When we were small, I knew just one game cricket. The scenario today is different. The kids know things way beyond our imagination, especially in the world of sports. Kids are no longer cricket fanatics. Sports like football, tennis, badminton, wrestling and many more has taken over.

The recent achievement by our country men and women in the field of tennis has become the talk of the hour. There are special kinds of shoes made for this sport.

Best Tennis Shoes in Fashion:

Here are few types of tennis shoes for men and women. They are mostly unisex. Select your loved one from the below list.

1. Lace up Tennis Shoes:

All the tennis shoes have lace. They are meant to give better fit to the player. The laces can be tied in many ways. It is a fashion trend of tying laces in different ways. These shoes are like regular tennis shoes. It is preferred by all players because it’s fit. It is unisex style.

2. Synthetic Tennis Shoes:

Normally because of the running around, traditional sports shoes were made of cotton material. But with advancement of technology, new fabrics are made with better elasticity and soaking capability. These fabrics are synthetic. They are as good as cotton. They are all colourful and fun to design shoes.It is mostly liked women.

3. Chunky Sole Mens Tennis Shoes:

In tennis, the player has to run around in the tennis court. Sometimes, the player may have to jump to take a shot. While doing such activity, the sole of shoes need to absorb all shocks to avoid any injuries. Chunky sole tennis shoes have hard sole in the right places of soles. It provides right cushioning of sole. It is liked by men as they are heavier in weight.

4. Brown Tennis Shoes:

The tennis court has lot mud and dust from the clay surface of tennis court. This makes the shiny white shoes all dirty, so brown coloured is often used for practice. The brown tennis shoes are a bit cooler than regular tennis shoes. They can be worn outside too. They are liked by men as they look very casual.

5. White Tennis Shoes:

White tennis shoes are traditional tennis shoes. From centuries, men and women wear white tennis shoes. The colour white is choosing as a sign of purity and no ill-play. This type of tennis shoes has white laces. Usually the name of brand is in colour. It it’s a must for many tournaments. It is unisex. It looks very boring off the tennis court.

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6. Colourful Tennis Shoes for Women:

Today’s generation can’t be kept under boundaries. They want to be free. Even in tennis court, they don’t want to stick the traditional white shoes. They want lots of colour and style. Colourful tennis shoes fulfil the young hearts need and do the same work as white tennis shoes. It is liked by women a lot.

7. Hard Court Tennis Shoes for men:

Normally tennis court has variety of surface. It can be grass, clay, hard or carpet. Each court has special shoes. Hard court tennis shoes is meant for hard surface. They are tougher and provide extra comfort. They help you get better grip. They are more worn by men mostly as they are heavier.

8. Outsole Tennis Shoes for Women:

Outsole tennis shoes have wider soles. They are meant to give a good grip. The extra cushioning helps to reduce any kind of injury. These shoes are colourful and very playful. It is more preferred by the women because they are lighter.

9. Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Shoes:

Wilson pro staff tennis shoes are one of the oldest forms of tennis shoes. They are the official shoes for many tournaments. They are absolutely perfect for all kind of court. They are traditionally made white. But the increasing demand, made them make colourful shoes too. They are unisex design.

10. Air Vapour Tennis Shoes:

Many athletes choose the technology of air vapour in their tennis shoes. It is meant for easy running and leaping. They give extra bounce. Air vapour tennis shoes are light and very comfortable. They are like part of you when you wear them. It is loved by women.

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11. Light Tennis Shoes:

Tennis shoes are meant to light. But while adding extra cushion, they become heavy. The need of light shoes to take easy shots has started to show. Light tennis shoes are made by special fibers that make the shoes light. They give same fit and comfort like other tennis shoes. As they are light, they are loved by women.

12. Classic Tennis Shoes:

Classic tennis shoes are white. They have thick sole. The laces are also white. They are unisex as they are more simple and uniform. They are not very light in weight. These shoes go well with traditional white tennis outfit.

13. Gel Technology Mens Tennis Shoes:

Gel technology tennis shoes have special gel in them. These gels are meant to absorb any kind of shock. The gel is mostly in the heel area. They are known to prevent any injuries. It is liked by many middle-aged sportsmen. They are preferred by men.

14. Barricade Tennis Shoes:

Barricade tennis shoes have knit up fabric. They have memory foam heels for extra comfort. This gives more personalized comforting. They are a bit costly but it is totally worth it. This technology is known to all athletes especially women.

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15. Hyper-court Tennis Shoes:

Well in laymen term, Hyper-court tennis shoes are nothing but high heeled tennis shoes. These shoes are not just high heeled, they are meant to take shocks. They are light and breathe with you. They keep you close to court. They are liked by both sexes.

Tennis is a very big and famous sport in the west. This sport has special shoes to comfort the athlete during the long game. Tennis shoes have laces always. They are not always meant to be boring white. All new colours, fabrics and knit-uppers have made it look very ravishing. When you wear them, you don’t have to stick to tennis court. They are even cool to be worn outside.

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