A theatre curtain is a big hanging cloth which is used as a divider between the audience and the stage. It rises at the beginning of the act and closes in the middle of the act and at the end. It can be said that it restricts the audience from viewing the activities undergone before the act gets started. Theatre curtain needs to be thick enough and they are mostly plain. Theatre curtains are not fancy type. It should be modest and sober in look.

Marvelous & Modern Designs of Theatre Curtains For House:

Get these cool top 9 theatre curtains with images which you surely like them.

1. Puppet Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

It is a highly appreciable theatre curtain hung while undergoing a puppet show. The top portion and below portion have multicolour stripes and the middle one is a plain pink curtain. The red beaded string is placed on the curtain which looks nice. This is best for kids’ rooms too.

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2. Standard Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

It is a home theatre curtain used when you have built a theatre system at your home. It is a large curtain for a big screen. The red curtain is decorated with a silver colour frill border attached to it. On the upper curtain, there are frill layers.

3. Crimson Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This red theatre curtain is for the mini-theatre. It seems like it is of velvet material. Below the curtain, there is a golden colour border with a broad and thin pattern. On top, there are red colour curtain panels affixed one after another.

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4. Background Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: Shutterstock

This theatre stage curtain is mostly used during opera shows. This big theatre has having vintage style design. This is a printed curtain suitable for performance. This curtain is used as background when artists are performing their acts.

5. Customized Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

It is theatre room curtains hanging beside the theatre screen. Comfortable seats are also placed in this room to enjoy a greater visual set-up. The curtain colour matches with flooring and ceiling colour. It is a large curtain for a big room.

6. Drape Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

It is a wide red theatre curtain with a valance style. The red valance is tough with golden thread work and a frill border. The inner side red plain curtain is also embellished with golden work on the bottom. The whole theme of this theatre is based on red colour.

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7. Movie Screen Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This red velvet theatre curtain is draped in cinema halls and movie theatres. The curtain has having boat-like stitch style. It looks like clouds are falling from the sky. This velvet curtain is thick fabric creating darkness inside the theatre.

8. Blue Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This new curtain theatre is blue. The whole curtain is thick and simple. The outer curtain is hung in a panel way and it is tied with a belt on both sides. The blue curtain gives brightness to the theatre and creates a glaring atmosphere.

9. Manual Operated Theatre Curtain:

Image Source: tradeindia

It is a velvet closed theatre curtain. These curtains are manually operated. This curtain has a lot of thickness. A person will move this curtain to open and close it. There are two yellow borders on this red curtain. On top, there is yellow frill fabric attached.

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The use of theatre curtain is to conceal the audience from the theatre. It can be operated with a remote or can be manually operated too. Earlier manpower was needed to manage the operation of the curtain. But now it is done with the use of technology. You just need to pass a command. Theatre curtains are constructed from big and wide fabrics.


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