9 Famous Temples in Bangalore with Pictures

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India is the land of culture, architecture and diversity. Here the temples are beautiful. You will be surprised seeing the different number of things our country has to offer. From natural beauty to rich mythological stories, India is highly accomplished and skilled. If you are hoping to visit temples in South India this vacation, you should definitely go to Bangalore. Here you will find the country’s most attractive and interesting temples. A few suggestions have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Beautiful Temples in Bangalore With Images:

1. Bheemalingeswara Temple:

temples in bangalore

The Bheemalingeswara Temple is one of the most immaculate and beautiful temples you shall ever see. The structure of the temple is gorgeous and it truly reflects the beauty of Hinduism. It has thousands of visitors every year and is one of those places that are definitely worth visiting.

2. Gangadeshwara Temple:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-Gangadheshware Temple

The Gangadeshwara Temple of Bangalore is one of the finest temples to be seen. It is known for its popular monolithic pillars and the unique idol of Agni, who is also known as the God of Fire. The temple is truly a marvellous attraction and should not be missed out on.

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3. Dharmaraja Temple:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-Dharmaraja Temple

The Dharmaraja Temple stands as a strong reflection of the country’s culture, tradition and customs. The architecture and designs are just brilliant. The combination of colours and the different images that have been used are something that will surely make you want to learn more about this place.

4. Iskcon Temple of Bangalore:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-ISKCON Temple

As we all know, the Iskcon temples have been established in quite a number of cities in India. The temple here in Bangalore is also something worth visiting. Bangalore is also known for this famous temple which is located in Chord Road. It is a very clean and beauteous temple that has been well maintained over the years. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and has thousands of visitors every year. This is one the famous temples in Bangalore.

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5. Channakesava Temple:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-Channakeshava Temple

The Channakesava Temple located in the Bangalore Urban District is a wonder. It stands as a true representation of the vast culture and architecture that Vijaynagar has to offer. It holds major historical significance and is one of the most renowned temples in Bangalore. You will surely learn a lot about India’s golden days when you come here.

6. Chamarajeshwara Temple:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-Chamarajashwara Temple

The Chamarajeshwara Temple is a beautiful temple in Bangalore, regarded as one of the highest Hindu seats. It is one of the tallest structures to be seen and is known for its excellent and flawless architecture. Located in Chamranagar, the temple is one of the places you wouldn’t want to leave Bangalore without visiting once.

7. Sri Kabbalamma Temple:

Sri Kabbalamma Temple

The Sri Kabbalamma Temple is one of Bangalore’s well established and finest looking temples. It is one of the best places to travel and has been suggested by many of those who have been to this place. The temple looks picturesque from afar and its holy ambience is sure to get you into a mood of worship.

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8. Venugopala Swamy Temple:

The Venugopala Swamy Temple of Bangalore is colourful, bright and truly an example of the splendid architecture of India. The appearance of this temple is unspeakably beautiful. The idols that have been used to decorate the temple add to charm of this temple and make it look glorious. This is beautiful temples in Bangalore

9. Bull Temple:

Famous Temples in Bangalore-Bull Temple

The Bull Temple is the pride of Bangalore. Dedicated to the Nandi Bull, the idol is about 4.6 kilometers tall. It is carved from a single stone and is the best place to come to during important Hindu festivals such Shivrathri. The tourists and visitors increase by numbers every year.