Naming your kid after your own custom and language is an entirely different feel altogether. It gives you a feeling that you are always rooted in your custom and traditions. While most of you might be very tired of even thinking of a name after your big delivery, we thought we could suggest some newborn baby names in Telugu. The meanings of those names are also mentioned. Take a look at what they mean too.

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Top Baby Names in Telugu for Boys:

1. Amod:

Amod means “pleasure”. This is quite a popular name and is actually one of the most famous Telugu baby boy names. The name suits almost every boy child, and parents would prefer the name as well, especially because of the meaning of this name. Amod is a really special name, and whenever you hear this name, you will feel good about it.

2. Aalok:

Here we have another beautiful name. The name links to the Almighty. The meaning of the name Aalok is “lightning, Shiva, etc.”. This is a very good name for the Telugu boys. Rather, it can be said that it is one of the most practised Telugu names for boys in South Indian states.

3. Balamurali:

Balamurali means ‘little Krishna’. This is the Krishna known to be playing the flute. This name can probably appeal to you if you are a staunch believer of Lord Krishna and also features often in the Telugu names list.

4. Bhaigrath:

The name Bhaigrath also has a strong religious connection. Bhaigrath is the King who brought Goddess Ganga to Earth. He was accredited with bringing her in the form of a river. This could be one good name for your baby boy.

5. Bhalendra:

Another very famous name for your baby boy could be Bhalendra. The name means ‘Lord of Light’.

6. Bhasvan:

Again a name with reference to light is Bhasvan. The name means ‘full of brightness’, and it aptly signifies how the baby boy will be a passage full of brightness for his parents.

7. Bhishma:

This is a very religious name. The name is of massive importance and dates back to the time of Mahabharata. Bhisma means an elder of the Mahabharata. The name will be great for a child who wants to grow up to be a great man one day. The name will stay with him and will remind him of his self-image, self-personality, etc., just because of the name. This is clearly one of the best child names in Telugu.

8. Bhuman:

Bhuman means ‘earth”. The name defines a dominant and strong personality. Naming a boy child by this name would be a great decision. The name will stay with him forever, and this will surely make him realize how lucky he is to have such a wonderful name. This can be said to be one of the best names for a Telugu child (boy).

9. Bhupal:

Here is a pretty aristocratic name. The name Bhupal means “king”. The child will grow up with such a name and will thank his mother and father for the rest of his life for naming him such a beautiful name which brings him unlimited love and respect from others.

10. Chaitan:

Chaitan means ‘a person who is filled with consciousness’. If you are looking for a spiritual name for your son, this modern Telugu baby name will surely interest you.

11. Chanakya:

Who doesn’t know the famous Chanakya? Chankya was the mentor of King Chandragupta Maurya. He is still regarded as one of the most intelligent persons. If you are looking for a name that truly reflects the wisdom of our Indian culture, then this name sure should be your try.

12. Chidhatma:

The name is very unique and means ‘superior’. This will be a good new baby name in Telugu you could try.

13. Daarshik:

What about a modern newborn baby name in Telugu? Daarshik means ‘perceiver’. You could narrow this down if you are looking for something modern and simple for your baby boy.

14. Damian:

Damian means ‘tamer’. It is truly unique and an unheard name.

15. Deepankar:

If you would like to name your child Deepankar, here is what it means. Deepankar means ‘one who lights lamp’. This baby name in Telugu with meaning will give you an idea of what is the theme behind the name.

16. Eeshan:

Eeshan is also a Telugu nickname. Egaiarasu was a Telugu King who was known for his charity work. His name meant ‘righteous’, and hence Eeshan, a short form of the name, was coined.

17. Ekadant:

Ekadant has a strong religious meaning. This name in Telugu is for all those parents who are strong believers in Lord Ganesh.

18. Ekagrah:

Ekagrah is a beautiful name for your baby boy. The name means ‘focused’ and is a good choice for a baby name in the Telugu language.

19. Gahan:

The name Gahan should be a relatively unheard name by all. Gahan means ‘one who has depth’ and refers to the knowledge of the person. The name is a good choice for your baby boy.

20. Hansal:

Hansal means ‘God is gracious’. This could be one way for you to show your love and gratitude to God if you consider that your baby is a gift from the Almighty.

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21. Hariaksa:

Hariaksa is a variant of the name of Lord Shiva. This name in the Telugu name list is not just traditional but also very unique.

23. Hansraj:

Hansraj means ‘King of Swans’. If you are inspired by Nature, this name is sure for you and your baby boy.

24. Idhayan:

Idhayan means ‘joy of heart’. Isn’t your baby boy sure a thing of joy for your heart? This could be the ideal way to let him and the world know that.

24. Ihit:

It means ‘prize’ or ‘honor’. The name is very modern and also short.

25. Jainarayan:

The name means ‘victory’. While the name may sound very strong and powerful, it also has a playful and lighter side to it, as will be evident from your son.

26. Kailas:

Kailas is a good baby name in the Telugu language. The name means ‘one who bestows peace’ and is also the name of Lord Shiva.

27. Manth:

If you are looking for baby names in Telugu, then this one is quite an amazing one. The meaning of the name is “thought”. It will be suitable for babies who stay lost in their own world from a very tender age.

28. Mohal:

Mohal means “attractive”. This will describe the boy’s personality. The name is really beautiful, and it has some other good meanings as well, such as a sweet, intelligent, lovable, limitless, friend, etc. This can be said to be one of the best Telugu baby boy names.

29. Modak:

You have probably heard this name before. The name has been used in many Indian cartoons. Modak actually means “attractive”. It describes the one who is attractive. Modak is a really good name for the male kids. The name suits almost any kid and will be a stepping stone to impress people in future.

30. Mohul:

This name might also be really familiar to you because of its meaning. Mohul basically means “attractive”. It will be suitable for a baby who is attractive from a young age. The baby who is capable of attracting attention towards him can be named by this name.

31. Nadish:

Nadish means ‘river’. The name signifies someone who is also energetic and full of life. This newborn baby name in Telugu is a reflection of your son’s spirit.

32. Paawan:

Paawan means ‘pious’. For those parents who are looking for a religious name, this one would be a good idea.

33. Padmabandhu:

Padhmabandhu means ‘friend of the lotus bee’. The name also means ‘sun’. This will be a good traditional name for your son.

34. Palaksh:

Palaksh is another name for Lord Vishnu. The name is not just unique but also an exotic modern Telugu baby name.

35. Rana:

This sounds like a Bengali name for boys, but this is actually a Telugu name for baby boys. The meaning of the word Rana is “jewel”. It means that the child is compared to a jewel. There are many other beautiful meanings of this name as well, such as joy, king, warrior, etc.

36. Ratul:

This is an extremely attractive name for the Telugu boys. The name can be said to be really popular in the Telugu states. The name is so cool, and the meaning is so appropriate and good that anyone will easily fall in love with this name. The meaning of the word Ratul is “sweet”. It also means lovable.

37. Ramoji:

The name Ramoji denotes Lord Rama. This is one of the most traditional child names in Telugu. Almost everyone will recognize this name easily as it is quite popular among the people of this state. The name will help to build up the child’s character in the growing years.

38. Ritesh:

This sounds like a Marathi name. As a matter of fact, it is also a Telugu name and quite a popular one as well. The name goes hand in hand with the child, who is smart and good-looking from a very little age.

39. Suresh:

A very commonly heard name is Suresh. Suresh is another name for Lord Vishnu and is a good Telugu pet name as well.

40. Saathvik:

Saathvik means ‘calm’. The name can be a reflection of your calm baby boy.

41. Taarush:

Tarsus is yet another Telugu modern baby name for your boy. The name means ‘conqueror’.

42. Tahaan:

Tahaan is yet another modern baby name in Telugu. The name means ‘merciful’. It will be good to name your child after this good deed.

43. Urijit:

Urijit is a popular modern baby name in Telugu. The name means ‘powerful and vigorous’ and could be a good choice for your baby who is active and naughty.

44. Yaashvan:

The name means ‘winner’ and is a good name for your child, blessing him to be a winner in everything he does.

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Telugu Baby Names for Girls:

1. Anshu:

Here, we have an excellent name for the Telugu girls. The meaning of the name Anshu is “sun rays”. It is a great name for baby girls who are born in Telugu families. The name somehow complements the personality and nature of the child. It is a perfect name for the girls, and the meaning of the name will surely make the girl feel proud of herself and her name.

2. Aniva:

The meaning of the word Aniva is “knowledge”. It will be appropriate to name a girl child by this name who displays some unexpected signs of wisdom from a young age. This is actually one of the best Telugu baby girl names.

3. Atula:

The word Atula suggests uniqueness. The proper meaning of the word is “incomparable”. This means that the baby girl named by this name cannot be compared to anyone. She is unique and different from others. The name is so beautiful that anyone will easily fall in love with this name. It will surely make the girl feel proud of her parents and family members for naming her Atula.

4. Aarchi:

Aarchi means “sunrise”. The word Aarchi is really beautiful. It describes the beauty of the female species. They are like a sunrise to this earth. They bring something new every day, just like the sunrise brings something new for us every single day.

5. Aashni:

The name describes the ferocious and angry side of females. The meaning of this name is “lightning”. This is a really beautiful name, and it will be easy to remember as well. The name will distinguish you from the others. The name is quite unique and is one of the best Telugu baby names for girls.

6. Balamani:

Balamani means ‘little jewel’. This is probably a good indicator that the daughter is invaluable to her parents.

7. Babita:

Babita means ‘little girl’. This name will also be a good Telugu pet name for your beautiful daughter.

8. Bairavi:

Bairavi is a strong name that has a connection with music. It also means Goddess Durga. For those of you who love art and music, Bariavi can be a good name for your daughter.

9. Bandita:

Bandita means ‘blessed’. If you truly think your baby daughter is a blessing for you and your family, then her name sure should be ‘Bandita’.

10. Chaarvi:

Chaarvi means ‘beautiful girl’. This name could be a true reflection of what your baby is. Chaarvi features a lot in the Telugu name list for girls.

11. Chhaya:

Chhaya means ‘shadow or reflection’. The name is an apt one for a baby girl who is probably the exact reflection of her parents.

12. Chandini:

Chandini is rather a usual and common name. It means ‘moonlight’. It implies how, without the moon, the world would actually be a darker place.

13. Charita:

Charita means ‘skilful’. The name is a popular modern Telugu baby name.

14. Daya:

Daya means ‘kindness and mercy’. The name is, however, not very popular today, but it was once a very classic baby name in the Telugu language for girls.

15. Dhaishta:

Dhanishta means ‘star’. For your baby girl, who will shine like a star, this name will be an apt choice.

16. Dhanyata:

This is a rather very unusual name. The name means ‘success and fulfilment’. Just like the meaning, your baby will be blessed with all success and fulfilment.

17. Eesha:

Eesha stands for ‘purity’ and is a popular name in almost all languages today.

18. Faloni:

Faloni means ‘in charge’. It implies how she will be powerful and lead the crowd to goodness.

19. Firaki:

This might be another unusual kids name in Telugu. The name means ‘filled with fragrance’, and that signifies how she will spread positivity around her.

20. Ganika:

Ganika means ‘flower’. This is another popular name in Telugu that has been in use for a long time.

21. Gayatri:

Gayatri is a name that holds a lot of spiritual importance. It is an important aspect of the Indian culture and thus could be a good choice for parents looking for strong, spiritually connected names for their daughters.

22. Geetanjali:

An age-old classic and modern name, Geetanjali is simply a collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore.

23. Haasita:

Haasita means ‘happy or full of laughter’. For your daughter, who is always cheerful and laughing, this could be a good name.

24. Hamsa:

Hamsa means ‘swan’ and symbolises royalty and beauty.

25. Harshini:

Harshini means ‘full of happiness’. For your bubbly little happy baby girl, Harshini could be a good name suggestion.

26. Hema:

Hema means ‘golden’. It is a very popular South Indian name. This is a name that never goes out of fashion and is still the preferred choice by a lot of parents for their baby girl.

27. Idha:

Idha might sound like a very easy name. It is also easy to spell. The name means ‘insight’.

28. Ja:

Ja is a small and cute name for the Telugu baby girls. The meaning of the name is also quite attractive. Ja means “clever and beautiful”. The name is quite small, and that is one of the main reasons why a lot of families are not quite eager to name their first daughter by this name. It is a popular Telugu pet name.

29. Jaya:

Not only a Telugu one, but this is also a pretty famous Indian name as well. The meaning of the word Jaya is “victorious”. There are many such names with similar meanings with similar meanings discussed above, but they don’t sound like this one does.

30. Jasoda:

Jasoda describes Lord Krishna’s mother. Someone would be really lucky to be named by the name of the mother of Lord Krishna. Jasoda is a very beautiful Indian name for girls, and it is one of the prettiest baby names in the Telugu language.

31. Jivika:

This is one of the most traditional Telugu names ever. The meaning of Jivika is “life source”. Someone who loves his or her baby girl more than anything can name her by this name. It will mean that the baby girl will be the life source of that person. This is the latest baby name in Telugu.

32. Raagavi:

Raagavi is for all those people who like music. It means ‘who sings with raga’.

33. Radhya:

Radhya means ‘worshipped’. The name is poetic and is also classic.

34. Ravali:

Ravali is another exotic name you would not have heard of often. The name is a good Indian Telugu baby name that means ‘’God’.

35. Saachi:

Saachi means ‘cuckoo’. It symbolises the thing of nature, which is also not very harmful and is rather peace-loving.

36. Sarojini:

Sarojini may be an old name. But, it means ‘lotus’ and another name for Goddess Lakshmi. It symbolises positivity in life.

37. Tejaswini:

Tejaswinini is a very popular name in South India. It means ‘the one who illuminates’. This is another connotation for someone who spreads positivity and guidance.

38. Veena:

An often-heard name is Veena, which is a traditional Indian musical instrument.

39. Vama:

Vama describes the Lord of Lords, Lord Shiva. The Vama is a good name for Telugu boys and can be said to be one of the best baby names in Telugu. The name is really beautiful and describes a powerful personality.

40. Veeru:

Veeru is one of the most used Telugu baby boy names. The meaning of this name is “winner” or the one who is victorious. The name will make sure to keep up with your status as you win every challenge in life like a boss.

41. Vrishin:

Here is a fantastic name for the Telugu baby boys. It is also one of the best and most practised child names in Telugu. The name is quite unique and beautiful, just like the meaning. Vrishin means “peacock”.

Twin Baby Names for Girls:

1. Aarya and Sahurya: For the girls, Aarya means ‘Goddess Durga/Lakshmi, and Shaurya means ‘bravery’.

2. Alekhya and Lekhya: The former means ‘a picture’ or ‘painting’, and the latter means ‘world’. These children names in Telugu are very classy ones!

3. Amala and Vimala: Amala means ‘the pure one’, and Vimala means ‘clean or holy’. These are twin names in terms of what it means as well.

4. Ganga and Gauri: Ganga indicates the river Ganga and is a denotation of something full of energy and life. Gauri means ‘a fair woman’.

5. Gita and Gitika: Gita means the Holy book, Bhagavad Gita and Gitika means ‘a small/little song’.

6. Haarika and Viharika: Haarika has a religious connection to Goddess Parvati and Lord Venkateshwara. Viharika means ‘great’.

7. Iswarya and Soundarya: The former means ‘God’s prosperity, and Soundarya mean someone who is beautiful.

8. Jyoti and Jyotika: Both mean light, a way to indicate them as a guiding force in darkness.

9. Lakshmi and Parvati: These are probably the most common twin names for babies. Both refer to Lord.

10. Sita and Gita: Sita refers to the wife of Lord Rama, and Gita is a religious book of the Hindus.

Twin Baby Names for Boys:

1. Amey and Amit: Amey refers to Lord Ganesh, and Amit means someone who is infinite.

2. Anit and Anish: Anit means an unending joy, and Anish means ‘a close friend’. These twin names are another common names in Telugu.

3. Chand and Chandan: The former refers to the moon, and the latter refers to ‘perfume’. They both signal a sense of guiding force of positivity that will radiate around them.

4. Dev and Dhruv: Dev means God Shiva, and Dhruv is a pole star.

5. Harsh and Harshil: Harsh means ‘excitement or joy’, and Harshil means joy too. This is another twin newborn baby name in Telugu.

6. Ishan and Ishank: Both these names mean and indicate Lord Shiva. For those looking for religious twin baby names, this could be a good choice.

7. Kamal and Karan: Kamal means ‘lotus’, and Karan is referred to as the firstborn son of Kunti, as per Hindu mythology.

8. Mayank and Mayur: The former means ‘moon’, and the latter means ‘peacock’.

9. Prem and Pratik: Prem, as we know, means ‘love’, and Pratik means ‘symbol’.

10. Rashi and Rish: The former means ‘sign of the zodiac’, and Rish means someone who is brave and dominant.

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Telugu Unisex Names:

  • Bobby: Bobby is a unisex name in many languages.
  • Pravin: Pravin means someone who is skilled or is an expert.
  • Dilshad: Dilshad means happy and could be a good Telugu name for your baby if you are looking for a unisex name.
  • Shamshad: The name means beautiful.

In case you are struggling to find a good name with a good meaning for your baby, our suggestions will surely help you out. The Telugu name list will come in handy at the right time. Take a look at all the names and then narrow them down to what you like.


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