Even the current pandemic situation hasn’t really stopped consumers from buying cosmetic products. After all, nobody wants to look like a zombie in zoom calls! Now that online shopping has become the ‘new normal,’ it’s quite confusing to select trusted brands from a million others. To help you buy better, we have put together a list of 10 High-End Cosmetic Brands in the World that are renowned for their top-class, diverse range of beauty products!

From staple lipstick and concealer to a pro-level airbrush or mineral makeup, these brands have them all! So, read on to find out more about these international cosmetic brands which are a total level-up in the beauty game!

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Top 10 Popular Luxury Cosmetic Brands in the World 2023:

Let us now look into 10 top-selling Cosmetic brands in the world which fall into the “high-end” and “luxury” categories:

1. Estée Lauder:

Estée Lauder is an American multi-business firm which is named after its founder and muse, Estée Lauder. She started the business with the underlying philosophy of making every woman look beautiful and confident. What started as a 4 product cosmetic company turned into one of the world’s most successful and expensive cosmetic brands. Today, Estée Lauder has a wide range of skincare and makeup products for both men and women. The best-selling ones among them are the advanced night repair serum, the double wear foundation, advanced night micro cleansing foam etc.

2. Chanel:

Chanel is a French luxury brand founded by the famous designer, Coco Chanel, in 1910. By the 1970s, Chanel made its entry into the cosmetic business and made its presence felt quickly in the competitive market. Today, Chanel has a brand value of approximately 13.7 Billion U.S Dollars, making it one of the most popular cosmetic brands in the world. It is associated with luxury due to the expensive pricing. Chanel makeup and beauty products are the most sought-after by men and women of the elite groups.

3. Dior:

Dior is the short form of Christian Dior SE, a luxury French fashion brand. It is one of the most famous cosmetic brands which falls in the luxe category. Artists and makeup experts vouch for this brand for the flawless finish and impeccable quality of the products. The brand is particularly popular for creating the iconic Rouge Dior lipstick, a classic shade of bright red. The comeback collection offers around 75 shades, which also includes a wide variety of nudes. The other best-selling products from Dior are its foundation, plumping gloss and mascara.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills:

Anastasia Beverly Hills or ABH is one of the best-selling cosmetic brands in the world. The American luxury company has a net worth of over 800 Million U.S. Dollars in 2020. The brand’s founder Anastasia Sore is hailed as the “Eyebrow Queen” for inventing many game-changing products for eyes, lashes and brows. With more than 84% of customers rating 5 on 5 for the brow shaping tools, wands and pencils, it’s evident why she deserves that title. ABH is also popular for other ranges of products like lipsticks, colour palettes, highlighters, primers etc.

5. YSL:

Yves Saint Laurent or YSL is undoubtedly one of the most expensive and high-end cosmetics brands in the world. The brand is unreachable to the standard customer base owing to its heft price tags. However, the attention to detail, quality and innovation of the products make them every penny. This major cosmetic giant is a major competitor to other big brands like Dior and Armani. The attractive part about YSL makeup is the luxe packaging, which makes you want to instantly buy them. The Pure Shots skincare range from this company has earned rave reviews from many customers.

6. Shiseido:

Shiseido is a Japanese company which is one of the world’s oldest and top-selling cosmetic brands. It has a reputation for consistently innovating and developing revolutionary beauty and makeup products. This cosmetic brand is positioned as a luxury brand in Europe and US but caters to all market segments in Asian countries. Shiseido owns many high-end cosmetic brands like NARS, bareMinerals, Anessa etc. It offers a huge range of products for men and women comprising sunscreens, skincare, makeup, and beauty tools. Recently the company declared itself as a “cruelty-free” brand unless mandated by law.

7. Klairs:

Dear, Klairs is one of the top Korean cosmetics brands hailed for its environmental-friendly products. The company is known for delivering innovative skincare and makeup products which are entirely cruelty-free. Klairs is also known as a ‘holy grail’ brand for people with sensitive skin due to its gentle, yet effective formulations. The cleansing and night repair range from Klairs created a lot of hype in the market. Despite its high pricing (in countries like India), Klairs won the hearts of many customers who turned into brand advocates.

8. Sephora:

Sephora is a paradise for makeup lovers and professional artists which offers a huge haul of cosmetics, makeup tools, and skincare products. With a whopping 30% market share in the U.S. makeup industry, Sephora is a dominant player in the business. Customers flock to Sephora not just to buy the products but also to learn some techniques and tips directly from the experts. The company aims to provide a matchless customer experience which is one of the secrets behind its huge success. Along with Sephora’s own makeup line, the brand also offers products from many best-selling cosmetic brands in the world like Benefit, Estee Lauder, Armani etc.

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9. M.A.C:

M.A.C Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world which is originally from Toronto, Canada. It is also one of the most sought-after makeup products by professional artists due to the impeccable finish they lend after application. The full form of MAC cosmetics in Makeup Art Cosmetics was founded by two makeup artists cum photographers. Currently, the brand offers over 7000 different types of products for skin, face, lips and eyes. MAC also has exclusive stores and brand outlets in more than 120 countries worldwide.

10. Lakme:

When it comes to capturing the emotions and beauty needs of Indian customers, no one does it better than Lakme! It is undoubtedly one of the best Indian brands which aims to offer high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices. So, affordable luxury is an apt category for Lakme! As per a study, Lakme takes almost 17% market share in the country’s cosmetic industry, making it one of the biggest and most reputed names. The success lies in constantly innovating products to suit the Indian skin and climatic conditions. The brand offers a wide range of skincare and makeup goods to improvise the natural beauty of the buyers.

Those are some of the most popular cosmetic brands in the world. But, if you are into the beauty world, then it is evident that the list is not exhaustive. There are so many other brands in the world like Bobby Brown, Loreal, Maybelline, Lancome etc. which are changing the face of the beauty industry. So, which is your favourite cosmetic brand and why?


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