Do you have patchiness in the beard? Or, is your beard bitty and very uneven? Well, worry not! You are not alone; many men often suffer from having a perfect masculine look through a thick beard. But know this – thin beard styles and looks are also feasible! The new-age fashion era came up with a range of styles and looks, and the new trend is sporting the ordinary thin beard issue with confidence and style.

Today, we are here to sum up, and take you along on how to style thin facial hair for men and boys. From goatee to patchy beard to unique styles and looks, the thin beard indeed can look good too!

Top 10 Beard Styles for Thin Beard Hair 2023:

Here we go, we have compiled how to sport and style the best of a thin mustache with a beard in several ways. From long to short beard facial hair, patchy looks, and more, we have you covered!

1. Thin Goatee Styles:

Tell us one man who hasn’t tried or wanted to try a goatee?! It is one evergreen and globally popular beard style for men. And luckily, if you have a thin beard, a goatee is both stylish, apt, and best for you. The goatee beard looks sleek and contemporary, perfect for a youthful, stylish, and modern bold appearance. What do you think?

2. Short Anchor Beard:

Here is another beautiful option. The anchor beard is perfect for men across age groups and looks sassy and stylish. Even for those with patchy facial hair and very thin beard hair concerns, the modern anchor beard style is good to go. Yet, it looks perfect and on point. If you have an oblong or oval face shape, you are probably perfect too! This is our favorite long thin beard styles.

3. Light Stubble:

The stubble beard is a vintage and classic beard style option for men. It is perfect for younger to middle age grouped boys and men. This is one such example, giving away with the handsome look and cool style statement. It is ideal if you have thin beard hair concerns and can easily cover it up with such a great beard style. What do you think?

4. Short Boxed Beard:

This is the new trend that is entirely going on. This short boxed beard is perfect if you have beard think hair, or even bald spots in beard or short hair. It gives a baby beard look yet looks unique and very trendy. Especially if you are willing to have a light manly look, this appearance is perfect. Isn’t this beard styles for thin hair cool?

5. Thin Chin Strap Beard:

This is a variant of chinstrap beard, custom made for men who have thinning hair concerns near facial hair. This chin strap beard is contemporary and versatile, perfect for various occasions and men across age groups. It gives a youthful and more refreshing look seamlessly with bright hues and contemporary trends. If you have a square, round and oval face shape, it is ideal too.

6. Chin Beard:

However, the chin beard is a form and variant of goatee in a much shorter and unique manner. This is one such example of how you can experiment with the chin beard. This facial hairstyle is perfect for men and boys who love to experiment with new looks and trends. What do you think of this very thin beard?

7. Soul Patch:

Did you ever hear of soul patch? If not, it is high time! The soul patch beard can be done in several variations, all depending on your preference and tastes for looks. This is one such example, and you can even try others with a light must ache, a small strap look below soul patch, and more. This is the most simple and easy short thin beard style to care too!

8. Rough Thin Patchy Beard Styles:

Well, you can call it a natural look, but you got to agree, it does look masculine and sexy! Don’t you? The rough patchy beard look basically trims and grooms your existing beard well and adds a little style by applying beard oil or wax. That is it; it is easy, simple, natural, and yet unique and hot!

9. Contour Short Beard:

This new style is coming up, contouring and shaping up your rough patchy beard with short facial hair and flaunting it with style. Do you like it? Well, we immensely love the way it appears. It is ideal for men with oval and long face shapes and those who like informal and casual day-style statements.

10. Mutton Chops Beard:

You might be wondering, isn’t mutton chops beard style supposed to be rough, thick, and very bold? Yes, there are new variations too, you should know. Just like goatee has hundred other styles, mutton chops too do! Here are one such men’s mutton chops beard style with patchy and unique short facial hair. This one all depends on how you style and pull the look off, and we immensely love this beard style for a thin beard!

Having A Thin Beard: Pros And Cons

Well, we have seen the most popular variations and beard styles possible for you. How about knowing a few advantages and disadvantages of flaunting a thin patchy beard style too?


  • Very easy to maintain
  • Hardly any time taking
  • Easy to do style options and variations
  • Can change beard styles often
  • Fewer concerns of beard hair (such as dandruff, we don’t like it right)


  • Spots or hair loss
  • Patchy feel
  • No fullness or heavy facial hair

Can I Make My Beard Appear Fully Despite Having A Thin Beard?

We all drool for the perfect masculine appearance and sexy looks. who doesn’t! After seeing a few pros and cons of having thin facial hair, here is one way out. How to make beard hair appear fuller yet natural? We have some tricks too!

  • Applying beard balms regularly
  • Castor oil can be a real advantage!
  • Trimming hair regularly
  • Shaved and clean neckline

We hope you truly enjoyed knowing how to style and look forward to thin beard styles. Do you, too, have a thin beard? If so, what are you thinking of trying out? Let us know your thoughts too; we love to hear from you!


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