Gain weight in 10 days! How is it possible? Don’t worry! This article helps you to gain weight. Having underweight is a symbol of illness otherwise be short of nourishment. In condition, if you want to fit into a beloved dress then by a proper meal, snack planning as well as proper exercises you can quickly increase mass in 10 days. For skinny people weight gain also plays a major role to enhance their beauty. So, read this article carefully.

You have to know that practically you can attain more than 2 to 3 pounds in 10 days, conversely. If you are underweight as well as have a stick figure appearance, then weight gain benefits to put in curves to your body, restore young fatness and attain an attractive personality. At the present time, every individual is so much busy that they have to put in the calories required for strong weight gain. Healthy foods must focus at the same time as this offer you by nutrients essential for the most advantageous energy as well as performance.

Let Us See Some of  The Tips in Detail Here.

  • Avoid drinking water just before the meal or it may give fake indications of being full and cut your appetite.
  • Eat calorie-rich foods as you tend to eat more calories even in smaller portions.
  • Eat more frequently. Gradually increase the number of meals per day.
  • Exercise regularly as it will regularize your metabolism and even give a boost to the metabolism.

How to Put on Weight in 10 Days:

There are several tips that help you to gain weight in only 10 days. Some of them are as follows;

1. Have Extra Calories:

You should consume around 1,000 extra calories each day to increase a smaller amount than half a kilo a week. Your real caloric necessity can fluctuate depending on your height, activity level and weight, as well as your body’s metabolic rate. Select such foods that involve red beets, apricots, cereals, squash, raisins, bananas, dates, beans, corn, potatoes etc. Prefer heavy soups by means of beans or else lentils.

  • What You Need: High-calorie foods such as avocado, baked beans, cheese, butter, cream, eggs, granola etc
  • What You Have To Do: Replace low-calorie foods with high-calorie food items so as to be able to consume at least 1000 calories extra than that required as per your current height and body weight.
  • Why This Works: Consume extra calories than that required by your body will be stored and will show up as an increase in body weight.

2. Eat Extra and More Frequently:

Consume around 3 meals each one day plus the smallest of two great snacks. Enlarge your portions. Put in one extra item to your classic breakfast. Consume slightly extra food throughout every meal. If you are looking for how to gain weight at home in 10 days, have a few granola bars or doughnuts after every meal plus at the same time as a snack.

  • What You Need: Add extra meals to your existing diet plan.
  • What You Have To Do: Consume at least 3 main meals and 2 snacks in a day.
  • Why This Works: Increasing the number of meals each day will gradually add up to the calories consumed and will surpass the daily requirement of calories. Plus eating more frequently each day will slowly grow into a habit and will increase the appetite. This is one of the best tips to gain weight in 10 days for men.

3. Drink Enough Liquids:

Once it comes to raising muscle mass, water intake is the answer. Water is preserved inside the muscle itself, consequently while we don’t drink sufficient water used for the muscle mass the dimension can emerge to reduce. Swallow loads of fluids which provide nutrients as well as calories such as milk, energy drinks and fresh fruit juices. Stay hydrated and drinks with your meals plus in sandwiched between to increase your calorie utilisation.

  • What You Need: Intake 6-8 glasses of liquids each day
  • What You Have To Do: Drink a lot of nutrition and calorie-rich liquids each day such as protein shakes, fresh fruit juices, milk and milkshakes and others.
  • Why This Works: When it comes to gaining muscle weight along with body weight, it is very important that you add sufficient liquids to your diet. Drinking sufficient water will ensure that the dimension of the muscle mass doesn’t get reduced and will keep you hydrated.

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4. Weight Lifting:

To grow weight in 10 days, perform weightlifting because it helps you to twist the extra fat into muscle. Include weightlifting at least 3 times each week in your exercise schedule.

  • What You Need: Weight training
  • What You Have To Do: Include exercise especially weight training in your daily routine at least thrice a week.
  • Why This Works: By doing weight training, the excess fats are converted into muscles. The muscle mass increases which makes the body look bulky and even aid in getting more mass. It is a misconception that skinny people should not be working out. Exercising is very important for everyone as it aids everyone to reach the ideal weight. For skinny people, it works towards gaining mass and for obese it losing fats.

5. Creatine Supplement:

The creatine pills are able to facilitate a number of athletes to gain weight. In order to gain weight in 10 days, creatine pills act as a magic pill. It is very important to consult your doctor before taking the creatine tablet.

  • What You Need: Creatine pills
  • What You Have To Do: For the initial 5-7 days take a loading dose of 20g of Creatine pills which can be split into 4 servings. Later on, a minimal dose of 3-5g of creatine can be continued indefinitely.
  • Why This Works: Creatine works like magic for the ones who are looking to gain weight. It aids people in gaining mass beyond normal levels. For those who have been hunting for How to increase body weight in 10 days, creatine pills are the key. These pills will work like magic to aid in a healthy weight gain.

6. Correct Sleep:

The bulk of muscle renovates as well as develops itself at the same time as we sleep. Therefore, good rest days plus sleep is vital for the growth of muscle mass. So, it is highly recommended to take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

  • What You Need: A sound sleep of 6-8 hours each day
  • What You Have to Do: Follow a routine and sleep for atleast 6-8 hours each day.
  • Why This Works: Just as exercising and other things are important for gaining weight so is regular sleep. In fact, sleep and weight training go hand in hand. You cannot see muscle growth as much as expected if you aren’t sleeping regularly. Are you looking for how to gain weight for females in 10 days, then try sleeping regularly to see the things changing miraculously.

7. Carrot Juice:

For those who are looking for what to eat to gain weight in 10 days, the secret ingredient is carrot juice. Begin each meal with 2 oz. Carrot juice on an empty stomach; otherwise, catch digestive enzymes twenty minutes before meals. The carrot juice motivates the movement moreover enzyme manufactured in your small intestine plus develops nutrient assimilation. Digestive organs offer extra power to soak up entirely the nutrients as well as calories of the food you consume.

  • What You Need: 2-3 carrots
  • What You Have To Do: Prepare a fresh juice of 2-3 carrots and consume it on an empty stomach. Begin your meal with carrot juice.
  • Why This Works: Carrot juice makes the body secrete digestive enzymes and thus increases the appetite. The food consumed after having the carrot juice can be digested properly and thereby aids in weight gain. For the ones looking for how to gain weight in ten days home remedies then this is the best one.

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8. Increase Daily Meals:

If you are looking for how to become fat in 10 days, then the simplest solution is increasing the number of meals per day. By doing this, you will automatically intake the larger number of calories without putting in much effort.

  • What You Need: Increase your number of daily meals to 4-5 meals per day.
  • What You Have To Do: Construct your daily meal schedule in a way that you consume at least 3 full meals and 2 mid snacks.
  • Why This Works: Eating more frequently will add up to the daily calorie consumption in an effortless way. Eat calorie-rich foods to increase weight in 10 days.

9. Yoga:

Wondering how to increase weight in 10 days? Just start practising yoga regularly, and within 10 days you will see a magical result.

  • What You Need: Include yoga in your daily routine.
  • What You Have To Do: Perform a minimum of 30 minutes of yoga each
  • Why This Works: Yoga is a beautiful way of internally healing the body. Any internal imbalance in the body can be easily balanced through yoga. There could be various reasons for not gaining weight which can be quickly resolved and you can grow weight in 10 days with yoga.

10. Exercise:

For the people who are looking for solutions on how to become fat fast in 10 days, we have a solution to your problem. Just start exercising regularly and see the change in your physique. You might be wondering if you are already skinny and exercising would make you lose weight further but this theory is a pure myth and exercising regularly will bring a wonderful change in your body.

  • What You Need: Exercising in any form
  • What You Have To Do: Exercise in any form for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week.
  • Why This Works: Exercising regulates the metabolism of the body and increases the appetite. This in turn aids in gaining weight. So if you are looking for how to gain weight in 10 days naturally then the first and foremost thing is to include exercise in your daily routine.

11. Eliminate Stress:

One of the biggest reasons for weight loss is stress. So if you are looking for how to gain weight for men in 10 days then begin with removing stress from your life. Because howsoever efforts you put in like increasing the food intake and all, nothing will work unless you are stress-free.

  • What You Need: Eliminate stress
  • What You Have To Do: Do meditation that can aid you in relieving from stress.
  • Why This Works: Stress kills hunger and suppresses appetite. So if you are looking for tips to gain weight in 10 days, then the secret tip is to eliminate stress.

12. Stay Motivated:

  • What You Need: Positive attitude
  • What You Have To Do: Stay motivated.
  • Why This Works: Gaining weight is never instantaneous and losing weight is a long-term process. You have to go a long way and hence it is very important that you stay motivated. Carry a positive attitude and don’t get diverted from your target.

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Things to Avoid:

The following are certain things that one needs to avoid to see a healthy and proper weight gain:


Smoking is injurious to health. A long term smoking curbs your appetite and makes you lose weight. So if you are already underweight and longing to gain weight the healthy way then quitting smoking altogether is the way to go. If however you cannot quit smoking then at least avoid smoking an hour before and after each meal.

Cycling :

In Cycling the metabolism is raised considerably and aids in losing weight. So, to gain weight go for other forms of exercising but definitely not cycling.

Running :

Just as cycling, running also raises metabolism. Go for jogging instead. Exercising is a way of life but when you are looking for gaining weight, then doing exercises that can raise your metabolism is not a good idea.

Gaining weight is equally tedious as it is losing it. Stay motivated and follow healthy habits to gain weight fast and systematically. It is never advisable that you go for unhealthy eating habits including eating junk to gain weight fast. You might gain weight fast doing so, but it has its own cons.


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