Thailand along with its exclusive knack for providing us with the best of the knacks for shopping has provided us with a large palate of exotic cuisines. Thai food is one of the largest cuisines that has been recognized by the food lovers and Thai food at its best can make your mouth water like never before and what’s more alluring is the fact that you can simply create exotic Thai right in your kitchen with these simple enough recipes.   Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to experience their richness of food.

Thai Food Recipes:

1. Thai Prawn And Spring Onion Stir Fry:

To start of this recipe start by pre making some noodles or fried rice and keep it aside. Now start by cleaning out the prawn. Now in a bowl add crushed pepper, oregano, coriander and spinach leaves, crushed garlic, castor sugar and lime juice. Mix it well and then in a pan stir fry spring onion and ginger and add sesame and soy sauce in the mix. Now pour the mixture of the prawn and stir fry it further before serving on top of pasta or rice.

2. Spicy Shrimp Soup:

The spicy shrimp soup is one of the most exotic traditional Thai soup made along with shallots and mushrooms. The spicy shrimp soup is made essentially from the best of the herbs along with baby corn, oregano and lemongrass mixed with galangal and bell pepper chilly. The main ingredient is the freshly boiled succulent shrimp that mixes in to form this awesome soup.

3. Calamari Salad:

Calamari is what we recognize as squid or octopus and the Thai recipe for this salad is made from all natural ingredients where the squid needs to be cut and boiled. While the squid boils, chop up fresh cabbage, onions and spring onions, baby corn, spinach and lettuce leaves. You can even add broccoli and then stir fry it with white vinegar and soy sauce. Remove the squid and dip it in lemon juice before mixing it in the salad.

4. Som Tum:

The som tum is another version of a special Thai salad which is especially for the vegetarian lovers. The main ingredient here along with others is papaya. Start off with a sweet and sour baby corn soup and then fry the papaya, green tomatoes, onion, cabbage and green beans in chili flakes and sesame sweet and sour sauce. Add the salad mix into the soup and serve.

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5. Thai Chicken Cakes:

The name itself is inquisitive enough but unlike other cakes, here this is a savory dish with sweet and sour chili sauce that is added to the chicken cakes. To start off throw the boiled boneless chicken pieces into a mixer along with sweet corn, garlic, ginger, coriander and bell peppers. You can even add capsicum and onions to the mix. By now the chicken should be finely blended. Cake this mixture and then fry it in olive oil and sweet and spicy sauce.

6. Spicy Beef Salad:

Roast the beef to a medium rare and then cut it into small easy pieces. Now for the salad cut in some cabbage and lettuce. Spinach is a good choice too. The other ingredients here can be capsicum, spring onions, red onions and boiled potato. Now add the spearmint, oregano and lime juice along with dried chili and mix in the beef.

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7. Zesty Chicken Meatball:

Start by dipping the chicken into lime juice and then stir fry it in sweet and sour chicken. Now add breadcrumbs, lime juice, oregano and chili, garlic powder blend it all together. Now dip the chicken in tangy soy sauce and blend it as well. Now mix all in a ball and deep fry it.

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8. Spinach Bites:

You never knew a simple spinach can be tasty like this. Make a paste of lime, chili, ginger and shallot and add a dash of caster sugar to it. Pour one spoon of vinegar on the mix. Now on a plate lay out the spinach leaves and then put the mixture on the leaves. this is a good starter dish.


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