Sometimes you might have all the ideas running in your mind for a proper name for your little one. Amidst them, it can be super tiring to find out the exact with right meaning. What if we could help? Here is an article that has put together a Telugu names list for baby girl. We have also included their meaning to make your job easier. The list also contains some popular nicknames of all time, along with some religious names.

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Latest Baby Girl Names in Telugu:

Here are some new baby girl names in Telugu you can note down for reference.

1. Aabha:

Aabha is a very popular name of all times. It means to glow and is a Telugu baby girl names starting with a, one that is hugely popular too.

2. Aabharana:

A very popular name in the Telugu speaking states, Aabharna means jewel. For all those little ones who are as precious as jewels for their parents, this will be a good pick.

3. Aadarshini:

A very classic Telugu baby girl names starting with Aadarshini means idealistic. The baby will also grow up to be an ideal one, by setting an example.

4. Aadhya:

Aadhya is a new baby girl name in Telugu that means first power.

5. Aadita:

This name means from the beginning and is not a very common name. If you are looking for some rare Telugu names for girls, this could be your choice.

6. Aaditri:

How about a name that signals positivity, hope and wealth? Well, Aaditri refers to Goddess Laxmi, and this could perhaps be the most prosperous name for your baby daughter.

7. Aadrika:

Aadrika means mountain. The name is adapted from Sanskrit and is popularly used by a lot of parents for their children.

8. Aaghnya:

Aaghnya is a name that has a lot of power and peace at the same time. It means born from fire, and it also refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

9. Aahladita:

Bubbling With Delight, Aahladita is a very rare name. This is the latest baby girl names in Telugu that you can think of.

10. Aahna:

Aahna means exist. This name is short and will also be easy to learn and spell.

11. Aakanksha:

Aakanskha is a name from the Sanskrit language, popularly used by Telugu parents. It means desire.

12. Aaoka:

For that smile and happiness your baby daughter will carry all the time, Aaoka means lustrous. Isn’t this a very thoughtful name?

13. Agrima:

Agrima means leadership. This will empower her and will also motivate her to achieve more in her endeavours.

14. Akshaya:

Akshaya is a very popular name. It is, however, not of Telugu origin. The name means indestructible and is one way to tell her that she is capable of everything.

15. Amolika:

Amolika means priceless. She sure is a priceless possession for you!

16. Ayanna:

Ayanna means innocent. This might just seem like her name if you look at that innocent face of hers right now.

17. Bageshri:

The name of a Raaga of Carnatic music, Bageshri, indicates pleasantness.

18. Bahugandha:

This is another beautiful name in Telugu for baby girls. It means One with a lot of scents. The scent here denotes the aura of goodness and positivity.

19. Bahula:

Bahula means Cow. It also refers to Kritika Nakshatra, a popular star of the Telugu calendar. This name is a popular choice for all those little girls born under this star.

20. Baijanti / Vaijanti:

This name is written in two forms. However, both are names of flowers and are signs of freshness.

21. Bairavi:

What is more empowering to a woman than naming her after Goddess Durga? Bairavi refers to Goddess Durga and is also the name of a music raaga of Carnatic music.

22. Baka:

Baka means crane. It is a Hindu baby girl names in Telugu.

23. Bakula:

Bakula refers to Nagakeshar Flower and is a very popular one among the Telugus of the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

24. Bala:

As we know this name, Bala is an ever 9 year old girl. It also means a young girl.

25. Balavikarnika:

Another name refers to Goddess Durga. This name is also very common and old fashioned in Telugu.

26. Bandhura:

A very apt name for your baby daughter, Bandhura means pretty.

27. Banhi:

To indicate her strength, fierceness and what she is capable of, Banhi means fire. This is a very good choice for your daughter.

28. Bani:

A variation of Banhi, Bani refers to Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge.

29. Banmala:

This is a garland of 5 types of flowers, indicating the freshness and capability to mingle with other people.

30. Banni:

Banni means maiden.

31. Barkha:

Barkha is a very popular name in Telugu. Although the name is not derived from the Telugu language, it is widely used by a lot of Telugu parents for their children. It means rain.

32. Baruni:

Another reference to, Goddess Durga, Baruni is a modern Telugu name for your baby daughter.

33. Basabi:

Basabi is the wife of Lord Indra.

34. Cauvery:

This is a common name that we would have heard very often. It is the name of a river, and it denotes the energy and force of life.

35. Chaaya:

Chaaya means shadow.

36. Chadna:

Chadna means love. This name for your daughter can express what you feel exactly for your daughter.

37. Chahana:

Chahana means desire or affection. The name is used interchangeably.

38. Chairavali:

Here is a name twined with the culture of the state. It means the full moon of Chaitra Month. Chaitra month is a month of the Telugu calendar.

39. Chaitali:

A name similar to Chairavali, except that it means one who is born in the month of Chaitra. This name is for all those girls!

40. Chaitaly:

Chaitaly is a name of an ancient city.

41. Chaitra:

Chaitra is an Aries sign and thus is best for babies who have their sun sign as Aries.

42. Chakrika:

This name refers to Goddess Lakshmi and will be a very beautiful one for your daughter.

43. Dadhija:

Dadhija means daughter of milk.

44. Daksha:

Daksha is a very common name. If you are looking for one that is popular, Daksha will be a good choice. It means The Earth; Sati. Daksha is also the wife of Lord Shiva

45. Dakshakanya:

The name means Able Daughter.

46. Dakshata:

This is a name that indicates the person’s skill, and the name means the same.

47. Dakshayani:

Looking for a name that is related to God? Here is our suggestion. Dakshayani refers to Goddess Durga.

48. Dakshina:

This is a name that we would have heard a lot. It means a donation to God or Priest.

49. Dalaja:

This name means Produced from petals.

50. Damini:

Damini means lightning and is a very classy Telugu name that is hugely popular.

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51. Darika:

Darika means maiden.

52. Darpana:

This name means a mirror. It symbolizes the person being a good self-introspection.

53. Darshana:

Darshana means seeing and is a name that is now being used by a lot of parents for their baby daughter.

54. Darshini:

Darshini means the one who blesses.

55. Daya:

Daya means kindness and is also a virtue of the younger kids these days.

56. Dayamayee:

Dyamayee is an old Telugu name that means kind.

57. Dayanita:

If you are looking for a modern Telugu baby girl name, here is one. Dayanita means tender.

58. Dayita:

Dayita means beloved.

59. Edha:

Edha means sacred. This is a name that has piousness in it.

60. Ekanta:

Ekanta means devoted girl and is a popular name in Telugu with Telugu origin.

61. Ela:

Ela is a cardamom tree.

62. Elina:

Elina is a very modern Telugu name. It means pure and intelligent.

63. Eshita:

Eshita means one who desires.

64. Eta:

Eta is often used as a nickname for baby girls. It means luminous.

65. Farha:

It means happiness. Farha is a Muslim Telugu name that is very popular.

66. Freya:

Freya is the goddess of love.

67. Gajra:

Gajra means garland of flowers. This is a unique name in Telugu for baby girls.

68. Gauri:

Gauri is a fairly popular name among many language speakers. It means a fair woman. It is also the name of Goddess Parvati.

69. Girija:

Girija refers to the name of Goddess Parvati.

70. Gita:

Haven’t we heard of this name? Gita is a very old name. The name is popular even today, and it means song.

71. Gunita:

Gunita means virtuous.

72. Hamsa:

Hamsa is a beautiful Telugu girl names. It means golden and signifies her worth.

73. Hansa:

Hansa means swan.

74. Haripriya:

Haripriya is a very common name and one that is hugely preferred by a lot of parents. It means consort of Lord Vishnu and is also the name of the Goddess of Lakshmi.

75. Harshini:

Harshini means happy.

76. Himani:

Himani refers to Goddess Parvati.

77. Hradha:

Hradha is a popular and modern Telugu name that means lake. It indicates calmness in life.

78. Idha:

Idha means insight.

79. Indumukhi:

Indumukhi is a name that is preferred by a lot of parents. It means one with a moon-like face. The name is famous outside the state of Andhra Pradesh too.

80. Ishya:

Ishya means spring.

81. Ishani:

Ishani is a name that refers to Goddess Paravti.

82. Jabeen:

Jabeen means forehead.

83. Jaimathi:

The name means victorious mind. This name is one that symbolizes power and victory.

84. Janaki:

Janaki is the name of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama.

85. Juhi:

Juhi is a flower.

86. Jyotika:

Jyotika means light and symbolizes the beginning to good times.

87. Kala:

Kala means art.

88. Kanaka:

Kanaka is a typical old fashioned Telugu name that means gold.

89. Kanti:

Kanti is a name that is from mythology. It means lustre.

90. Kaviya:

Kaviya is a name from the old times. It means poem.

91. Madhavi:

Madhavi means a creeper with beautiful flowers. It also means springtime.

92. Madhuri:

Madhuri is a name that is hugely popular. It means sweet girl. What could be a cuter name than this for your little one?

93. Magana:

Magana means engrossed.

94. Mahakali:

A name that comes with a lot of weight and power, Mahakali refers to Goddess Durga. Mahakali is the slightly fierce version of the Goddess Durga.

95. Manasa:

Manasa is a very popular name in Telugu. It means conceived in mind.

96. Manju:

Manju is a classic Telugu name. The name is also popular in other states outside. It means pleasant.

97. Meera:

Meera is a devotee of Lord Krishna.

98. Nalini:

Nalini means lotus and is an old name in Telugu.

99. Narayani:

Narayani is a name that has been around for a long time. It refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

100. Naveena:

Naveena means new. This is one good baby girl names starting with n in Telugu.

101. Navadurga:

Here is another baby girl names starting with n. Navadurga means all nine forms/incarnations of Durga.

102. Neelanjana:

If you would like to name your child a little by some Telugu old school traditions, this one would be good. It means blue.

103. Nimisha:

It means the twinkling of an eye. Nimisha is a very creative name to think of.

104. Niyati:

Niyati means fate.

105. Oviya:

Oviya means artist.

106. Padma:

The Padma is a very popular name in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It refers to Goddess Lakshmi. This is a good Hindu baby girl names in Telugu.

107. Padmagriha:

Padmagriha means one who resides in a lotus.

108. Pakhi:

Pakhi means bird.

109. Pramiti:

Pramiti means knowledge of the truth.

110. Pruthvi:

Pruthvi means Earth and is a very common name for baby girls.

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111. Raagini:

Raagini is a female baby names in Telugu. It means music.

112. Radhika:

A popular name of all times, Radhika means Radha, a name from Hindu mythology and epic. Radha is the wife of Lord Krishna.

113. Rajam:

Rajam refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

114. Ramani:

Ramani means a beautiful girl.

115. Rati:

Rati is a name that is synonymously used with beautiful. It means the consort of Cupid.

116. Roma:

Roma is a name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

117. Saanvi:

Saanvi is a very modern, yet beautifully refers to the goddess Lakshmi. Here is one Telugu baby girl names starting with s that you may like.

118. Sagarika:

Sagarika is another Telugu baby girl names starting with s that you may like. It means wave and one who is born in the ocean.

119. Salena:

Salena refers to the moon.

120. Sakhi:

Sakhi means friend.

121. Tamasi:

Tamasi means night.

122. Tanisi:

Tanisi refers to Goddess Durga.

123. Tejashree:

Tejashree means with divine power and grace. This is a very classy Telugu names of all times.

124. Vaidehi:

Vaidehi is a baby girl names starting with v in Telugu. It is the name of Sita.

125. Vama:

Vama is a very good baby girl name starting with v in Telugu. It means woman.

Nicknames for Girls in Telugu:

Here are some best nicknames and pet names for girls in Telugu.

1. Abhi: Abhi means light.

2. Ani: Ani means ornament and is a nickname for girls in Telugu.

3. Ka: ka is probably the most cutest nickname for baby girls. It means brave and lovable.

4. Sai: Sai means friend, flower and natural.

5. Janu: Janu is a very popular baby girl pet names in Telugu. It means sweetheart or loved one.

6. Lavy: Lavy means love.

7. Mana: Mana is a Telugu nickname that means supernatural power.

8. Mena: Mena means female parrot.

9. Myra: The name means swift and light. It also means admirable.

10. Suji: Suji is a baby girl pet names in Telugu that mean love or big diamond.

11. Teja: Teja means radiant. This name is given to both boys and girls.

12. Chiti: another commonly used name for a nickname is Chiti, which means little; love.

13. Kayal: Kayal means the name of a fish and is a name for all those girls who have beautiful eyes.

14. Mathu: Mathu means lovely.

15. Priti: Priti means love or bonding.

16. Rakti: Rakti means redness; pleasing.

17. Premi: Premi means lover.

18. Hetal: Hetal means friendly, loving and cheerful.

19. Ladli: Ladli means loved one.

20. Mitu: Mitu is a name that means mother’s beloved.

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Telugu Goddess Baby Girl Names:

1. Durga: As we might know, Durga is the name of the goddess Durga who is known for her power and fierceness.

2. Padma: the Padma is the name of Goddess Lakshmi, who brings in prosperity.

3. Dhita: Dhita means beloved daughter. It also refers to the name of Goddess Lakshmi.

4. Fira: Fira is a popular Christian name that means god’s gift.

5. Fanni: Fanni means liberated. This is a Telugu Christian names for baby girl.

6. Femila: here is another Telugu Christian name for baby girls is Femila, that means young and beautiful.

7. Sada: Sada means good luck. This is a very popular Telugu Muslim name.

8. Sana: Sana means prayer and is a name for Telugu Muslim baby girls.

9. Sefa: Sefa is a Muslim Telugu name that means ‘God will add’.

10. Narayani: Narayani Hindu baby girls name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

Our list of children’s names in Telugu girl is laid out in such a way that you get all the names you want, in a range of meanings. Most of them are deeply grounded to culture and tradition, while others are modern and slowly coming up. Besides, if you like your baby to have names after goddess, we have some ideas for that as well. We are sure this will help.


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