Top 9 Temples In Chandigarh

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The beautiful city of Chandigarh has its own share of places of worship. Let us find out the top 9 temples Chandigarh has.

Famous Temples In Chandigarh With Images:

1. Chandi Devi Temple:

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Chandi Devi temple or ChandiMandir is a Hindu temple located just 15 kms away from the city of Chandigarh, Punjab. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of power, Chandi. The temple is situated among the beautiful backdrop of Shivalik hills. The presiding deity here is Chandi Devi but idols of other deities like Radha Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva and Ram are also present in the temple. Thousands of people visit the temple during the festival of Navaratri.

2. Mata Mansa Devi Temple:

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Mata Mansa Devi temple is located in the Panchkula district, just outside Chandigarh. The temple dedicated to Goddess Mansa Davi, a form of Shakti is spread across the Shivalik foothills. It is one of the major Shakti temples of Northern India and thus the temple is widely visited by lakhs of people during the nine days of Navaratri.

3. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple:

Temples in chandigarh

ShirdiSai Baba temple located in Chandigarh is dedicated to Sai Baba and was built in 1989. This relatively new place of worship was vitally organized by Late Shri I P Mehta. The sacred idol of ShirdiSai Baba was originally brought from Jaipur, then taken to Shirdi for due worship and finally placed in Chandigarh. The temple is open 24 hours every day.

4. Sakteri Mandir:

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SaketriMandir or the ancient Shiva temple is located at Saketri, just 20 kms away from the city of Chandigarh. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a phallic stone or Shiva linga. The place remains immensely crowded during the evenings of Shiva Ratri as thousands of people visit the temple to offer their prayers.

5. Jayanti Devi Temple:

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Jayanti Devi temple located in Ropar district of Punjab, just 15 kms away from Punjab is dedicated to Jayanti, the Goddess of victory. The temple is situatd on a hillock on the Shivalik ranges. From the huge gate at the base of the hillock, a hundred easy steps lead to the main premises of the temple. Apart from the stone idol of the Goddess, the temple also has idols of Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesha and local deities LokdaDev and Balasundari. The temple attracts about 1.5 lakh visitors during the fair helo on full moon day on February and a small fair in August. Navaratri is widely celebrated too.

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6. Sri Karthikeya Swamy Temple:

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People from Tamil Nadu residing in Chandigarh built the Sri KarthikeyaSwamy temple which is dedicated to the Tamil God, KavadulMurugan. The temple has a main idol of Lord Murugan along with Devasena and Valli on the sides. The temple presmises has idols of Goddess Krishna Mariamman, Durga, Lord Ganesha, Vishnu and so on. The temple came into existence around 1980.

7. ISKCON Temple:

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The International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON temple is located in Chandigarh. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and has beautiful deity of RadhaMadhav. The temple performs various rituals, prayers and kirtanas. On Sundays, the temple serves prasadam to one and all present there. The temple is very prominently visited during festivals like Sri Krishna Jamashtami, RadhaAshtami, Gaur Purnima or Holi and Ekadashi.

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8. Amb Sahib Gurudwara:

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Amb Sahib Gurudwara is located at Phase 8 in the Mohali district of Chandigarh. It is believed that in 1659, a disciple named Bhai Kooram was visited by the seventh Guru of Sikhs. The uniqueness of the Gurudwara lies in the mango tree present within the premises which bears the fruit even during winters. The mangoes produced by this tree is distributed as prasadam to the Sangats. Thousands of devotees visit the place when a fair is organized during the occasion of Sakrant in January in the memory of the Guru.

9. Nada Sahib Gurudwara:

Temples in Chandigarh 9

Nada Sahib gurudwara in the Panchkula district near Chandigarh is situated on the banks of the Ghaggar-Hakra river in Shivalik hills. This is the location where Guru Gobin Singh halted in 1688 while travelling from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib after the Battle of Bhagnani. Gatherings, religious rites and daily community meals take place every day. A large number of people from Northern India flock to the Gurudwara during the full moon of every month.

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