Temple jewellery is one of the oldest craft Indian craftsmen introduced to the world of art. Temple jewellery is designed with the emblems of Hindu god and goddesses were first made to offer the idols of the god and goddess in the temple. Gradually it became jewellery the dancers wear. And as years passed it became common for all ladies.

Temple Jewellery Pendant Designs:

The art work applied to make temple jewellery is very time consuming as well as op costly and hard. Here you will see 9 gorgeous pendants you can wear on Indian traditions.

1. Pendant With Lord Ganesha Emblem Embossed:

The above temple design pendant is made with the lord Ganesha print on its main part. The pendant is made attractive with hangings of red and green tiny pearls. And even stud with ruby and emeralds in it.

2. Lakshmi Bronze Pendant:

This is a traditional temple pendant. You can wear it with the mangalsutra mala and also with simple gold chain. This design is made upon bronze metal.

3. Artificial Temple Pendant:

This is a very eye catching pendant design. It is not in gold but an artificial metal that resembles gold. The pattern used in the making of this design is the ancient temple design. One can wear such ornaments with their matching outfits.

4. Ruby And Emeralds Stud In Peacock Pendant:

Look at this marvelous temple pendant design. The pendant can be worn on any chain whether it is gold chain or a chain of red, white or green pearls. The adorable pendant will highlight upon all eyes. The peacocks in the pendant are beautifully carved with studded emeralds and ruby stones.

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5. Coin Lakshmi Ginni Pendant:

This beautiful ginni pendant is a look of ancient design. The temple jewelry is mostly based on goddess prints on it, and ginni is a wonderful design that is largely loved by all eyes.

6. Lord Krishna Pendant In Silver:

Made in silver, this is a piece of ancient temple jewellery pendant. Lord Krishna is beautifully carved on the pendant, mostly admired by many ladies. Young girls would also love to wear such a unique piece even on western outfits.

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7. Temple Design Gold Pendant With Two Birds:

Two birds beautifully drawn on a gold piece and colored by meenakari work. The pendant is a beautiful example of temple pendant.

8. Legends Of Hidden Temple Pendant:

This pendant surely represents the antique tradition of temple jewelry, but has a different modern change with the face and design of the pendant. This pendant will be loved by both men and women.

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9. Openable Temple Pendant:

There are always new versions of art. Here is an openable pendant beautifully carved with temple design on both the parts of the pendant. The work on the pendant is marvelous. The pendant is also stoned with fine cut ruby diamond. Two peacocks above the opening part. The both opens are differently beautified on both sides. The upper side with rubies and inside a beautiful carving of god and goddesses.

These are splendid designs of temple jewellery pendants. You can find more designs as per your choice. The temple effect in jewelry with creative carvings and studding of precious stones increases the value of your personality. Such pendants make you look the show stopper of the function. Temple pendant designs can also complete your dressing standing alone Without Necklaces and glass ornament. Temple jewelry pendants bring a unique touch to your sets of ornaments. You should have at least one designed temple set jewelry in your case.


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