world-renowned music director A.R. Rahman.

117. Anoushka:

Anoushka is the daughter of the very famous actor Ajith and Shalini.

118. Saranya and Shanthanu:

They are the daughter and son of the famous director and actor Bhagyaraj and his wife, Poornima.

119. Aadit and Adheep:

Aadit and Adheep are the two sons of the very famous actor Simran.

120. Shiviya:

The name Shiviya is the feminine version of Lord Shiva. Shiviya is the daughter of the two famous singers of Tamil, Krish and Sangeetha.

121. Avantika and Ananditha:

These two are the lovely daughters of actor Kushboo and director Sundar C.

122. Nainika:

Nainika is the sweet daughter of actress Meena.

123. Umayaal:

This is a rather unique name. She is the daughter of actor Karthik and Ranjani.

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Unisex Baby Names in Tamil:

124. Chaman: Chaman is a unisex name in Tamil that means ‘garden’.

125. Deepu: Deepu means light.

126. Thangamani: Thangamani is a very traditional unisex name in Tamil. It means precious.

127. Vijaya: Victory or triumph is what Vijaya means.

128. Rasika: Rasika means pleasant or lovely.

129. Panini: A very traditional name, Panini, means skilled.

130. Kalika: Kelika is another unisex name in Tamil. It means the Asoka tree.

131. Hari: Hari means reddish. As a unisex name, it is often combined with other names to indicate the gender of the person.

132. Hrdika: This means friendship.

133. Ksama: A very rare name in Tamil, Ksama means bearing or fit.

Our exhaustive Tamil new names list is one quick way for you to decide on different names you would want to name your baby boy or girl. All of them have meanings. This way, narrowing them down also becomes easier. Go through the list thoroughly, and we hope it serves the purpose.


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