With lifestyles becoming sedentary, many people suffer from stiff bodies. Lack of exercise and physical inactivity makes joint movements very difficult. Areas like arms, wrists, ankles, knees and shoulders end up aching and make your life very uncomfortable. The best way to deal with these problems is to get back to your work out. Yoga has some proven asanas to recover the body from a number of ailments, particularly for aching joints. Among these poses, Talasana or the scale pose can help in strengthening joints and also tone your muscles. This articles helps you understand Talasana benefits and the steps to perform this pose.

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What Is Tolasana?

Tolasana gets its name from ‘Tola’ which means scale. In this asana, the person sits in the scale or balance like position. Tolasana is an extension of Padmasana, which involves sitting cross legged. This pose is only recommended when the person can comfortably perform Padamasana, else it can be quite difficult to achieve Tolasana posture.

Beginner Tips For Tolasana:

  • As mentioned above, Tolasana should be performed only when the person can perform Padmasana comfortably.
  • If you face difficulty with Tolasana, first start with Ardha Padmasana or Half Lotus pose.
  • Slowly raise yourself to get into Tolasana position

How To Do Tolasana Step By Step?

Before performing Tolasana, one must practise sitting cross legged on ground. If you are comfortable, you can follow these steps to perform the asana:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs positioned in Padmasana posture
  • Press your hands against the floor tightly
  • Slowly activate your arms and lift your body
  • Balance the weight of your body on your arms
  • Your gaze should be fixed on the object infront of you
  • Hold for 3 breaths and slowly get back to original position

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Health Benefits of Tolasana Pose:

  • The asana helps women to get through any and all menstrual problems and is a great exercise for pregnant women.
  • The asana also helps to eradicate any medical problem from the body. Any disease is removed gradually by practising Tolasana.
  • The asana also helps in metabolism and instigating a stronger and better diet. The asana makes you hungry which In turn increases the strength in your body with the more you eat.
  • The asana also increases the energy in your body and you will be very relaxed and at peace after the completion of this exercise.
  • The breathing during this asana helps with the flow of blood throughout your body thus giving you the ability to fight disease as new blood is processed and produced.
  • The asana also has a great part to play in growth if you are unhappy with your height.
  • There are no negative factors to yoga thus completing this exercise daily should be a necessary factor in your lifestyle.
  • It is a vital breathing technique and if used effectively can be of great help to a person’s body.Take normal breaths and relax. After a bout of periodic breathing take a deep breath so that your lungs are filled with air. Then breathe out hard through your nose. As air flows in your body it also allows the proper distribution of blood therefore removing all sorts of ailments.
  • This asana helps in curing depression very easily if followed daily with a sense of a stress free environment. But a question may often rise as to how yoga breathing helps us in living better and even for that there is a scientifically proven logical answer. For every deep air inhalation fresh oxygen enters in the lungs that slowly disseminates to all body cells. Then there are inhalations increases oxygen in the blood cells and helps in producing more energy.

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Precautions and Contraindications Of Tolasana:

You need to follow certain precautions before attempting Tolasana:

  • Don’t perform this asana if you have an injury it your arms or wrists. Doing so can end up in fractures and worsened conditions.
  • If you suffer from stiff knee and ankle joints, stay away from this pose. This can strain your muscles even more and end up in ligament injuries.
  • People who suffer from tight muscles in thighs and buttocks may find it very difficult to perform this pose. It’s best to avoid it in that condition.

We hope you now understand why the scale pose yoga is recommended by Yoga practitioners. Yoga can help in easing up your body muscles and offering flexibility. Tolasana is one of the best Yoga asanas which can strengthen your muscles and joints. Especially, if you suffer from tension in your shoulder muscles, this is one of the best exercises to over the issue. Deep breathing techniques involved in Tolasana supplies the body with better oxygen, which results in calming a chaotic mind. Tolasana not just works on physical body, but has many therapeutic benefits to the mind as well.


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