Canada is one of the most secular countries of the world. Indian immigrants began their movements to this beautiful country almost 110 years ago. Since then, the Hindu population has been growing tremendously. Although they were kept aloof in the beginning phases of immigration, Hindus over the last few decades have influenced the Canadian way of life so much that they make up for one of the largest communities. There are over 1000 temple societies across the country which undertake the responsibility of constructing and maintaining Hindu temples in Canada. One of the earliest temples was constructed in the year 1971 in rural Nova Scotia. This article explores some of the most popular indian temples in Canada.

Temples In Canada:

1. Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir:

This temple is located in Toronto, Canada and acts as a religious cultural center as well. Indians all over Canada come to visit this temple on a regular basis. This temple is also a registered non-profit charitable organization. If you’re a Hindu then you will realize that this temple was built keeping in the mind the Hindu culture and tradition. This temple is one of the most popular religious spots in the city and is considered to be one of the most sacred Hind pilgrimages in the country as well.

2. Devi Mandir:

The Devi Mandir or Temple was established in the year 1988 by a small group of Hindus. It took a lot of hard work to build this temple and taking it to the position where it is today. The Devi Mandir is one of the most significant Hindu temples in Canada and visited by Hindus from all corners of the country.

3. ISKCON Temple In Brampton:

The ISKCON temple in Canada was established in the year 1966 with a simple motto, which was to spread the significant teaching of Vedic Literature all over Canada. This temple offers a variety of learning facilities for those who are devoted to Vedic literature. Along with that, this temple also offers yoga lessons and assistance regarding meditation.

4. Sringeri Temple:

The temple is situated in Toronto and is one of the most visited Hindu temples in the country. Goddess Shradamba is worshiped on this temple. This temple follows the architecture style of the Shrinigeri Temple located in Karnataka, India. The temple is famous all over the country, especially because of its beautiful architecture.

5. Hindu Sabha Temple:

This non-profit organization is one of the best religious spots for a Hindu in Canada. The temple has been successful in preserving the Indian culture and the ancient style of Indian civilization. In the 19th century, this temple was registered in the name of the Hindu Sabha. The temple was inaugurated in the year 1995 with one simple goal in mind that was to develop the Sanatan Dharma.

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6. Guruvayurappan Temple Of Brampton:

This is yet another Hindu temple in Brampton and is considered as one of the most beautiful largest Hindu temples in Canada. The temple is being reconstructed presently and the temple authority will be done with the work soon.

7. Hindu Temple Of Ottawa:

The Hindu Temple of Ottawa is located in the Bank Street which is a rural area. Inaugurated in the 19th century, this temple was built with the joint effort of some Canadian Hindus. The temple is the prime worship spot of more than 5000 Hindus residing in Ottawa.

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8. ISKCON Temple In Ottawa:

The ISKCON Temple located in Ottawa is believed to be one of the most visited Hindu pilgrimages in the city. Since 1971, there was an ISKCON center in this place which later on funded for the construction of this amazing temple. This temple was built with one objective in mind which was to promote the well-being of the society and promote the Krishna consciousness among people.

9. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple Canada:

The BAPS Shri Swami Narayan Mandir is located in Toronto. It was built by the BAPS Swami Narayana Sanstha in 2007 and took 18 months to complete. The temple consists of 24,000 pieces of hand carved Italian marble. It is also made up with Turkish limestone and Indian pink stone. This is one of the largest temples in Canada and is spread over 18 acres.

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10. International Buddhist Society:

This stunning Canada Buddhist temple was built in 1983 and is also known as Guan-Yin temple. It was begin by two Buddhists who formed the International Buddhist Society. It is built in a sprawling one acre of campus and is located in Richmond of British Columbia. It is referred as Richmond’s “Point Of Pride” by the people of City for its breathtakingly beautiful construction.

11. Canada Kandaswamy Temple:

The foundation to this beautiful temple was laid in 1998 by Mr. K. Kailaisantha Kurukal. It is named as Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil. The temple has a huge image of Navalar Peruman. All the customs and celebrations of this temple as conducted in the same manner as it is done in Nallur Kandawamy temple of Jaffna, Srilanka.

12. Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple:

This temple is called the Sabarimala of Canada and is established in te year 1991. Intially it was rented out in a small place and later in the year 1998, a separate land was purchased for the construction of the temple. This temple is popular with the Ayyappa devotees and the first Kumbabishekam was done in the year 2009.

Canada witnessed an extensive Hindu migration from 1960. The Hindu diaspora comprises primarily of Punjabis, Tamils, Telugus and Bengali hindus. Temples are prominent places for religious gatherings and acts as cultural centers. These temples are welcome to everyone, irrespective of their faith and culture. They have breathtakingly beautiful structures which offer peace and calm to people who visit. The Hindu Canadian network is the most prominent organization that undertakes the responsibility of bringing people together and celebrate festivals in a growing multi-cultural population.


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