One of the dominant diseases that have plagued this world is the severe uprising cancer to which a suitable stable solution is yet to be conquered. While cancer has its own way of creating the mess, here is one form of cancer that might leave you speechless for real. Usually, oral cancer-targeting your tongue is termed as tongue cancer, although there are two parts to it. A general term for tongue cancer is oral or oropharyngeal cancer.

When the cancer is detected on the front of the tongues, say two-thirds of it from the front, it is termed as oral cancer. When the tumour is situated at the base of the tongue where all the vital tissues meet and greet, then it is usually classified as oropharyngeal cancer.

Usually, cancer affects the tissues of the body, which may react on exposure to tobacco use or alcohols. Then there is always the submissive gene which may suddenly react up. Cancer is a very tricky disease where not only the detection but the cure is also an expensive lengthening process with no stable surety. However, cancer never blooms in one day. It even though is a steady process takes time and if detected at the initial age can be cured as good as a new penny.

Tongue Cancer Symptoms:

Given here are some of the symptoms to detect tongue cancer.

1. Physical change:

The first sign to a tongue cancer is the clot of the cancerous cells affecting the tissues; hence, often a small lump is formed at the place or some sort of infection. Often we suffer from canker sores which last about a fortnight so make sure you are not hyperventilating on a petty issue. However, if some suspicious lump or infection has been bothering you get it checked.

2. Pain:

While for some pain is left for the last bit until the cancer is fully formed if you are lucky enough you might experience a slight stinging sensation or pain or irritation while chewing or swallowing of food or drink. This discomfort if lasts for a long time, needs a checkup.

3. Taste change:

Along with problems in swallowing, one might even feel a change in their taste buds. The food you once used to die for now tastes mundane and bland, and with each day, your appetite keeps shrinking. This might be one of the symptoms of tongue cancer.

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4. Numbness:

Along with lumps in your tongue, one might even at times, feel numbness in their mouth or tongue. This usually happens when there is a scenario of oropharyngeal cancer where the tissues connecting the tongue to the brain is affected, causing temporary paralysis of the tongue maybe just for a few minutes.

5. Thickening:

This too falls under the physical disturbance criteria where a certain part of the tongue may feel thickened and heavyweight, which would swell and be painful to move or touch.

6. Constant Sore:

Even though your tongue is the target, a constant soreness in the throat may be an acute cue to tongue cancer too. in addition to the throat a constant ear pain maybe a reason too since the throat and ear is at the nearest vicinity to the tongue.

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7. Bleeding:

This might often come with soft bleeding from the mouth or from the affected area where the path or lump is formed. These are the cancerous cells which cause the bleeding at times.

8. Weight Loss:

This may come as a surprise, but often cancer may cause a serious weight shed. If you are losing pounds on a steady basis and if it reaches a point where there is extreme weight loss, keep a medical checkup in your list.

9. Difficulty Talking:

With all the aches and sores and lumps in your throat and tongue talking might be difficult. This may come in the form of sudden voice change, trouble or pain while talking or difficulty to let out a sound.

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