Are you not satisfied with your present height? Increasing height after puberty is difficult but not impossible. So do not worry here is the answer to your difficulty. There are some stretching exercises which will help in increasing few inches to the upper body height. These exercises for growing taller will work on the spine by toning and developing the muscles which supports the spine. Actually it causes increase in the upper body height.

Increase in the height of the upper body enhances your personality and appearance by making you taller. There are few tips to increase the height of your upper body naturally.

Best Tips To Increase Upper Body Height Naturally With Images :

1. Stretches For Upper Body :

Stretching the upper body is the best way to increase some inches to the height. These kind of stretches effects on the spine and increases the length of upper body. You will look taller as a result of it. Body stretches like extending the legs and arms concurrently will help in increasing height of the torso and the upper body.

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2. Lower Body Workouts :

Before starting any kind of routinely exercise for upper body height increase always make sure that you have to work out on the lower body also. Your workout plan should be balanced for the two. Even though work out on your upper body is more necessary but do not completely leave the exercise for lower body.

3 . Twisting Exercises For Increase Height For Upper Body :

Twisting is also a way for increasing the height of upper body. Flexibility is added to spine with the help of twisting exercise. With the growing age, spine starts becoming inflexible. So these workouts are very important and helpful in increasing upper body height.

4. Hanging Exercises For Upper Body height Increase :

Hanging is the another way which makes the spine stretched and increases the upper body height. While hanging, make sure that your shoulders and arms are fully relaxed, and hanging should be continued for a minimum of 20 seconds. This exercise stretches the spine and thus, upper body gets lengthened.

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5. Body Inversion Exercises :

Another exercise is body inversion that helps you in growing taller. This exercise takes the help of gravity in stretching the cartilage present in knees and spine. Body inversion is required to be performed for at least five minutes each in morning and in the evening on a daily basis. You can also use inversion boots to increase the potency of this exercise which will make your upper body taller.

6. Healthy Diet For Upper Body Height Increase :

A nutritious and healthy diet also plays a very important role in growing taller. It also enhances the energy levels. Increase the intake of additional calcium and vitamin D in your diet to maintain health of the bones. Avoid sugary and fatty foods as they are a barrier in the release of growth hormones in your body.

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7. Yoga Asanas For Upper Body Height :

Yoga is also an important way to add some inches to the upper body height. Flexibility and body posture gets improved with the help of yoga. In turn this results in increased height of the upper body. Yoga strengthens and lengthens your upper body making your appearance taller. But yoga should be performed in a routine to get the good results.

8. Alternative Practice :

Skip some days while performing stretching exercises or yoga in order to avoid overuse injuries. The thumb rule is practice yoga thrice in a week for a minimum of half hour and perform stretching exercises for four to five times in a week.

9. Eight Hours Sleep :

Last and main thing to remember is to take rest. A good sleep of eight hours is required daily. This will give plenty of time to recover and energize your body for next day workout.

Yoga or body stretches done once or twice are not going to help you. Increasing upper body height has only one key that is consistency. It is very important to follow the formed routine very sincerely. So stay healthy and increase your upper body height.