This Gujarati city is one full of culture and wonder. Whether it is its ancient association with silk weaving and now being the textile hub that charms you, or whether the historical Surat castle built against the Portuguese invasions, this city is sure to send you back enriched and with tons of memories. What’s more? It is adorned by places of immense religious significance such that these aren’t only thronged by locals on a regular basis, but also extremely popular with tourists and pilgrims. Yes people from all over the nation come here to offer their prayers at these famous temples in surat.

As a matter of fact, the surat temples are highly populated especially during annual festivals compared to any other metropolitan city in India. So get set and strike off places from this bucket-list that we have got you for your religious pilgrimage around these surat temples and also around relevant temples near surat.

Most Famous Temples In Surat With Pictures:

1. Ambaj Temple (old):

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Located in the middle of the city, this temple is of immense importance in building the reputation of Surat. It is believed to be one of the oldest temples of the country. A ‘rathyatra’ takes place in surat and this temples plays a massive role at that particular period of time. The ‘rath’ or chariot is driven by people and is a festival worth mentionable. The chariot is decorated with silver and this concept was first introduced by an old artist who used to stay in Ahmedabad. On every dashera this ‘rathyatra’ is performed and people from almost every part of the country come to observe this religious carnival.

2. Shri Agam Mandir:

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This is one of the biggest Agam mandirs or temples located all over the country. Located very close to the city, the Agarm Mandir of surat is named after the legendary Brahmin Gopi. People from all over the country come to observe the puja pattern and architectural beauty of this temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavir and contains a beautiful statue of this god. Along with that, a number of other gods are also worshiped in this temple. Worshipers also admire the inscriptions made all around the temple.

3. Chintamani Jain Temple:

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Among all the temples in Surat, this is the most remarkable one. People belonging to Jain religion come to visit this temple frequently. The temple is of immense historical importance as it was constructed under the supervision of the Mughal emperors during the 16th century. The temple displays the popular vegetable dye found in Gujarat on the walls. The temple also exhibits the quality of the artistry being imprinted on the wooden walls. If you’re an admirer of art, then this might be the right place for you. Both the interior and exterior beauty of this temple is worth mentionable.

4. Iskcon Temple Surat:

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Among the many ISKCON temples around India, the temple located in Surat is worth mentionable. People from all over the state and the country come to visit this temple. This temple was established by Shrila Prabhupada and is situated on the banks of Tapi River. The surrounding beauty of this temple makes it a popular spot. iskcon temple surat timings can be found online alongside other details for a future visit.

5. Kantareshwar Mahadev Temple:

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This is one of the oldest temples in Surat and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the local people, this temple was actually established by Mother Kunti and the Pandavas. Legends say the same as well. This is one of the most important temples in the city and is visited by hundreds of people on day to day basis.

6. Ambika Niketan Temple:

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This temple is considered as one of the most sacred worship spots in the city and is famous for its surrounding beauty as well. The temple is located on the banks of the Tapti River. According to legends, this famous temple was built in the mid 19th century and is dedicated to the Mother Goddess which is one the many incarnations of Goddess Ashtabhuja Ambika.

Surat is thus a must visit for every religious at heart. Go get spiritual at these stunning temples talked about above, and we promise, you shall not be disappointed! 8th largest city of India, the textile and diamond cutting hub, and also with such a stunning spiritual side…Surat is where you need to start planning your next vacation at already! So pack your bags and don’t forget to share with us your experiences and travel stories. We love nothing more than hearing back from our readers. Write in with your feedback so that we can guide you better. Happy travels and much love.


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