The most widely practiced form of exercise in the world is Yoga. It all began in the pre-Vedic times in India and has come so far since then. People nowadays prefer yoga over strenuous gym routines because not only yoga treats numerous problems related to our body but also does wonders to the mind and the spirit. Yoga has many different postures and the difficulty level varies.Every beginner should start from the very basic postures but for those who have succeeded the basics and tried some complex ones, should try the Tittibhasana.

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Tittibhasana is a Sanskrit term meaning Firefly posture. It’s a rather difficult posture which requires utmost patience and care. It is advisable to not rush into getting it done perfectly at the first go. We shall talk about how Tittibhasana helps us but before that, let us learn how to do this posture step by step.

How To Do It:

One needs to be consistent while practicing Tittibhasana because it requires time. Since this is an advanced posture of yoga, only those with experience should try to get this posture done. Now, come into a squatting position with your feet at a lesser distance than your shoulders. Your pelvis should tilt forward while your trunk should be between your legs. Keeping your trunk low, straighten your legs in order to bring your pelvis at par with the height of your knees.

Then just above your knee and under your left thigh, try bringing your shoulder and left upper arm. With your fingers pointing in forward direction, place your hands on the ground. Now slowly lift your body off the floor. Slowly bring weight to your hands and away from your feet. Place your inner thighs as high as possible alongside your arms. Take a deep breath and out your legs to the sides. Try keeping it straight. In order to keep your legs parallel to the ground, your pelvis should be high.

Your big toes should be pulled back to the torso. Straighten your arms and broaden your shoulder blades. Now lift your head up to look forward without tensing your neck. Hold the posture for 15 seconds as you inhale. Release your feet to the floor while you exhale.

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Benefits Of Tittibhasana

The benefits of Tittibhasana or the Firefly posture are as follows.

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1. Stretches Hamstrings, Back Torso And Inner Groins:

Practice Tittibhasana and it will stretch and strengthen your hamstrings, back torso and inner groins.

2. Brings A Core Sense Of Balance:

Tittibhasana helps in bringing a core sense of balance into your body. As this is a complex posture to do, balance is very integral. It also improves core strength.

3. Calming The Mind:

The firefly posture has the most needed effect on the mind. It calms and controls it. Along with it, it also helps in giving relief from anxiety, stress and tension.

4. Strengthens The Wrists, Arms And Inner Thighs

As a lot of pressure goes into the wrists, the Firefly posture helps in strengthening them. Along with it, the pressure formed on the arms helps in strengthening the muscles in the arms and inner thighs as well.

5. Tones Your Abdomen And Belly:

Do not fear anymore if you have a protruding belly or simply want your abdomen and belly to be in good shape. For those who want to tone the area of the belly should practice the Firefly posture as it enhances and tightens the area around the belly. Along with that, it tones the abdominal muscles too.

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