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50 Best Tattoo Designs For Girls With Images

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There are various styles of tattoo designs that people can sport. Even though various designs are like those which almost any person can sport, even then some styles are more common for girls to sport. These can be various like birds, flowers, writings and other styles. You can use variety of colors and these days old styles are also gaining more popularity. You can try those out as well. These should be done accordingly.

Some women like to sport large scale arts and others like these small and only like a thin band or bracelet for the position. Therefore you should have something that you are comfortable sporting. You should take guidance and the professional artist who can help you in drawing out for you a customized pattern. You can also custom choose various colors or the type of shading that you want. You can also give these various effects.

tattoo designs for girls

There are also different types that can be later extended. If you want something that is large scale, then you should also consider that these should be properly done. Otherwise it may be difficult and very costly and it may cost you a lot of money to get these removed. You will have to therefore keep some cash for removals if those are needed. You should also keep other points in mind that large and thick colors when added to the skin surface, they go deep into epidermal layers.

These may not get removed properly even with lasers. Therefore if you want something like ancient tribe designs then you should do these with proper guidance. These are usually given heavy colors and mostly these are either reddish or black in color and all these colors go very deep into the surface layers and make it patchy for the surface even with laser removal.

Best Tattoos For Girls With Pictures:

Below are the top 50 styles of girl tattoos that you can get inspired from. You can have these custom made for yourself and then you can sport these easily.

1. Artistic Design For Front Girl Tattoos:

tattoo-designs-for-girls 1

You can try something like this. This is done for the whole of a large scale area and this will look quite artistic if done properly. You can also do a tree and you can use flowers later and therefore this gives an opportunity for extending this later on. You should choose a professional artist to get this done because this has to be done properly. The shapes of the birds should be done accordingly showing these are in flying style. You can add more flowers at the sides later on. It is the best tattoo for girl.

2. Designer Tattoo In Purple Ink Girl Tattoos:

tattoo designs for girls2

You can try out single color design like this. This can be done at any position of your body that you are comfortable sporting. You can later extend these with other designs or other colors to make this more colorful.

3. Shaded Pink Rose Tattoo Designs For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls3

If you want something that looks artistic and also floral but you do not like the usual colorful patterns, you can try out something like this. This is quite artistic and is don’t with shading and some black ink. You can try these out but you should also use something temporary and then see if you like the look or you will have to go for a removal which can be problematic for these because these are done with black ink.

4. Colorful Floral Design Girl Tattoos:

tattoo designs for girls4

If you want to sport something that is colorful then these are quite easy to sport. Even if you want then you can select colors as per your choice. You can have these in pink, green or even flesh tone. Only black can also be used for these. This is a best tattoo for girl on hand.

5. Small Skull Tattoo Designs:

tattoo designs for girls5

You can try out small designs like this on any position of your body. These can also be removed quite easily if you do not like these. If you want then it is also possible to buy similar water stickers that you can use previously and then if you are comfortable with that then you can get something permanent. These can also be sport by tomboyish people.

6. Shaded Sunflower Tattoo:

tattoo designs for girls6

These are also quite popular these days. You can various forms of these with other associated colors and styles. These should be done on large scale so that the detailing can be properly done. You should be comfortable sporting these and then you should take guidance from a professional artist as per the colors and the position where you should get this done.

7. Fish Tattoo Designs For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls7

This is an Asian style fish design that almost any person can do. If you are comfortable sporting these on your body, you can also get this done. You should professionally do these so that these can be sport with detailing and intricacy. The custom made designs should be given to you by your artist.

8. Artistic Lip Tattoo Design:

tattoo designs for girls8

This is an artistic design and is done at the inside. You can have these custom made with choices of flowers or other patterns to make these comfortable to your sporting ability. These are easily done and these also take less shading and shadowing effects for getting these. You should take the guidance from a professional artist for these. These should also be custom made with colors that you are comfortable to have. It is one of the best tattoos designs for girls.

9. Thorns And Leaves Along The Side:

tattoo designs for girls9

If you do not like to sport a lot of flowers like other people, you can do something in a single hue. These are quite artistic and if you are a tom boy then you can try these out. These require heavy shading to make these look properly done. You can also add various small and different designs to these. This is done in block ink. You can use any color that you think you are comfortable sporting. You can make this on sides of the back. You can also custom create something like this. You should take guidance of an expert artist in this.

10. Flower Tattoo Design In Colors:

tattoo designs for girls10

This can be sport by almost any person quite easily. You can try out similar designs for yourself and add more colors. You should custom make these and also you can use choice of colors that you are comfortable sporting. This is a type of flower here, you can also make some other flower that you want to.

11. Flower Band Tattoo Designs For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls11

This is a small design that has been done with single color and some shading. These look quite good on women. You can try these as well. If you want something that is small, you can try these styles out. These are easier to sport. You can also hide these with makeup quite easily when you do not ant this to show off.

12. Artistic Black And Pink Design:

tattoo designs for girls12

If you want a pattern like above, then you can also get these custom made from a professional artist. These can also be done either like the colors have been used here or you can add more colors and other flowers to these. This has an embossing effect to it. Therefore you should take the custom design and guidance of a professional for this. This is one of the perfect girl tattoo designs.

13. Bracelet Band Tattoo For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls13

This is a band design and is n the form is a bracelet. You can try something like this easily. These are quite easily done. You can also sport these with much ease than other styles which shows off. These does not show off a lot and therefore is comfortable when you want something small in size.

14. Colorful Skull Design:

tattoo designs for girls14

This has your chosen flowers in it and you can do this custom made. This position if also quite suitable for almost any person who wants a large design but can hide that for times that you do not want that to be shown. This is also quite intricately done therefore you should take the advice of an expert for this.

15. Pink Red Flower For Back:

tattoo designs for girls15

This girly tattoo is an easy to sport design. You can choose any font style that you want to and get something writing on your wrist. This is also done on the back side and therefore mostly will not show off. That is good for those who wants to sport something small and something which can also be covered with makeup.

16. Foot Beaded Tattoo Design:

tattoo designs for girls16

This is a beaded art work. You can also try out something like this. This is also colorful and if you like colorful arts then you can try out something like this. The shading should be properly done for this. This is one of the best tattoos of girls.

17. Lace Design Tattoo:

tattoo designs for girls17

This is quite popular these days. You can try out something like this. This has been done in black color. This is the common color for making these. However, you can use other colors like reddish hue or green tint for these. These should be done by a professional artist as there is heavy detailing in these.

18. Floral Designs For Girls Feet:

tattoo designs for girls18

These tattoos are very easy to do and sport. The choice of these can also be custom made. You can take the guidance of an expert professional for this. This can be done with other small flower designs. If you do not like these then these are easier to get removed as well. You can use other custom colors to this and you can also use associated arts to this.

19. Green Ribbon Pattern:

tattoo designs for girls19

This is a medium sized design that you can try on your hand.This has a lot of intricacy in it. This should be done by a professional artist. You can custom make the design with other shapes or flowers. You should also take the guidance of artist for the proper colors that will be suitable for your comfort ability. It is the best tattoo ideas for girls.

20. Gun Tattoo For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls20

This is done in proper shading and shadowing. Therefore there is also an embossed and asymmetrical effect which makes this look real. You can get something like this done. This is done in single leg. The lace effect is also properly done with heavy intricacy. These are very detailed and should be done by professionals.

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21. Stone Studded Jewellery Tattoos:

tattoo designs for girls21

This is a designer effect. You can use colors of your choice to this and make this suitable to your comfort ability. These also has stone effects like rubies. These should be done with proper shading. This gives it effects that are required for these. Therefore you should get these custom made and done from professional artists.

22. Variety Skull Tattoo Design For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls22

Some girls are fan of skull styles. You can try out these if you are comfortable sporting these. There are iron and beads and other patterns done here. These should be done by a professional artist to give the proper intricacy and shading.

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23. Bow Ribbon Girls Tattoos:

tattoo designs for girls23

Sometimes many women like to sport something like a thin band. You can try something in color of your choice like this. This is done quite intricately and it is done in an asymmetrical style which gives it some effect. You can try these easily and these are also sport easily. It is one of the tremendous tattoo designs for girls.

24. Versatile Dragon Fly For Hands:

tattoo designs for girls24

Here there are different designs that have been done. You can also do something like this. If you want variety arts then this is what you should definitely try out. You can also use selective colors for this.

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25. Shaded Daffodil Tattoo Design For Girls:

tattoo designs for girls25

Many people like to sport something that is not very clumsy. This is something that almost any woman can sport. This looks quite glamorous though this does not have heavy detailing. However, the shadowing effect has been done in a way that this can be sport with much ease and this also looks very showy. You can custom make these styles. You can ask your pattern expert to guide you for the colors and you can also use other flowers for this or other designs.

26. Flying Birds Tattoo Designs For Girls:

Flying birds tattoo

The flying birds are a common tattoo inspiration that many a girl has been seen sporting. The tattoo starts as a simple cross at the nape of your neck or maybe a little lower and to add distraction and content to this simple cross we have added a line of bird silhouettes flying towards the cross. Often these tattoo designs look better with only black ink.

27. Trees And Birds:

Trees and birds TATTOO

Once again birds form an important part of the tattoo design, a concept that has soon become hyped and trended as one of the best tattoo designs for girls. This time the birds are not alone and are accompanied by a stark tree of the wintry season that lacks crispy leaves but replaces the nature with bare branches, the birds this time flying away from the bird. This can be used as a strong internal meaning, possible a sign of protest towards deforestation.

28. Written In Humor Tattoo Art:

Written in humor tattoo

A humorous approach has been taken this time to create a beautiful inspiring tattoo art. Words of encouragement entail the tattoo art as the written words ‘stand tall’ speaks of being proud for oneself and never to succumb to pressure. The infusion of a giraffe to pun the word tall is a classic humor approach.

29. A Key Tattoos For Girls:

key to the lock Tattoo

A girl’s heart is an ocean of secrets and the most valuable secrets and locked inside her, only a special few holding the key to that lock. Hence established it is simply precise that one can ink a beautiful ornate key with the words she feels would motivate her most etched right in the middle. Usually the key is heavily decorated and ornamented. This is one of the gorgeous key tattoo designs for girls.

30. Artist In Sketches:

Artist in sketches

A juxtaposing tattoo that speaks of daring skulls and withering flowers, this tattoo shows a beautiful red dominating rose set a top on skull head, soft creepers trickling up its sides. This is a good life death concept gelled in with the softness of the flower and the hard cover of the skeletal skull.

31. Butterfly Key Tattoo Design For Girls:

Butterfly and a key

This is one of the best tattoo designs for girls on hands where once again we bring back the concept of key this time the key morphed into a beautiful butterfly. The wings in black ink only hold together the key that is turned down, soft spots and freckles of bright pink adding color to the design.

32. Beauty of A Lioness Tattoo:

beauty of a lioness Tattoo

Tattoo for girls need not have a definitive concept much like this tattoo that sports a beautiful lioness in its majestic and royal self proudly heaving its chest, head held high as a beautiful intricate designed flower adorns the side showing off the two sides of a woman, a stern side and a soft side as well.

33. Phoenix Tattoos On Girls Back:

Phoenix on the back Tattoo

A bird of mighty glory that burns itself into a burst of flames on death and rebirths itself out of the ashes of his own body, the mythological bird phoenix holds a significant meaning, a sign of strength, renewal and of course grace and beauty that binds a woman together in her best days.

34. Parts Of  Girl’s Life Tattoo Design:

Parts of your life Tattoo

Growing up a woman may not be smooth as a butter for everyone and this is primarily why some of the best small tattoos for girls can come with much heavier and significant meanings. This particular tattoo shows the growing up of a girl and with each step ahead the woman grows and grows a little bit more. It is the best tattoo designs for girls forever.

35. Ripped In:

Ripped in Tattoo

The ripped skin tattoo concept is indeed a hit as this has become one of the most trending tattoo concept where the tattoo gives the illusion of an area of skin being ripped often the flesh, bones and blood prominently showing underneath. This is a similar conceptualized tattoo.

36. The Nautical Knot Girls Tattoo:

the nautical knot Tattoo

Here in this tattoo we see a beautiful anchor face down sporting some life like water droplets as the rope bound around it ties some mesmerizing floral to it, the entire concoction looking simply brilliant. The flower is in red, yellow and blue with strong shading that brings life to the iron clad anchor.

37. Peacock In Disguise Girls Tattoo:

Peacock in disguise Tattoo

Every woman looks for that perfect balance where they can be an embodiment of power and grace, much like the peacock who is considered to be the national bird of India. This picture splashes colors all over creating a wonderful master piece of a tattoo art. The intricate and detailing in this tattoo is indeed worthy of mention.

38. Owl Hoot Tattoos:

Owl hoot Tattoo

For a simple one of a kind tattoo, why not opt for this cute little owl that perches itself possibly on your ankle or wrists and can be quite an amusing muse for a tattoo art. The owl is intricately decorated and ornamented in patterns as the eyes look the other way. This is a cutest and latest tattoo design for girl.

39. Just Girls Heels Tattoo:

just heels Tattoo

Tattoo designs for girls can go from predictable to almost crazy and rare and if you are an active member of shoe shopaholics or simply want to use your studded heels to create a deeper meaning, this is the perfect tattoo for you. The puzzle art in the inside adds a separate deeper meaning to the just heels tattoo ink.

40. Written In Words:

Written in words Tattoo

This is literally words of love written with words and can be a significant way to remember or reminisce people you love or care for. In this tattoo the word ‘LOVE’ is written with words etched and curved as the name of the protagonist is signed in underneath with a denoted time.

41. Pieced In Together Girly Tattoos:

Pieced in together

A 3D effect in this absolutely mid blowing tattoo brings the life like feels and makes them prominent as the leg, the entire stretch of the tattoo resembles a beautiful ornate piece of decorated artwork, the black darkness in between almost making heads turn wondering whether it’s simply an art or reality itself.

42. In Metallic Shades:

In metallic shades Tattoo

This is a new style that has been accepted and favored by the women who like subtle ornamental tattoos. This can be permanent but most of the time this is a temporary tattoo art in shades of soft metallic gold and silvers that usually adorn your skin like a jewelry piece and looks prolific if you sport it on a tanned skin base. This is a stupendous tattoos for girls.

43. Decked up Elephant Tattoo For Girls Thighs:

Decked up elephant Tattoo

A patterned and beautiful tattoo ink of an elephant remains one of the most talked about tattoo art. This is one of the best tattoo designs for girls who believe in empowerment and beauty, brains and grace and everything perfectly balanced on each side. The elephant is heavily designed and looks beautiful.

44. Humming Bird In Colors:

Hummingbird in colors Tattoo

This hummingbird tattoo is yet another uncommon yet famous tattoo design for women who would like to experiment with a little conceptualization and color. The humming bird in the design looks absolutely beautiful in different eye catching shades as a faint design can be seen prominently on the back ground.

45. Simple Girls Tattoo:

Keeping it simple Tattoo

In this tattoo we see a beautiful concept apt for small tattoos for girls where a simple heart sign graces the two consecutive fingers which when separated would be two broken heart pieces brought together by the fingers themselves. This is the latest tattoo design for girl.

46. Fun Angel Tattoo Design For Girls:

Fun angel Tattoo

This angel depicted here is definitely fun loving and quirky as it poses in a definite way, standing on one toe while the two beautiful flowers behind her speaks of a softer meaning connected to beauty and grace.

47. Fish Couple Tattoo On Girls Back:

To togetherness Tattoo

This tattoo shows two happy dolphins engaging in fun and frolic as the fact or impression of togetherness is highlighted by using a small text or quote underneath. The dolphins in this art is beautifully shaded with soft red love hearts bubbling out amongst them. However, to add zeal to this look you can add more colors to this art. It is the perfect tattoos ideas for girls.

48. Lotus Pond Tattoo Designs:

Lotus pond Tattoo

A lotus pond with the reflection prominently showing up is nothing but a sign of tranquility and serenity. This tattoo work sports a prolific sketched in lotus in soft pink shade with the water and the surrounding drawn on either side portraying a lake during a soft rainy day, the impression of the lotus shown in melted colors on either side.

49. Dream Catcher Waist Tattoo Design For Girls:

Dream catcher Tattoo

A dream catcher is yet another most common tattoo concept for girls where the dream catcher consists of a round mesh of wires that are followed by some beautiful feathers amongst others with the concept that the wired mesh would sieve in the positivity and prevent the negative vibes from inside. The feathers are there to then fan away the negative vibes away from you.

50. Sun Sign Tattoo Designs For Girls:

Sun sign tattoo

Many girls believe in the goodness of their sun signs and value their sun signs as a dominant part of their lifestyle, behavior or pride. This is the idea that generated the sun sign tattoo concept much like the Aries tattoo on her back. It is a spectacular tattoo designs for girls.

There are a few common concepts known by all the girls that form a trend for the girls where we see a lot of girls opting for the same concept even though in different contexts and situations. Then there are some of the tattoos that are very often thought of and would be deemed as merely a crazy idea until its inked in reality that turns out to be simply majestic.