So you must know the new skin products available in the cosmetic and skin care market! The name tea tree oil is a bit catchy and is a new range in every type of skin care product! Though it is a body wash or a lip color or even mascara! Yes, products now days are coming with out-most natural based products.

This is obviously due to the reason that consumers are more demanding and are over conscious for their skin. In this article you would be getting some knowledge about the top -9 tea tree face washes available in the market!

Best Tea Tree Oil Face Washes Available in India:

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash:


• “The Body Shop” is the only brand to which you can trust 1000%.
• It has the natural content in its product and is purely and aptly good for you skin.
• This face wash of body shop has got one of the highest ratings and they do justify their rankings!
• Moreover if we talk of the effects it is good to combat pimples
• Also this product from body shop effectively deals with oily skin.

2. Fab India Tea Tree Oil Face Wash:

• Fab India is not so common but its product are equally good to use!
• It produces a gentle and face wash that’s penetrates deeply in to the skin
• This face wash contains tea tree oil and turmeric extracts
• This also combat blemishes, acne and oily skin.

3. Lotus Tea Tree Oil-Control Face Wash:


• Lotus is a kind of affordable brand which produces good quality products!
• These products are best to use over the oily Indian skin
• This effective face Wash contains natural tea tree oil and cinnamon and some oak bark extracts

4. Nyassa Tea Tree Oil Face Wash:

• Nyassa rings a really very mild Tea Tree Oil Face Wash
• This is a good face wash with antibacterial properties
• This face wash is purely ideal for cleaning out makeup also. Though it also helps to eradicate dust and grime also
• This is also helpful to flush out naturally occurring oil secretions on your skin without over drying your face
• It gives a clear and clean look.

5. Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Oil Face Wash:


• Aroma magic is from “nature’s essence only” so you can trust the viability of the quality!
• This is a good cost effective product that is filled with the medical properties of neem
• This face wash fights against acne, irritated or dry skin and pimples

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6. Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil And Green Tea Purifying Face Wash:


• Avon brings an effective cleanser for you with the quality of tea tree oil!
• It cleans the smallest and deepest pores of your skin
• Prevents blackheads and pimples.

7. Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Oil And Rosemary Purifying Wash And Tone Gel:

• The oriflamme is a good Swedish brand that promises and provides a deep cleansing action
• Thereby helps in removing impurities
• It also push out excess sebum from your skin
• Giving you a fresh, squeaky and clean look without drying .

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8. Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash:


• Jovees is again a good and affordable brand!
• If this is producing a face wash having tea tree oil then you must not wait for a grab
• This will ultimately help your skin to controlling excess oil secretions

9. Acmed Face Wash By Zymo Cosmetics:


• Acmed is a good brand and has got a specially formulated tea tree oil face wash.
• This is to combat acne issues fully!
• This product is highly recommended by dermatologists

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