A lot of people like to colour their hair these days. It is like a new fashion statement for all. From bright red to blue to streaks to pink and purple, the colours don’t seem to end. The options and so much that you might be confused as to which one you should take. Depending on your dressing sense, your complexion and shape, you should choose a colour that would compliment your features and flatter your whole self.

But always remind yourself one thing; to stay away from ammonia. It damages your hair and makes it dry, rough and brittle. It will absorb all the moisture and give you a very unappealing appearance. Apart from this, you don’t have much to worry about.

Hair Care Tips for Coloured Hair:

To take good care of your coloured hair, you should refer to this article that gives you a basic idea and understanding on the things you should do in order to retain your glamorous and shiny coloured hair.

No Chemical Treatment:

Before you colour your hair, make sure there is no chemical treatment for about three to four weeks from before. You should take good care of your hair around this time and stay away from dryers, straighteners, curlers and other fancy hair styling products. Brush your hair properly and also drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep it hydrated, fresh and light.

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1. Conditioning:

To keep your coloured hair alive, radiant and beautiful; you should definitely try some conditioning. Mash a banana, some yogurt and an egg in a bowl. Mix well and apply on your hair. Let it stay for another hour. Use a mild shampoo to wash it off. This home remedy is required to your tresses smooth and well conditioned. If you don’t condition, the colour will definitely not settle on your scalp. If you are not sure about your hair routine, you can go to a salon and ask an expert to do your conditioning. Professional help is always way better than doing things at home.

2. Hot Oil Conditioning:

You can use a good amount of coconut or olive oil to massage your hair. This is one of the most famous steps people have used in order to get attractive and glamorous coloured hair. All you will need to do is warm so olive oil and wait for it to come to room temperature. After it has, massage on your scalp for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Be gentle with your finger tips and don’t forget to feel relaxed. This step will bless your hair in abundance.

3. Trim and Blow Drying:

The last thing you want to do to your hair after you have coloured it is blow drying. Let your hair dry naturally. If you want to use, you can try some cool wind setting to make your hair dry. The next thing you should do instead is trimming. Once a month, you should go the parlour and trim the ends of your hair. This will prevent the coming of damage and split ends.

4. No Swimming for a While:

After you have coloured your hair, avoid getting into the pool for the next few weeks. This is because of the chlorine contained in the water that will cause great damage to your hair quality. But if you would still like to swim, wear a swimming cap so that you can give your hair some protection. This is one of the most important steps to follow after the colouring has been done.

5. Shampoo and Conditioning after Colouring:

After you have finished colouring your hair, it is important for you to shampoo it. But make sure the product you use provides protection to the hair colour. These kinds of shampoos will not wash away the colours and help the molecules to settle in a better way. You will also need a good conditioner to balance the moisture in your hair. Since chemicals such as ammonia have been used to colour your hair, you will need to use a conditioner that is colour protecting. Your hair will be shiny and illustrious after this.

6. The Power of Petroleum Jelly:

According to some hair experts, you should try and use a very natural and simple shade while colouring your hair, don’t go for something that is way over the top. But if you are going for colours such as blonde and brown, apply some petroleum jelly on your hair before the application of colour. This will prevent staining and give your hair some natural glow and shine. You can also start a timer when you begin colouring. When it begins to ring, rinse your hair thoroughly till it looks completely neat and clean. Your overall appearance will excel and glam you up completely.

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7. Use Hair Masks:

You will need to use a hair or protein mask to replenish and hydrate your hair after you have coloured hair. Take some banana and honey and mash it. You can also make a paste of eggs and mayo and use it for your benefit. A leave-in conditioner has also been advised. This will protect your hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and make it more manageable and light. Don’t do a hair mask more than do times a week as overdoing might destroy your hair quality.

8. Do a Patch Test:

If you are colouring your hair at home, you should always do a patch test. This will show that you are not allergic to that product. And if you end up noticing some kind of negative reaction, then you might want to change your product. However, before you select a product for yourself anyway, make sure you have consulted a specialist or stylist since they can always give you the best kind of advice. With that, you can never go wrong.


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