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How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair?

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Everyone loves their hair irrespective of gender. It is a sign of your personal grooming and to some a matter of pride. But our daily lifestyle does not allow us to keep our hair naturally well. Look around you and you will witness dandruff, split ends and dry hair. Add to that our easy options available over the counter are filled with chemicals. And for a label that says 100% natural or organic ingredients the costs just skyrocket!

tea tree oil for hair

The sheer ineffectiveness of science has made consumers switch back to things available naturally. To answer all your hair woes there is one magical natural ingredient that has long lasting effects on your hair, popularly called tea tree oil.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Hair:

Hair is Fragile and the environment can potentially ruin it for prolonged exposures to Ultra violet rays of the sun, dirt and pollution. Furthermore the chemical components of hair products and salon spa treatments can also have a reverse effect on your hair. Let us see how tea tree oil can better all these and give desired beautiful hair.

  • It is gentle and harmless that promotes healthy growth.
  • It can prevent hair damage, thinning volume due to hair fall as well as breakage.
  • It is natural and has no chemical components to induce side effects. Various polymers and additives in various over the counter products rob the hair of its natural beauty.
  • It helps cleanse the hair follicles of any unwanted residues that can block them and impair their growth.
  • It is anti bacterial and also anti-fungal so it helps combat scalp infections and especially dandruff.
  • It helps unclog the pores on our scalp by getting rid of accumulation of dead skin cells and product residues. These residues can be due to hair styling mousse and serums apart from any shampoo or similar product residues.
  • Along with treating itchy scalp it also looks after split ends while making the hair look shiny and fresh.
  • Helps get rid of any lice because of its strong smell. Also helps treat cradle caps in children.

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How to Apply Natural Tea Tree Oil for Hair:

One of the best things about this oil is that it can be used by anybody with any type of hair problems. Further more it is extremely easy to use. While applying it always put it along with a carrier oil like olive oil or almond oil. This is basically an essential oil hence like all essential oils a few drops go a long way.

Oiling hair with it is as simple as oiling with other oils. Just massage on your scalp for a few minutes and wash off subsequently. One can also keep it overnight but the strong smell can keep you wide away at night. Hence it is advisable to apply it and wash it during the day.

If oiling is a luxury given the time it demands then use a few drops in your shampoo and enhance its effectiveness while reaping the benefits that the oil has to offer. Remember to massage it onto your scalp to let it absorb the goodness and then rinse it off thoroughly to avoid any sediment. These sediments are the primary cause of dandruff. So one must always rinse off all hair products religiously to avoid scalp irritations altogether.

It is not just a coincidence that even the most top notch hair stylists and hair dressers swear by the properties of tea tree oil. It is highly effective and the results speak for themselves.

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Though worldwide a lot of beauty care brands have adopted the goodness of the oil in their products, the usage of natural tea tree oil will be more effective and long lasting than those laden with chemicals and parabens. So go pick yours today.