Did you know thumb tattoos are affordable masterpieces in existence? Although yes, not many want to get something permanently. This is where the thumb Mehndi design comes in as a perfect alternative. You can actualize the insane attractiveness these gorgeous thumb Mehendi designs provide beautifully onto your thumb, irrespective of gender. The Mehndi designs range from simplistic to extensive patterns you can embrace per your preference.

Without further ado, go through this article for some unique designs you can incorporate onto your thumbs. Read on!

10 Unique Thumb Mehndi Designs:

We have listed the best thumb Mehndi designs suitable for people of all ages and genders.

1. Back Thumb Mehndi Design:

This beautiful thumb mehendi design combines multiple patterns creating an exceptional output. The lower part of the design has curves starting from a bigger one to a smaller one. At the same time, the upper part of the thumb is filled with small rectangles which look like bricks stacked. Finally, the central area is filled with broad mesh, which ends the thumb mehndi design beautifully. Though the design fills your thumb, you can add elements of your own to make it a customized option.

2. Thumb Henna Tattoo:

This is another arabic thumb mehndi design design with a mesh design in the central area of the thumb. Again, the nail part of the thumb is left empty, where you can apply nail polish. Regarding mehndi patterns, the lower part of the thumb has a flower with little leaves hanging from the blossom. The flower and the hangings resemble a dreamcatcher. All the other elements between the mesh and the flower are filled with vertical lines, creating perfect synergy.

3. Mehendi Design For Thumb With A Feather:

A feather is a perfect way to represent your free and daring personality. You can do the same by getting it done in the form of a mehndi design. The highlight of this mehndi design is the feather tied up around the thumb with the help of dotted lines. The combination of dotted lines and broad lines for the leaves creates a perfect synergy in complimenting each other while blending.

4. Simple Mehndi Design Thumb:

If you are looking for simplicity in your thumb mehendi designs, this one can be an ideal choice. In this pattern, the wearer has covered the upper part of the thumb entirely, leaving out the nail part. As a result, the lower part of the thumb has a one-sided flower in addition to swirls and dangling leaf motifs. However, the lower and upper features of the designs are combined with the addition of vertical dotted lines. As a result, ample space between all the elements makes the design even more appealing.

5. Stylish Thumb Mehndi Design:

If a style is what you want in mehndi designs, this pattern can be a perfect choice. The design is simple: the floral prints are formed with empty spaces retained after filling the pingertips with henna. The central area of the thumb has a flower with leaves on either side which looks beautiful. The final element which adds style to the entire mehendi design is the lines which look similar to a hanging chandelier. This mehendi design is effortless to replicate and doesn’t take time to finish.

6. Traditional Mehndi Designs for Left Hand Thumb:

Suppose you want to represent the authenticity of the traditional elements around you. In that case, this mehndi design can be an appropriate option. This mehndi design is filled with small floral patterns in different sizes. In addition, the central area of the thumb has a semi-circle pattern which is further filled with intricate elements. Furthermore, the lowest part of the thumb has dangling flowers, which complete the design beautifully.

7. Detailed Henna Designs For The Insides Of The Thumb:

This detailed henna mehendi design is ideal for people who want to fill their hands with patterns on the inside to create a stand-out result. The curved lines across the thumb’s interiors are filled with small and cute floral motifs in the boundary of dotted lines, creating a secure feeling design. If you wish, you can further the design to the entire palm.

8. Arabic Thumb Mehndi Design:

Floral artwork, paisleys and free-flowing diagonal trails are the commonly found elements in Arabic mehndi designs. This thumb mehandi design combines flowers, feathers, and cute little curves, forming an elegant finish. The additional benefit of this design is that the nail area is left empty, where you can apply the nail polish you choose. Furthermore, since all the patterns included in this design are made close to each other, it looks gorgeous.

9. Inventive Thumb Mehndi Pattern:

If you want to get inventive and extend the thumb mehendi design to the index finger of your left hand, then this design can work wonders. Both fingers are filled with an extended leaf motif. Both the curvy leaves are connected with the help of a beautiful flower in the centre. From the middle, it looks like the flower extends two leaf vines on both sides, making the tattoo even more special. Though the design looks beautiful, you can add elements of your choice to make it a customized pattern.

10. Henna Designs For Thumb:

This thumb henna design shows us that simple innovations can convey heavy emotions. Unlike the other patterns, this design’s upper part is left empty in contrast to the lower part, filled with prints made with lines. In addition, each line has a dot added to the end, creating an exceptional ending to the simple design. From one angle, this design looks like a minar, and the combination of lines and dots is enough to make a memorable mehndi design.


We have several more options for thumb Mehndi designs which are included in this article. Additionally, you can always make additions to make the designs more personal. For example, you can get the signature of your loved one for impact. Go through the list of designs that will make you choose the right one. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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