Top 8 Temples In Bhopal

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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh which is an India state. This place is of immense importance because of the industries situated in this area. This city is considered as the city of lakes for the numerous picturesque lakes, both natural and artificial ones. Bhopal is also one of the greenest cities on the map of India. Being the 14th largest city in the country, Bhopal has also a number of beautiful temples and the city is very much dedicated to spreading India’s religious aspects. The following list will educate you about the best temples that one can find in Bhopal.

1. Laxmi Narayan Temple:

temples in bhopal

The Laxmi Narayan temple of Bhopal is one of the most popular temples in the country and is visited by a substantial number of people every year. The breathtaking view surrounding the temple attracts worshipers from al over the country. The temple is located on the top of a hill and is the finest piece of contemporary Indian temple architecture.

2. Gufa Mandir:

Gufa Mandir

This temple was established by Sant Narayan Dasji Mahara. The temple was initially established inside a rock cave, and for this reason, this worship site dedicated to Lord Shiva is called Gufa Mandir or Temple. In the complex, there is another temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman which is one of the reasons behind all the fuss about the Gufa Mandir. The Hanuman Mandir is considered as the prime source of this temple’s appeal.

3. Manua Bhan Ki Teri:

Manua Bhan Ki Teri

Situated on the top of a hill, the Manua Bhan Ki Teri is one of the most visited pilgrimages in the country. The temple is mainly famous for its architecture and rich historical significance. On every Kartik Purnima, a big fair is held in this region which is further attended by tons of people.

4. Khatla Pura Temple:

Khatla Pura Temple

This is one of the oldest temples in the country dedicated to Lord Rama. It was built in the 19th century, over 150 years ago. The temple also displays idols of Goddess Sita, Lord Laxman, etc. The Do-Gyaras festival is held in this temple which is the focal point of Khalapura’s attraction.

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5. Shri Madhya Swami Malai Temple:

Shri Madhya Swami Malai Temple

In the late 19’s a temple dedicated to Sri Kanchi was established. In this temple, Lord Kathikeye is worshiped. The temple gets over a thousand devoted worshipers every day.

6. Bhojpur Temple:

Bhojpur Temple

When it comes to the top religious sites in Bhopal, one cannot simply forget the Bhojpur Temple. This is one of the most historically significant temples of Bhopal and of India as well. The temple is made of rocks and the lingam in this temple is more than 15feet. The Bhojpur Temple site is also a popular picnic spot. On every Maha Shivratrti, a huge fair is organized by the temple committee and the local people.

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7. Shri Digambar Jain Temple:

Shri Digambar Jain Temple

This temple is located in a place called Dahod in Bhopal and is one of the most beautiful temples in Madhya Pradesh.

8. Sai Baba Temple:

Sai Baba Temple

The Sai Baba temple of Bhopal is one of the most peaceful religious sites in the city. People all over India admire this temple because of its calm environment. The surrounding environment is so calm, that one can literally meditate in the temple.

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