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Are you excited to get a tattoo? Irrespective of the number of times you have got a tattoo, whether it is your first or the 100th, there are some things you need to do before getting a tattoo engraved. We have put together a complete guide of the things to do before getting a tattoo, making the process much easier. Whether to illustrate an inside joke you have with your friends or a touching tribute to a loved one, most tattoos have a story behind them. Although the underlying reason might not be required, you can always pick a tattoo that summarizes the meaning.

By following the essential things to do before getting a tattoo mentioned in this article, you will not only have a memorable experience. Still, you will not regret the permanent tattoo you engraved on your body. Even if you are a tattoo veteran who has had many tattoos, taking a few necessary precautions is always vital. Let us go through this article to learn more detailed information. Read on!

Top 11 Things To Do Before Getting A Tattoo:

Here is the list of things you need to keep in mind before you wish to get a tattoo engraved:

1. What You Want:

Before you set up a consultation with a tattoo artist, it is essential to have your core idea fleshed out. For example, you will have to decide on a font if you choose the letter; you can also save up an image you love to get a tattoo. The look of the tattoo depends on several factors, such as:

  • The feasibility of the tattoo placement.
  • How much body would you want to use for the tattoo?
  • Tattoo placement.

2. Style:

You can figure out how you want your tattoo to look once you have decided what you want tattooed. Instagram is a perfect place where you can find tons of images posted by renowned artists. In addition, there are several tattooing styles available you can incorporate into your tattoo. The popular types of tattooing include:

  • American traditional.
  • Traditional Japanese.
  • Illustrative.
  • Realism.
  • Minimalism or geometric.
  • Neo-traditional.

3. Colour Of The Tattoo:

The colour palette depends on the tattoo style you choose. However, you can work with the artist to create something suitable for you. That said, your skin tone also determines the colour of the tattoo and what type of colours you can use. For example, red and purple pigments for fairer skin tones look more vibrant along with white ink. Whereas darker colours like red and royal blue look goon on the darker skin tones. Therefore, choose the colour per your skin tone and your personal choice.

4. Location And Size Of The Tattoo:

The size of the tattoo you want to get often depends on where you want to get it. To get the right idea about the pros and cons of the sizing and location of the tattoo, you can talk to your artist about your expectations from the tattoo. Unfortunately, they start blurring over time, however slick and bright your new tattoo looks. Therefore it is essential to know where and how visible you want your tattoo to be.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep:

When you plan to go for your tattoo session, you must not be entirely exhausted to have a peaceful session. However, if you want to be alert and in tune with your body, it is imperative to be well-rested. This is because you must be able to read your body’s signals to react appropriately as you get tattooed. Therefore, try to get to bed as early as possible to wake up fresh and relaxed. You don’t want to feel tired and yawn through the entire tattoo session.

6. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water and staying hydrated are essential before you get a tattoo. We all must have had a day when one glass of water can help us feel much better and go on. Drinking 8 oz of glasses of water can help your body in the best shape, especially before getting a tattoo. Hydrated skin makes the tattooing process much smoother for you and the artist than dehydrated skin. It also improves the healing process much more manageable. You can also keep a water bottle during your session if you didn’t have a chance to drink a good amount of water before the session.

7. Make Sure To Shave:

It is time to get your razor out if the area where you are getting to get a tattoo contains hair. Shaving twice or thrice a week is recommended before getting a tattoo so that the site is well-prepared for the artist to work on. But before you proceed with your tattoo session, make sure there is no irritation or cuts or razor burns. If you want to go for the waxing way, ensure enough time for your skin to heal after getting the area to get the tattoo healed.

Exfoliation is yet another aspect of tattoo preparation many of us tend to forget. However, this process helps reduce the workload on your pores by moisturizing them thoroughly.

8. Don’t Forget To Shower:

Although there is no need to mention it, showering is necessary before you go for a tattoo session. However, even if you are a clean person and bathe every day, keep your body as clean and odour-free as possible before getting a tattoo. This is because tattooing opens up the skin and creates minor cuts; therefore, it is best to keep your skin as clean as possible.

9. Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Even though moisturizing your skin is essential, make sure not to moisturize your skin on the day you get a tattoo. This is because you don’t want any issues with your skin, tattoo machine, ink or needle. Instead, try a moisturizer that suits your skin type and choose one carefully. Make sure to moisturize your skin for 5 to 7 days before your tattoo session once or twice a day. If you have your appointment during the winter, ensure you are more attentive to your skin.

10. Take Snacks With You:

It might not be a good move to show up to your tattoo appointment starving. You will not be able to sit through the more extended session when you don’t have energy. Your body will be able to deal with the needle mentally and physically with a balanced and healthy meal. This will help you avoid the risk of passing out from exhaustion by avoiding getting light-headed.

You can also take snacks to your appointments if you have low blood sugar or need to be fed regularly. For example, for you to help with the 6 to 8-hour sessions, having a fruit, granola bar, or cookies can be helpful!

11. Dress Appropriately:

It is essential to wear comfortable clothing during and after a tattoo session. For example, while getting tattooed, you don’t want to wear restrictive jeans or a dress shirt. Loose clothing will help you adjust your position if you become uncomfortable. They also ensure you don’t get itchy randomly. Loose clothing also provides the tattoo artist easy access to the area you want to get tattooed.

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If you are itching to get a new tattoo, don’t decide right away. Instead, sit down and make sure you research as much as possible before you finalize your decision. Customer care ensures you choose a place that follows all the precautionary measures and doesn’t cut corners. We hope this article will help you prepare yourself, knowing what you must do before getting a tattoo. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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