From weddings and functions to festivities and overall traditional look and appearances, one cannot miss out on wearing bangles. Be it sarees or dresses and churidars, bangles indeed add a tone of feminine and festive looks. The latest trend here is the all-new thread bangles set. These thread bangles are gaining popularity in recent years, given the elegant and sophisticated look and smooth plush appearance and design. Today, we are going to cover all about the lovely thread work bangles. They are the hit of the season, and we bet you don’t want to miss them out.

Latest Models of Thread Bangles along with Images:

We have worked around bringing you the utmost beautiful, classy, and latest thread bangles designs and models. These thread bangles are generally made with silk threads rolling around plain bangles to give them a detailed and charming look. Several designs and models are within them, such as basic thread bangles designs or those with beads, sequins, or crystals. Let us know all about these churi and chudi designs today with images.

1. Kundan Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Kundan’s! These gorgeous designs and attachments are favourite to many girls and women. Right from accessories, necklaces, and bangles, kundans indeed add a sense of elegance and charm to the overall style statement. How about the gorgeous kundan thread bangles? They are one of our personal favourites; check them out!

  • Design: Red Kundan Thread Bangles in Floral Design
  • Occasion: Parties, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are versatile, can be added with sarees, lehengas, and long dresses too.

2. Plain Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

If you love simplicity or are looking for bangles in everyday use and purpose, how about these colourful plain thread bangles? We bet they are apt and perfect. These stunning and elegant bangles are good to go for a range of occasions and events!

  • Design: Colorful Plain Thread Bangles Without Any Patterns
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: From kurtis and dresses to salwar sets, these are perfect for everyday styling.

3. Silver and Black Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Monochrome designs, black and white combination! Who doesn’t love this vibe? These silver and black-toned thread bangles are one such perfect beautiful combination. If you love plush and grandeur style most simply and elegantly, this is an ideal match for you. They come with tiny white beads and add beauty to them.

  • Design: Silver and Black Thread Bangles with White Beads
  • Occasion: Festivities, Parties
  • Style Tip: These ones are good for contemporary wear and design, in long maxi dresses and clothes.

4. Thread Bangles with Earrings:

Source: Instagram

How about these matching thread bangles with earrings? We bet they are gorgeous and sleek! These purple-toned thread bangles come with a simple design and small kundan stone attachments, a few pieces. Overall, they add a sense of plush looks with simplicity and feminine statement seamlessly.

  • Design: Thread Bangles with Attachments and Matching Earrings
  • Occasion: Festivities
  • Style Tip: Add them with lehengas and simple sarees for a beautiful look.

5. Magam Work Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Evoke the south Indian culture and style in you with these embroidered intricate Magam work bangles. This beautiful and mesmerizing design bangle set is perfect for plush and grandeur looks, right from weddings to large-scale occasions. These are among the most trending variety right now, even for bridal looks.

  • Design: Gold and Red Color Toned Magam Work Bangles
  • Occasion: Bridal, Weddings, Occasions
  • Style Tip: These are perfect with pattu saree and other traditional wear sarees.

6. Thread Bangles with Mirrors:

Source: Instagram

Are you a fan of mirror work? How do you love the beautiful mirror style accessories? These thread bangles with mirrors are the perfect pick trending right now. You can find them in a range of colours, from yellow as shown in the picture to red, green, black, and gold-toned. They are versatile in looks and are ideal for women who prefer vintage and classic styles.

  • Design: Yellow Mirror Work Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Simple Occasions, Festivities
  • Style Tip: These are good for sarees, Anarkali dresses, and lehengas too.

7. Handcrafted Thread Bangles with Stones:

Source: Instagram

We even have other designs with the stone and embellished work thread bangles. We absolutely love this gorgeous piece with style and elegance. Whether you love a vintage look or a casual contemporary vibe with a feminine statement piece, these indeed add a good glow!

  • Design: Yellow Stone Embellished Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Festivities, Functions
  • Style Tip: These bangles are good on half sarees and dresses.

8. Festive Color-Blocked Bangles Set:

Source: Instagram

This yellow and pink colour combination thread bangles set is indeed among the most desired looks right now. This comes with intricate detailing and designs with crystal stones and overall with fancy and plush looks. Check this out, and you will indeed fall in love with this one.

  • Design: Yellow and Pink Design Crystal Stone Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Parties, Receptions
  • Style Tip: These are good with contemporary Indian ethnic wear designs and dresses.

9. Golden Crystal and Kundan Thread Bangles Set:

Source: Instagram

Here come a festive wear gold-toned thread bangles set, with crystal stones and kundan attachments. These big-sized bangles are perfect for mixing and matching with other thin thread bangles in different colours. These are perfect for bringing on a traditional vibe and look.

  • Design: Gold Colour kundan and crystal thread bangles set
  • Occasion: Bridal, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are a perfect match with pattu sarees.

10. Handmade Leaf Design Thread Bangles Set:

Source: Instagram

Floral and leaf designs are among the most common yet popular voted design categories for women across age groups. We love this maroon-toned leaf embellished thread bangles set. These handmade silk thread bangles and Kada are perfect for younger age group women who love looks and styles with embellishments and grandeur style statements.

  • Design: Maroon Color Toned Leaf Design Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Festivals, Functions
  • Style Tip: Lehengas, sarees are perfect with these beautiful design intricate thread bangles.

11. Silk Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Let us begin with the most classy and yet simple and elegant design. These blue colour silk thread bangles with abstract designs are fancy as well as charming. It is pretty casual, suitable for everyone, and is versatile too. If you want to begin with the silk thread bangles designs, this can be a good choice. If not blue colour, this can also be found and customised in different colours.

  • Design: Blue Color Silk Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Festivities, Casual
  • Style Tip: Wear them with churidar sets and anarkalis for an elegant look.

12. Thread Bangles with Names:

Source: Instagram

We have the silk thread bangles engraved with customised names designs too. Here is one such example. These are handmade thread bangles that are perfect for weddings and grandeur occasions, especially for the bride. They bring on a sense of charm and grace with style and feminine, traditional personalised looks. What do you think? These are among the latest new thread bangles design.

  • Design: Silk Thread Bangles with Customized Names in Colors
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are ideal for wearing with traditional pattu sarees.

13. Designer Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Who doesn’t like designer stuff? After all, we women love such intricate, beautifully designed bangles and accessories. These designer thread bangles are among our favourites, worked around with kundan stones and intricate designing. Ideally, the blue and black shaded silk thread is used to bring on the plush vibe to these bangles.

  • Design: Designer Silk Thread Bangles with Kundan Stones
  • Occasion: Receptions, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These bangles are perfect with sarees, half sarees, and lehengas.

14. Bridal Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

The south Indian brides have a sense of timeless classic design bridal wear bangles, similar in most cases. We even have thread bangles in a similar pattern, and here is one such example. These bridal thread bangles come with colours of choice with stones attached to them. These thread jewellery bangles look traditional and perfect for weddings.

  • Design: Bridal Thread Bangles with Stones
  • Occasion: Weddings and Pre-wedding Festivities
  • Style Tip: Sarees and half-sarees are perfect for this style statement.

15. Thread Bangles with Pearls:

Source: Instagram

We are in love with this gorgeous bold colour thread bangles with pearl attachments. These thread bangles with pearls are exquisite and charming for women who love elegant, simple, and unique designs. Check them out, and you too will love them!

  • Design: Red Thread Bangles with Pearls
  • Occasion: Casual, festivities and functions
  • Style Tip: These bangles are ideal for matching churidars, anarkalis, and salwar sets.

16. Single Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Are you looking for something straightforward and everyday purpose? Here are the single-thread bangles you might have come across. This red colour model comes with silver-toned tiny attachments to add to the style and overall appearance. The thread bangles design is perfect for women across age groups and is versatile in use too.

  • Design: Red Color Single Thread Bangles
  • Occasion: Everyday
  • Style Tip: These can be worn with casual-looking outfits such as kurtas and salwar.

17. Multi Colour Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Are you searching for something versatile and suitable for different colours of outfits and dresses? How about these multicolour thread bangles to match the day? This particular model is perfect and right, ideal for matching with a range of outfits and shades. It comes with beads and stones attachments to bring on a contemporary vibe and elegant style.

  • Design: Multi-Colour Thread Bangles with Beads and Stone Attachments
  • Occasion: Festivities
  • Style Tip: Dresses, salwars, and sarees.

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18. Thread Bangles for Baby Girl:

Source: Instagram

The baby girls and infants look lovely and adorable in bangles too. These green colour tiny thread bangles for baby girls are perfect to match their cuteness and little hands. Whether you have a festivity coming in, celebrations, or any event, try these with lovely attachments and embellishments; we bet your baby will appear mesmerising.

  • Design: Green Color Thread Baby Girl Bangles with Crystal Embellishment Attachments
  • Occasion: Festivities, Events
  • Style Tip: Pattu Wear.

19. Resham Thread Bangles:

Source: Instagram

Have you ever heard and come across Resham thread bangles? These beautiful-looking ones are perfect if you do not want a too simple look or design on you. The resham thread themselves add on a sense of elegance and plush look immensely, and definitely, these bangles are much shinier. This particular Resham thread bangles set is one such look. How do you like it?

  • Design: Resham Thread Bangles with Crystals and Attachments
  • Occasion: Functions
  • Style Tip: Lehengas, sarees, and long dresses are perfect.

20. Woolen Thread Bangles with Latkan:

Source: Instagram

There is nothing like the woolen thread bangles for those women who love unique looks or are inspired by North Indian cultural wear. This particular design is itself mesmerising and lovely. They are perfect for festive looks with sizzling stunning and overall exotic appearances.

  • Design: Woolen Thread Bangles with Latkan Design
  • Occasion: Festivities, Functions
  • Style Tip: Salwars, Patialas, and dresses are perfect for bringing a good vibe to these models.

21. Ribbon Thread Bangles:

Many bangles are first wrapped in silk thread and then crossed over in a pattern with coordinating ribbons to give it a traditional look. The ribbons may also be in gold or silver colour. This lends a richer look to the bangles. Ribbon thread bangles are colourful and used for weddings, engagements etc.

22. Designer Bangles By Using Thread:

Among the thread, bangle models are designer bangles that are now very popular. These are normally custom made to suit particular customers’ needs. According to your outfits, you can get a designer bangle set that works well. If the outfit is blue, the set may include blue silk thread bangles and silver or gold bangles. This way, you can mix and match the bangles from different sets too.

23. Bead Work Thread Bangles:

Silk thread bangles also include beadwork to make the sets more unique. The bangles are wrapped in silk thread, and then the last line is combined with a line of tiny golden beads. This complete look provides not only colour from the threads but also richness from the golden beads.

24. Charms Thread Bangles:

A unique twist to silk thread bangles is made using charms. These are a set of silk thread bangles that are joined together using a string of charms. The charms may have balls or other thread work hanging from them. The charms feel light, and they have a quirky effect on the whole set of the bangles.

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25. Square or Hexagon Thread Bangles:

The modern woman needs something unique and away from tradition. These square or hexagon thread bangles are something that young kids and girls favour. These are so classy that you can pair them with jeans too. Square thread bangles are normally in one colour. These will be bright green, pink, yellow, red, etc., with most young girls’ outfits. The hexagon bangles add a twist to the simple square ones. They are quite a rage and used by the college-going crowd.

26. Zig Zag Weaving Thread Work Bangle:

Again something modern and classy is the zigzag pattern that is used on the bangles. This thread bangles latest designs have complementary colours that are woven in the zigzag fashion. These can be worn over jeans or even paired with your latest salwar set.

27. Button Thread Bangle Designs:

This is a cute design that incorporates buttons in the thread bangles. Kids usually use these. They can be paired with their favourite outfits. Kids love the effect of buttons on any item, and these button thread bangles are the best. They are so colourful that all kids are attracted to these button bangles. Each button is threaded in a quirky way, apart from the simple threading done on shirts.

28. Checker Style Thread Bangle:

This is a style that is used by not only the kids but also adults. It combines the checkered style thread work along with beads or stones. They are usually made in complementary colours that work well for Indian outfits. The checker style thread bangles are a new contemporary look. They are made in wider bangles so that the checker pattern is at least four rows and the pattern is visible.

29. Silk Thread Bells Bangles:

Thread work bangles look elegant when they have the Indian design work on them. These include bells that hang from the bangles. It is especially used for weddings, etc., where the bride wears the wedding set. These silk thread bangles are beautiful and look best for our Indian attire.

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30. Contemporary Thread Bangles:

The modern woman needs some items of jewellery that look good for her outfits. These include jeans, dresses etc. At the same time, the modern woman also would like to pair her modern designer outfit with a little traditional look. These contemporary thread bangles provide just the right touch of tradition. They give the right colour to an outfit and make it look classy.

The thread bangles come in various types and models. These images of thread bangles provide an insight into the various types that are available in the market. It helps you to judge what will best suit your outfit. Take a pick from silk, bead work, designer, button, zigzag, contemporary, woven, pearl, neon and stone. All of these types of thread bangles give you the option to choose the best. Pair it with your traditional outfit, go modern and classy, and pair it with a t-shirt and jeans.

Even dresses are best suited to use this lovely jewellery. So make the most of this Indian jewellery item that is now both traditional and modern. And make it your style. Thread bangle designs are a great addition to your jewellery collection. It completes the set with earrings, necklaces and rings. It is great for kids, young girls and adults. There are so many types to choose from, and each type offers a rich look to your outfit.


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