Don’t Starve Yourself!

There are women who know a wedding is coming, and gradually begin to starve themselves until the big day. This isn’t a good idea. In all likelihood, you’ll be engaged within a year of your wedding.

You may want to lose some weight, sure. You may want to diet, granted. But refraining from eating anything will leave your body no choice to but gobble up the fatty deposits in your brain, and then you’ll be less capable of thinking during difficult situations.

Ideally, you can eat foods that aren’t filled with chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or other unnatural foodstuffs. You want non-GMO, natural options combined with natural activity. Working out to excess can be a problem, but you’ll have to continuously push yourself until you reach your ideal goal.

Certainly you can reach targets without exercising, or without dieting; combining the two makes the most sense in terms of reaching your fullest flourish. With that in mind, several additional strategies will be explored to help you look how you want to on the big day.

Specific Eating Strategies:

You probably already know what to avoid: carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. But not all carbs, sweets, and fatty foods are bad for you. Those which are synthetic definitely are, those which are natural can be fine in moderation. The key to health is a balanced diet that includes amounts of everything your body needs. Vitamins, minerals, energy, and protein are all considerable.

Start the day off with something strong and full of fiber, like oatmeal—don’t go to wild on the sugar. Perhaps use honey instead, or no sweetening agent if you’re such a hard case. After that, go on a brief run. At lunch, have some fruits, vegetables, and mineral-rich toast. If you eat meat, deli meats are a good way to go; don’t get food that’s too overly processed. Alternatively, legumes, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and the like can be worth considering. Go for one more run in the evening after these meals.

You might also skip lunch and hold your big meal till after the second workout that night. Here’s the thing: if you burn 2,000 calories in terms of exercise every day, then you can eat that much and not gain weight. In fact, your body burns more calories recovering than what you lose specifically from exercise. This means burning 2,000 calories a day allows you to eat right up to the limit and still reduce your weight.

As a lady, you likely don’t require as many calories as 2,000 daily. You can see the same effects without substantial discomfort at 1,000 calories a day. Consult your physician to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk through overzealous ambition.

Wardrobe And Cosmetic Considerations:

Something else you may want to do as you prepare for your big day may involve specific wardrobe choices designed to give you and your bridesmaids the most pure and attractive appearance. Also, if you have managed to lose a lot of weight, there’s no harm in showing that off! They say a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day; maximize this opportunity!

You could match a short bridal gown with short bridesmaid dresses, or provide contrast between bride and bridesmaids; go with whichever options best fit your designs for the day. Many brides also like to consider today’s cosmetic options, such as breast implants. Just don’t do the foolish thing and acquire such augmentation without letting your spouse-to-be know.

Looking Your Best On What May Be Your Best Day:

A wedding ceremony is supposed to be a joyful occasion that stands out in a person’s life. Prepare for yours, and you’ll see your dreams met and even exceeded in some ways. Certainly better days might come, but they might not.

Finally, not all weddings go as planned. But if you consider things like diet, exercise, wardrobe, and cosmetic options before the big day, you’re more likely to see things go how you had intended, and you’re certainly better suited to handle unexpected difficulties.


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