Eyes are one of the special gifts given by the lord through which you can see the world and cherish the most beautiful things. So it’s important for all us to take special care of it as without it life would be colourless and dark. As this age is termed as computer age and most of us spend time in front of it straining our eyes at most of the time. So it’s very essential to take proper care of our eye as in the long run you can face blurring of eyes, headaches which starts affecting your eyes and you might have poor eyesight also.

Tips for Eyesight Improvement:

Here are top 8 simple ways through which you can maintain good eyesight.

1. Consume Healthy and Balanced Diet:

It’s important to include greens, protein source items like nuts, eggs and a well balanced diet will make keep you fit and healthy as well your eyes to remain sharp and clear. So make a habit to consume nutritious and balanced diet on daily basis essential for your body and eyes also,

2. Do Exercise On Daily Basis:

According to many studies it is being found that people who do regular walks and exercise them maintain a good eyesight as proper blood flows into to eyes and oxygen. So ensure if you want good eye sight on regular basis involve in some physical activity and stay healthy.

3. Wear Proper Sunglasses:

It’s very important and mandatory to safeguard the eyes from harmful UV lights as and when we are out from our house or workplace. Ensure that you get good quality sunshades as it’s the matter of safety of the most precious thing as lower quality may harm your vision.

4. Say No To Smoking:

The person who smokes tends to get affected by age related muscular issues like cataracts and other eye related issues more than the non smokers. So to keep your eyes healthy say no to smoking and quit as early as possible.

5. Take Adequate Sleep At Night:

It’s very important to give rest to your eyes like body as it even needs to relax and calm down. People who sleep late night are risking their eyes vision as inadequate sleep would cause damage to it and look red, tired and puffy and at the same time you would get late for next day work exerting and straining your mind and body.

6. Ensure Cleanliness:

Its utmost important to always clean your hands properly before touching or rubbing your eyes, if not use a clean handkerchief or cloth. People who wear contact lenses should follow the hygiene instruction to avoid any infection or allergies which may occur because of dust and dirt.

7. Regularly Check Your Eyes:

It’s a good habit or practice to get your eyes checked every six month or once a year by visiting an eye specialist ensuring your eyes are perfect. This practice helps you to get cautious of any problem at early stage and it can get cued without any hassles.

8. Pay Attention for Any Changes in Vision:

In case if you feel that you are finding some changes or difficulty in looking that immediately contact an eye specialist before getting it more aggravated. Some people may find difficulty in dim light or pain in eyes it’s good to consult rather than ignoring.

Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain:

Here are 7 best ways through which you can reduce straining the eyes in front of computer.

1. Ensure Proper Lighting Near the Workstation:

Working on computers for long hours causes eye strain, you should ensure that you should not use high intensity light as which cause shadows on the screen and strains the eyes more. Place a dim light on the either side of the workstation for equal brightness and lighting with any reflections.

2. Blink Your Eyes More Often:

While working on the computer just keep in mind that you blink your eyes more than when you are sitting ideal. If you constantly glare at the computer it could dry the eyes and some redness may occur but periodically blinking could avoid the situation.

3. Do Some Eye Relaxing Exercise and Drink Water:

If you keep gazing your computer screen you might feel fatigue and the eyes would appear and get tired also. To avoid such situation to some eye exercise like in between ever hour look some far way objects for about 30 seconds and then some nearby object for attest 5- 10 times This would minimise the risk if computer eye strain and drink lot of water to stay hydrated as less consumption of water can cause dry eyes problems.

4. Adjust the Computer Screen Settings:

Ensure that your computer screen has high resolution display as it would have sharper images and minimise the strain also. Even adjust the contrast settings to the highest as the background to white as it would even less strain on the eyes.

5. Minimise Glare:

Always clean your computer screen with clean cloth as all the dust and stains are removed and you see properly without straining your eyes. Install a anti glaring screen on the monitor as it would keep the shades and prevent glaring thus avoiding straining your eyes.

6. Take Small Breaks in Between:

As to sustain and keep yourself upgraded people work for long hours in front of the computer. But in long run you could develop computer vision syndrome and pain in neck and back also. To avoid such condition it’s advisable to take short 5- 10 minutes after every hour.

7. Grab Computer Eye Wear:

It’s one if the best way to protect your eyes from straining is to get customized computer glasses and a best option for people who wear contact lenses as it become uncomfortable during extended working hours and starts irritating your eyes.

If you follow these simple steps which would cost you nothing you can easily prevent your eyes from straining and at the same time maintain good eye sight also. You just need to inculcate or tune these good gestures into routine and follow them on regular basis.

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