Did you know there is an increase in urban homeowners growing terrace gardens? Yes! With most metropolitan cities being concrete jungles, finding a spot of green is becoming as difficult as finding an oasis in the desert. This is why many homeowners in urban cities are looking for terrace garden design ideas to help them realize the dream of having their garden, regardless of size. You can grow plump veggies, juicy fruits, green herbs, or dainty flowers in the terrace garden; you can start planning with the help of the terrace garden ideas presented in this article. Read on!

20 Simple and Beautiful Terrace Garden Design Ideas:

We have listed some unique and best terrace garden design ideas you can implement in your home.

1. Modern Terrace Garden Design:

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Before you implement the ideas you have in your head, it is essential to look at the space beforehand. For example, suppose you have a spacious terrace and want more open space to walk around and have fun. You can also add seaters in one corner where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. At the same time, kids can play around in the open space. Furthermore, dedicate space to place your potted plants, which can brighten and liven up the space.

2. Vertical Terrace Garden Idea:

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Countries worldwide are looking for alternatives to grow plant vegetation because of the increase in urbanization. A vertical terrace garden is an exceptional idea when you don’t have too much space on your terrace but still want to incorporate greenery. In addition, you can achieve a visually appealing look by combining decorative planters, creepers, and hanging pots on the walls. Finally, add a space-efficient table and faux grass to create an ideal space for lounging.

3. Terrace Design with Plants:

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Suppose you want to have plants surrounding you and greenery everywhere on your terrace. In that case, the design depicted in the picture can be an ideal choice. You can create a paradise on your rooftop by choosing appropriate plants in a combination of decoratives and florals, creating a perfect look. You can place an artificial grass sheet on the floor, which blends in with the face of the place. For the sake of plants, you can choose multiple holders, whether plastic or cement ones, or you can DIY something. Finally, don’t forget to add appropriate seating for you to relax and have a cup of coffee.

4. Luxurious Terrace Garden Idea:

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Suppose luxury is what you wish to implement on your terrace. In that case, this beautiful and luxurious garden idea can work wonders. The wooden flooring has tiles bearing vertical and horizontal patterns. However, the floor is elevated with the addition of square grass patches. Furthermore, the central area of the flooring has a decorative piece whose look is heightened by adding rocks and lights, creating a bright look. However, you can put potted plants in varying sizes and decorate the wall with creepers creating a soft finish.

5. Open Terrace Garden Idea:

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One of the exceptional ideas for an open terrace in your home is to grow climbing plants. By growing climbing plants, you will have greenery and create a sense of privacy. Some of the best plants you can use for this purpose are Climbing roses, Clematis and English Ivy. Furthermore, you can also use a line of ferns or bushy plants to dress up the gates or safety rails of your terrace. This way, you can beautify your terrace and have much-needed privacy.

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6. Enticing Gardening Ideas on the Terrace:

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Suppose you are a person who loves to elevate simple things to make the space enticing. In that case, you can add some aesthetic designs to the garden by taking the layout to another level. For example, though shrubs and herbs look endearing, you can include a water piece or a statue in the centre to entice the place. Furthermore, it would help if you always looked for a figurine or sculpture that can represent your personality or be your personality’s extension.

7. Cosy Terrace Garden Idea:

Do you live in a house that doesn’t have an expansive terrace space? But, of course, suppose you still want to make the limited space into something cosy and personal. In that case, the representation in this picture can be an ideal choice. For example, you can create a terrace garden with a welcoming and soft look by incorporating ferns. Furthermore, you can create a canopy by using a varying trail of ferns, creating a shady spot.

8. Outdoor Terrace Garden Ideas:

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This is another perfect example of a terrace garden idea that works exceptionally well outdoors. Use a solid and long stand which can hold many planters filled with vegetables, herbs or just decorative plants as per your preference. Since the stand is on one side of the terrace, the remaining area is left to enjoy the weather leisurely with your family. Try to include a wide range of plants to create a bright and lively look.

9. Office Terrace Garden Design:

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There is a link between having a terrace garden in offices because it gives employees a chance to relax and in between the work stress. Unlike home terraces, an office terrace must have seating arrangements to create a relaxing space. Furthermore, choosing plants that don’t require too much tending is best. The top space allows enough sunlight that brightens and lightens the area significantly.

10. Contemporary Terrace Garden Design:

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Many styles in the present day are evolving based on the homeowners’ tastes and preferences. Therefore, if you want to implement contemporary-style terrace garden ideas into your terrace, this design can work for you. Unlike the previous methods, where the terrace is filled with potted plants, this design has plants placed directly on the ground. Opt for different coloured ferns in various sizes if you don’t want flowering or vegetable plants highlighting the home’s architectural design.

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11. Roof Terrace Garden Design:

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This roof terrace garden idea works well, especially if you have a medium-sized space. Unlike the previous décor ideas, this picture has large plant holders made of wooden slabs. Furthermore, there are also vertical slabs connected by a pattern. These slabs help you place hanging pots in addition to the other plants. You can choose various plants, from decorations to flowers, depending on your preference. To further beautify the place, try adding an artificial grass mat.

12. Creative Terrace Garden Canopy Design:

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If you want to add dense elements into your terrace garden that resemble you sitting inside a shade, then trying to incorporate a gorgeous canopy can work wonders. Sitting inside the canopy of trees, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying nature, irrespective of the weather. You can transform your lifeless terrace into a pleasant outdoor space by setting a simple outdoor dining set right in the middle of the shrubs and ferns.

13. Terrace Vegetable Gardening Ideas:

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There is a high rise in terrace gardeners, especially those who want to grow veggies and fruits independently. You can use small planters to grow easy-to-maintain vegetables in a more miniature garden. In addition, you can have fresh veggies for all your meals by harvesting vegetables using homemade DIY methods. Additionally, you can create a small veggie garden on one side of the terrace while placing a seating arrangement on the other side where you can enjoy the view.

14. Simple Terrace Garden Idea:

Image Source: dotcommagazine.com

Choosing durable, eco-friendly, decorative clay pits or affordable plastic containers can be perfect for realizing your dream of having a simple terrace garden. Additionally, you can make the clay pots your own by painting them, making the space more personalized. If you have a theme, pick designs that match the same since planters come in different sizes and shapes. Finally, you can liven up the space with colourful planters or go for a minimalistic setup by choosing all-white round planters.

15. Small Terrace Garden Design Idea:

Suppose you have a small terrace or a balcony. In that case, you need to be very effective in planning to utilize all the space efficiently. For example, you can add creepers on the railings or add shelves for planters, especially if you want them to be space-efficient. Furthermore, you are good to go once you throw in a coffee table with a quirky chair. However, you can also have just the plants if you don’t want to have any furniture.

16. Easy Terrace Garden Ideas:

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Though many have a terrace, not many are too interested in having and maintaining a garden but still wish to have something small. Growing layered grass can be a perfect choice. Whether you want to grow natural grass or go for artificial grass rugs, you can find an extensive selection of options you can look into before finalizing one for your terrace. This way, you will be welcomed into green lushness without too much effort.

17. Terrace Farming Ideas:

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You can creatively and efficiently implement farming ideas on your terrace in many ways. For example, you can use recycled gallon buckets, grow bags, DIY pots, beautiful planters, or even vertical gardening to realize your dream of growing vegetables, herbs, or fruits. Of course, if you wish to be space-efficient, vertical gardening is the way to go. However, there are also stands available in the market that help you place potted plants ascendingly. This way, all the plants can get appropriate sunlight and water.

18. Terrace Garden Ideas for Beginners:

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Suppose you are a beginner and want to try a little terrace gardening. In that case, implementing a corner garden can be an ideal choice. A corner garden helps you deck up your terrace area irrespective of the terrace’s size. Choose flower pots in multiple or one colour, depending on your preferences. Additionally, if you rarely stay home and still want a terrace garden, choose plants you don’t have to take care of very often.

19. Terrace Garden Ideas for Homes with Raised Beds:

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One of the most efficient terrace garden ideas for a small terrace is installing raised beds beside the roof walls. To boost your garden aesthetics, you can either opt for ones made with wood or metal raised beds. However, you can also grow small trees and tall shrubs by building concrete raised beds if you wish to. Furthermore, use a thick barrier blocking roots to protect the roof from any damage and use a waterproofing membrane.

20. Terrace Garden Decoration Ideas:

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Many people would love to have a terrace garden regardless of size. Whether it is a small space beside the penthouse or an extensive terrace, having a garden is always a dream for all of us. The perfect way to decorate the area, regardless of size, is by adding colourful flowerpots with beautiful flowers on the floor or even the railing. You can also add light bulbs and colourful pebbles to beautify the terrace elegantly. But how you decorate your terrace depends entirely on your preferences.

Whatever dreams you have regarding having a terrace garden design can be brought to fruition with the help of the ideas presented in this article. You can grow whatever you like: fruits, veggies, flowers, or herbs. So, without further ado, go through the list of terrace garden ideas and incorporate the ones you want the most into your home. Do not forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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