It’s a gratifying moment to see your kid escaping from the bed on their own. This happens at the age of around one and a half to 2 years. And this is the right time to move them to a toddler bed. Yes, this is the time they would move to their infant toddler bed till they reach the age of 5 to 7 years, after which they would be using the ordinary or common bed. The toddler bed is well-designed with all the requirements to facilitate the safety of your baby as it moves and gets out of it. Here are some cool toddler bed designs with images. Let’s check out them.

What Is A Toddler Bed?

A toddler bed is a tiny small bed designed especially for the toddlers. The small toddler bed not only provides them with utmost comfort but also looks after their safety when they are busy watching cute dreams. The bed normally comes with side rails on both sides to prevent them from rolling down. They are also low in height for the toddlers to get down with ease.

What To Consider When Buying A Toddler Bed?

You are looking for a bed for your baby. Hence, it needs to be safe and complacent for him. So, here is a list of things you need to consider while looking for a cute toddler bed.

  • The bed should come with a frame that is capable of holding the crib mattress of standard size.
  • The inflatable toddler bed you get for your baby should be strong enough to handle the jumps of your baby.
  • The bed must also have side rails which help the baby from falling as it rolls while sleeping.
  • These are some of the vital things you need to focus on.

Simple & Modern Toddler Bed Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 cool and cute toddler bed designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Toddler Sleigh Bed Design:

Want to gift your baby a cute princess toddler bed? This pink toddler bed is an ideal match for your thoughts. With a high headboard and footboard, it gives a pretty princess bed look. The bed is also given crafted designs on it to make it more adorable. The side walls are given soft and edge-free moulding which makes it safer for the baby.

  • Dimensions: 132.1 x 94 x 41.9cm
  • Material/Finish: Hard Plastic
  • Style: Sleigh bed
  • Mattress Type: Crib mattress not included
  • Pillow Type: Small soft pillow not included
  • Warranty: 1 year

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2. Toddler Double Bed Design:

Having two kids fighting for the same kind of bed? Why not give them a twin bed for a toddler? This bed is a favourable one for people having twin babies. This kind of toddler bed for girls comes in pink with a Disney print on it of Minnie. Again, the bed also contains two drawers at the bottom of the bed for storing various belongings.

  • Dimensions: 16.73 x 30.31 x 34.25inches
  • Material/Finish: MDF
  • Style: Toddler bed with drawers
  • Mattress Type: Twin mattress not included
  • Pillow Type: NA
  • Warranty: NA

3. Spiderman Toddler Bed Design:

Is your kid a big fan of Spiderman? Here are a cool toddler bed for boys that are sure to be loved by them. This blue toddler bed is given prints of Spiderman and enhanced with a 3D pattern on it. Made using quality materials, the bed gives the utmost safety measures for your kid. The bed is also given a circular Spiderman print cushion above the head side for the safety of your baby’s head.

  • Dimensions: 12.59 x 16.14 x 31.98inches
  • Material/Finish: Plastic
  • Style: 3D Spiderman print
  • Mattress Type: Not included
  • Pillow Type: Not Included
  • Warranty: NA

4. Convertible Toddler Bed Design:

If you are looking for a 3 1 high toddler bed, this is the best you can have at your home. The baby bed toddler bed can be used in the form of a cradle for rocking the baby and by the bedside. Again, it also contains two side rails for allowing your baby a safe sleep and wheels for carrying the baby bed anywhere with ease.

  • Dimensions: 115 x 65 x 98cm
  • Material/Finish: Pine Wood
  • Style: Convertible toddler bed
  • Mattress Type: Crib mattress
  • Pillow Type: Thin baby pillow
  • Warranty: NA

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5. Toddler Bunk Beds:

This wooden toddler bed gives the kids a new sleeping bed style. This kind of children’s toddler bed gives the facility to help 2 kids sleep at a time. Where one kid’s toddler bed get a space completely packed with one door open, the other is open from the top. The bed is also given an open drawer below to store belongings.

  • Dimensions: 57 x 38 x 78 inches
  • Material/Finish: Pine Wood
  • Style: Bunk style
  • Mattress Type: Crib mattress not included
  • Pillow Type: Thin baby pillow not included
  • Warranty: 12 months

6. Portable Toddler Bed Design:

This toddler bed with mattress is very helpful for toddlers who love to play, eat and enjoy in bed only. The low toddler bed comes with the minimum height which makes climbing the bed easy and quick. As there are no side rails, the foldable toddler bed mattress is widely used during the daytime in the home and outdoors too.

  • Dimensions: 121.9 x 66 x 17.8cm
  • Material/Finish: Canvas and steel
  • Style: Portable and folding bed
  • Mattress Type: Canvas mattress thinly padded
  • Pillow Type: Thin sliding pillow
  • Warranty: NA

7. Character Toddler Bed Design:

If you are looking for themed toddler beds, this style is surely going to be your primary choice. Given the theme of Disney princesses, this toddler bed for a girl has given pink colour as well as a sleigh-like look. The toddler bed rails are given a firm attachment with storage drawers below to make it fancier along with a net that covers the bed from the top.

  • Dimensions: 33.46 x 61.81 x 67.32inches
  • Material/Finish: Engineered wood
  • Style: Disney princess theme
  • Mattress Type: Crib mattress not included
  • Pillow Type: Small thin pillow not included
  • Warranty: NA

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8. Toddler Travel Bed Design:

Want to make travelling with a toddler easier? Try this mini toddler bed which can be carried along while travelling. This toddler-ready bed comes with a waterproof coating, as well as extra side pockets to store the belongings of your baby. The toddler bed frame is much firmer to give your baby a safe sleep as it holds your baby firm in it.

  • Dimensions: 74 x 35 x 18cm
  • Material/Finish: Oxford fabric and Polyester
  • Style: Toddler travel bed
  • Mattress Type: In-built linen material
  • Pillow Type: In-built thin pillow
  • Warranty: NA

9. Crib To A Toddler Bed:

This single bed for a toddler is the best to go for the kids of 1 year. This white toddler bed is given long rails on the sides to protect the kid from falling. It is also a toddler bed with storage facilities to store quick handy things inside. Quite simple in outlook, it still is the best choice for the houses that have small rooms.

  • Dimensions: 35 x 58 x 31inches
  • Material/Finish: Engineered wood
  • Style: Crib toddler bed
  • Mattress Type: 4 adjustable mattresses
  • Pillow Type: Thin pillow not included
  • Warranty: 12 months

10. Toddler Trundle Bed Design:

This type of toddler loft bed design is very popular for homes having two babies. The full bed for a toddler is given dual bed facilities, one on top and the other in the trundle. Along with this, there is a shelf on the side too for keeping belongings. This is among the fun toddler beds that can be used for a long time.

  • Dimensions: 47.44 x 88.98 x 43.31inches
  • Material/Finish: Engineered wood
  • Style: Trundle shelf bed
  • Mattress Type: Soft crip mattress not included
  • Pillow Type: Soft pillows not included
  • Warranty: 12 months

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Pros and Cons of Toddler Bed Designs:

Here are some of the pros and cons of cute toddler beds one must go through before owning one.


  • The baby toddler bed can also be used when your baby crosses the toddler age.
  • Beds like a sports toddler bed, fire truck toddler beds, Thomas the Train toddler beds, and many more attract kids to use them for sleeping alone it.
  • The toddler canopy bed designs can also host you at the same time to let your baby move to dreams.
  • There a convertible baby-in toddler bed designs available that allow you to convert the bed from a rocking one to a standing still one as per your requirement.
  • The metal toddler bed is very helpful for giving the required strength to the bed of your babies.
  • The inflatable toddler bed designs can give a perfect theme look to your kid’s room.


  • The twin-size toddler bed would need an extra mattress, pillows, and rails that might cost you much more than a normal bed.
  • If the toddler bed with side rails are not fixed well, it can be more hazardous to the kid.
  • Some of the target toddler beds are high for the baby to land easily.
  • The plastic toddler bed designs come with a limited life.

Apart from all these, there are other designs like the Thomas toddler bed, aeroplane toddler bed, Dora toddler bed, and many more that have grabbed the hearts of various children looking for some fancy boy toddler bed or girly toddler bed. The toddler bed designs are designed with utmost care for your kids to rest properly as you are busy working out. They can also be attached to the adult beds by removing one side rails which makes it more useful rather than looking for a new large adult bed. So, which design are you going to go with from the best toddler bed collection for your little angel?


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