Tattoos, for some people, are more than just symbolic and decorative. Some people use tattoos to showcase their spiritual nature; Tibetan Tattoo is one example. These tattoo designs are usually the teaching of Lord Buddha that people get engraved on their bodies. Tibetans and Buddhists are known to indulge in meditation; thus, their life is dedicated to God’s service.

Best Tibetan Tattoo Designs With Images:

Let us find out how people showcase their dedication toward their God through tattoos.

1. Traditional Tibetan Tattoo:

Tibetan calligraphy is becoming very common these days, and that’s why more and more people are getting inclined toward Tibetan script Tattoos for their uniqueness and individuality. Most preferable to men’s, this one looks good for men’s forearms.

2. Colorful Tibetan Tattoo:

The colourful Tibetan tattoo means life and fertility, while some believe it symbolizes grace, nature, beauty and liberty. Women usually prefer colourful tattoos.

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3. Tibetan Tattoo for Men:

Men usually prefer skull tattoos. The Tibetan Skull Tattoo is a manly tattoo that symbolizes life and death and represents intelligence and consciousness.

4. Spiritual Tibetan Tattoo:

Spiritual tattoos create a connection and a bond between your body and soul. The Tibetan Om tattoo is a favourite among spiritual folks. Spiritual tattoos have a lot of significance, and it holds their importance since time immemorial.

5. Girl’s Favorite Tibetan Tattoo:

Now a day, the girls also do not shy away from putting up a tattoo or showing it to the world. Tibetan letters tattoo is a favourite among girls. Various letters in the Tibetan language come in different meanings. You can design your tattoos or ask a tattoo artist to design one.

6. Personalized Tibetan Tattoo:

Many people prefer the Tibetan Sanskrit tattoo, but there is no such thing as Tibetan Sanskrit since they are two different languages. It is a Sanskrit word written in Tibetan font and style. This is why it is hugely popular among people. Young girls prefer this style; they like to try this design on the back. For show-off, this one pattern looks cool manner.

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7. Symbolic Tibetan Tattoo:

In Tibetan Culture, there are 8 major Tibetan symbols which have a lot of importance. In the picture, you will see Eternal Knot, which is now used as a Tibetan Symbol tattoo by many.

8. Tibetan Body Tattoo:

Another major category is body tattoos. People get tattoos inked on their bodies like Buddha, Mandala, etc. Tibetan word tattoos are one of them. They can be mixed with various hymns and Chants. They display your commitment as they will be in your body for a long time.

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9. Lotus Tibetan Tattoo:

Flowers are the commonest of all designs. The Tibetan tattoo in the creation of a lotus represents mental and spiritual enlightenment, also a much deeper meaning as the Lotus blooms in Mud. Still, Gods get happiness if Lotus adorns them.

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You can get a Tibetan writing tattoo as a mantra, hymn, symbol or script. You can customize them as per your requirement and decide the placing. These tattoos come with a wide collection of symbols, scripts or some mantras, too, so be sure about your choice and get your unique tattoo in Tibetan style. This tattoo surely looks beautiful and shall blow off the mind of an onlooker.

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