There is a direct correlation between the process of consumption-digestion -elimination of food and your overall health & longevity. Food that is digested properly reaches your body cells & tissues to nourish them. So, you should take the digestion process & the habits related to it, seriously!

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How To Improve Your Digestion Naturally:

Read on below for a few tips and natural ways on what can be done for aiding the digestive processes of your body.

1. Balanced Diet For Good Digestion:

Take a balanced diet which caters to the nutritional need of your body. Your diet should contain well proportioned portions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins & Roughage.

Include both soluble & Insoluble fibers in your diet. The insoluble fibers help in increasing the bulk of feces while the soluble fibers help in soaking up water by the fecal material so that it becomes soft. You can get fibre by eating fresh fruits & Vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, Whole grains & Legumes. If your bowel habits are regular, you are much likely not to ever suffer from problems such as diverticulitis, piles, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

Limit your intake of fats as fats are difficult to digest and slow down the whole digestive process in general. So, while consuming some amount of fat is essential as it acts as a lubricant for your digestive tract, you can make it easy in your system by pairing fatty foods with high fiber foods.

2. Time To Eat Your Food Well:

You must have heard that breakfast should be the heaviest meal, lunch moderately heavy and dinner should be the lightest. Also try having meals, around the same time, each day.

Consume maximum carbohydrates during day time so that they have plenty of time to be digested by your body & also give you ample energy to carry out your day to day activities. You can take proteins in lunch time. Avoid meat and protein rich foods at night as they take time to digest. Your dinner should comprise of food that gives you a boost of minerals like:fresh fruit and vegetable salad, veggies cooked in minimal oil or a bowl of soup. You can take milk as a mid morning or mid evening snack.

3. Rely On Probiotics:

Ask your doctor to prescribe you some probiotic capsule, which contains gut friendly bacteria that ease out the process of digestion. Not only does your food get digested easily but also by helping the nutrients get absorbed well by the gut. They help in breaking down of lactose & Strengthening your immune system.

4. Do Not Overcook Your Food:

All food nutrients including: vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, enzymes all have a certain level of heat tolerance beyond which the nutrients get destroyed.

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5. Avoid Sodas:

Soda drinks contain phosphoric acid, carbonic acid that destroys the intestinal bacteria. Similarly, consumption of alcohol and certain antibiotics also disturbs the functioning of intestinal bacteria. This is one of the best tips to improve digestion system naturally.

6. Chew On To Your Food Properly:

As a child, you must have heard your parents telling you to chew on to your food for 32 times. The process of digestion starts in the mouth itself by grinding the food into smaller peices and mixing with saliva. So, if you do not chew and crush your food properly, it will not be properly attacked by the acid present in your stomach. So, sit down and eat your food patiently and do not just gulp it down, next time you eat. proper chewing is one of the simple ways to improve your digestion.

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7. Stay Away From Toxins:

Avoid toxins like tea, coffee, sweets or smoking as these stimulants lead to fluctuation in your blood sugar levels throughout the day leading to improper eating habits, food cravings & Stress.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water:

How to improve digestion system by taking plenty of water. Water is the most important and necessary thing for human lives if you drink plenty of water such as more than 4 liters per a day then your digestion system and blood circulation will be proper and plenty of water can avoid the stones from kidneys.

9. Do Not Skip Meals:

Have smaller portions of meal 5 to 6 times a day instead of two to three extra heavy meals. Taking small meals per a day is most effective way to improve digestion properly.

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10. Fiber Rich Food:

Fiber adds to your food but usually fiber can both be soluble and insoluble depending on what we intake. At the end of the day, fiber helps absorb the nutrition out of the food while adding bulk to your system so that your bowel movements are proper and regular thereby making sure your system is well digested and not in the way of bloating and gas.

11. Yoga Can Improve Your Digestion:

You must be wondering how to improve digestion with yoga as a weapon? Yoga is often considered a preliminary exercise at its best performed from the comforts of your own home. yoga usually consists of soft breathing and a few stretches, a package that would help you meditate while calming and relaxing your internal organs thereby proliferating metabolism and digestion.

12. Caffeine Cut:

Coffee is a common beverage for most people waking up at the early cracks of the morning. However, too much coffee intake can cause gas and bloating in your system, something that would definitely harm digestion. In the wake of this, one should also avoid chocolate which contains caffeine bits.

13. Stop Drink And Smoke:

Cutting down on drinking and smoking is definitely a good remedy to improve digestion. Here, we are talking about alcohol consumption and too much tobacco that infuses nicotine in your system, a property that restricts digestion from smoothly prevailing. The same goes for alcohol which slows down digestion and results in bloating.

14. Stress Relief:

Stress can be a dominant part of indigestion and complexity within your body. Stress upsets your system and a constant stream of stress would definitely result in heavy damage internally for the body. Stress slows down the bodily functions including reducing metabolism that hampers digestion to a great deal. Always try and calm yourself.

15. Detox Period Once A Month:

On a daily basis, a lot of toxins get accumulated in the body, possibly throughout the month. The toxin levels when too high can disrupt digestion and related bodily functions. This is why a detoxification period for a few days, possibly a week each month can help you restore your digestion system to the best. Detox can be done at home itself by going on a juice diet or simply by absconding the usual meals.

16. Sequel To Meals:

Tips to improve digestion would take you back to an after meal sequel. Usually when you consume something too hot or too spicy, digestive problems might occur. This is why it is always advisable to carry a sequel sequence where right after the meal you end your palate with a healthy desert like yogurt and berries or papaya and honey or simply a steaming cup of black lemon tea.

17. Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint leaves are always known for their cooling effect, the chilled sensation they leave behind always astounding us. Here we can now use the goodness of this very peppermint to drive away indigestion problems like bloating, gas and uneasiness. Peppermint tea cools and soothes your internal organs while encouraging fast digestion.

18. Use Spices And Herbs:

Spices and herbs are often a common ingredient in every dish, basically existing to add flavor and look to the palate. Now many people are often against using too hot a spice since most of them induce indigestion. however, there are some with exceptional healing qualities like turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, thyme, parsley and coriander that actually aid in fast digestion while making sure your bowel movements don’t hinder you.

19. Ice Usage:

How to improve digestion with ice is a slight trick that anyone and everyone can opt for. Usually after a heavy meal, you should always accompany the after meal with a chilled glass of drink. If nothing, simply resort to iced glass of water. Ice cools and relaxes your system allowing easy digestion.

20. Honey And Lemon:

Every morning wake up to a Luke warm glass of water mixed in with a table spoon of honey and a few squeezes of lime or lemon. Lime filled with antioxidants and citrus qualities squeezes out the gut juices while the natural healing properties of the honey can soothe and relax your system.

21. Follow A Routine:

It is always advised that you lead your life based on a certain routine. Irregular food timings or everyday change of plans may not be something your body is coping too well.

22. Ginger Tea Improve Your Digestion:

Ginger is a spice special that adds flavor to your meals. The anti inflammatory product not only soothes your insides driving away indigestion and burns, it also takes care of bloating and gas by allowing food nutrient to be absorbed at a faster pace.

23. Free Hand Exercise:

Much like yoga, a little exercise has always proven to be a good resort to keeping your system healthy and working. These exercises are strictly stretching, twisting and such and should be performed hours after meal. A little tug and pull will help you digest the food at a speedier rate.

24. No Gluten Streak:

Many studies before have complained about the presence of gluten in their diets to be the most common cause for indigestion. you can always consult a dietitian regarding the list of gluten foods that you should consume. Keep gluten intake to minimum if not eliminating it for all and once from your diet list and see your digestion being your friend for the rest of the month.

25. Obesity:

Obesity or overweight can be a hindrance to your system restricting free digestive process to work smoothly. With obesity fat prevails, the pressure in the system causing the necessary disruption. Always keep an eye on your weight and keep digestion at its best.

Digestion is a homely word that we often face problem with. The food that we chew so well slides down our food pipe and disintegrates itself down the line. It is only when all the nutrition is absorbed and the remaining is exiled out of your system do we call the process a smooth digestion. When we end up disrupting this process, issues like gas and bloating occurs.


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