The craze for tattoos has risen exponentially over the few decades. Similarly, body art is slowly taking all the parts of one’s body, even the ones you least expect, such as the tongue. So, although it might seem weird and insane, some people have a craze or passion for tongue tattoos. Therefore, challenging body art has become popular irrespective of age and class. Still, not many prefer or have a fetish for tongue tattoo designs.

However, this article presents a list of some popular tongue tattoo designs that are gradually gaining popularity among youngsters and hipsters. Read on!

Top 12 Tongue Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with a list of some unique tongue tattoo designs you can look into before deciding if you want one.

1. Heart On Tongue Tattoo Ideas:

We must have heard the English saying ‘to wear your heat on your sleeve.’ The Germans give a more accurate statement, “to carry one’s heart on the tongue,” which means you don’t hold back your feeling and are expressive. This heart tattoo on the tongue perfectly represents the same beautifully. This can be temporary or permanent, based on your preference.

2. Spider Web Tattoo Of A Tongue:

Suppose you are a fan of tattoos that cover your entire tongue. In that case, this spider web design can be unique. The pattern gives a creepy look to the wearer and the onlooker. Before getting such a tattoo on your tongue, ensure you are ready to carry it forever. There is always a way to get it temporarily and see how it goes, and once you like it, go with permanent ink.

3. Simple Tongue Tattoo:

This is a simple tattoo on the tongue for people who wish to get a tongue tattoo but don’t want to make a fuss about it. The pattern is pretty simple and looks like a cute little diamond or even a kite with a tail. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to add colours or additional elements, especially if you are looking for straightforward tattoo designs.

4. Temporary Tongue Tattoo Design:

Kids like to experiment with anything, and it holds even with tattoos. Although it might not be plausible to go for a permanent one, this temporary tongue tattoo can be an excellent choice. This tongue tattoo has the letters I love you engraved with a heart instead of the letter Love. This tattoo is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender.

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5. Unique Tongue Tattoo:

Who doesn’t love fruit rollups? If you are one of those crazy about fruit rollups, then this tongue tattoo can be a perfect way to represent the same. This permanent tongue tattoo is usually preferred by people who like to experiment with quirkiness irrespective of gender.

6. Winning Tongue Tattoo Design:

We all love being victorious, don’t we? The wearer got a hand showing the victory sign engraved on the tongue, which can be unique and special. The pattern looks pretty big on the tongue, and you can always get it done in a smaller size per your preference. Either way, this tongue tattoo is perfect for showing you are happy and positive in all situations.

7. Fiery Bolt Tongue Tattoo Picture:

The lightning bolt represents intelligence, power and strength in Greek mythology. It is also used as the symbol for the superhero Flash. This tongue tattoo is a perfect way to represent all the said features in a quirky way. The bold black ink makes the tattoo stand out and beautifully visible to the onlookers.

8. Funky Tongue Tattoo:

You do not want to get a permanent poop tattoo on your tongue, but if you still insist, this one is a perfect option. The emoticon of the poop is engraved on the tongue of the wearer, which stands out against the pink background of the tongue. Depending on your preference, you can either go big or choose a smaller size.

9. Tiny Tongue Tattoo Design:

This is yet another spider web tattoo, but this one is a bit smaller and doesn’t cover your entire tongue like the tattoo mentioned before. The use of thin and sleek lines makes the tattoo stand out and lets you show off without bugging anyone. These types of tattoos are usually preferred by young adults irrespective of gender.

10. Permanent Tongue Tattoo On The Arm:

This is a tongue tattoo which is not actually on the tongue. Still, the tongue is engraved on the hand. The tattoo has a red tongue with crooked teeth inside the mouth. People who get these types of tattoos have a personal meaning that varies for everyone. You can get the tattoo anywhere if you want to show off. But inner biceps are the perfect places if you want to have an option of covering it up.

11. Couples’ Tongue Tattoos:

This tongue tattoo can work well to commemorate your friendship between friends or couples. Two wearers got a bear tattoo engraved on their tongues. Bears usually represent strength, courage and tenacity. You can opt for simple bear patterns without too many twists, so you will not have to endure too much pain.

12. Cute Kitty Tongue Tattoo:

Hello, Kitty is a popular cartoon character among kids, and many adults have beautiful memories associated with the cartoon character. However, if you wish to permanently represent your Love for the kitty, the tongue tattoo can work exceptionally. Additionally, you can opt for a temporary tattoo if you choose this design for younger kids.

Suppose you are a person who loves to have body art that borders quirky or weird. In that case, the tongue tattoos, both temporary and permanent, mentioned in this article can prove to be reasonable solutions. Before you decide whether you want to get one, please go through the designs we have provided. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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