From lazy days to the days with busy schedules and work, top knot hairstyles have been quite a tradition in the fashion world. They are quick and easy to do, very simple, yet give a chic, sleek, classy vibe. Today, even our favourite celebrities love the top knot hairstyle, and several new forms and makeovers within this hairstyle have started to come up. So, depending on your mood, occasion, time in hand and outfit, you can easily pick the beautiful knot hairstyle look and try it out.

Are you excited to learn more? Let’s check out the gorgeous top knot hairstyle for women today. They are immensely stylish and sleek; you will surely fall in love.

Typing a Top Knot: How to Do and The Process:

Before checking out the trending top knots this season, let us first see how to tie it up on hair.

  • Firstly, pull up your hair into a ponytail.
  • Comb back the hair neatly and secure the ponytail tightly.
  • Now take the ponytail in hand, and divide the hair into two sections.
  • With hands, wrap both the sections of the pony around each other. Then, twist them together into a single piece.
  • Now, slowly wrap the twisted hair section clockwise around the hair tie area.
  • Secure this knot by using several pins.
  • While this is the process for making a simple top knot bun hairstyle, you can create several variations by teasing the hair, or combing up and down, depending upon a messy look or voluminous look and so on.

10 Different Top Knot Bun Hairstyles Female 2024:

Let’s get going now and check out the trending and gorgeous top knot hair makeovers we have with us this season. These looks are incredibly beautiful, and you will love them just like we do. Here we go!

1. Messy Top Knot:

Let us begin by checking out the gorgeous messy hair knot look from our favourite JLO! The beauty has sported this lovely look, and we can’t get over it. The hairstyle is super quick and easy to achieve and can instantly rise up the hotness bars high with its sleek and chic feel. So add this hair makeover to your diary if you have mid hair length.

2. Slick Top Knot Bun:

Actress Sharvari is flaunting her beautiful slick top knot, and we can’t get over it. If you like a neat and clean look yet do not want to compromise on making a modern fashion statement, the slick top knot bun can be an excellent choice to check out. You can achieve this hairstyle if you have mid-length hair, and it will hardly take you time. Add on an excellent gel to make the hair not stand out.

3. Top Knot Bun with Bangs:

Bangs are always charming and add an excellent dimension to your facial features. It especially accentuates your look if you have a large forehead. We have here top knot bun with a bang. The gorgeous look gives a very youthful and vibrant vibe and a classic, timeless style statement. Add it on with a medium to long hair length, and you can witness how it lifts the face and adds a glow. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

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4. Samurai Top Knot:

If you haven’t come across a samurai style top knot, it is time you must. The most popular Asian hairstyle especially in eastern Asia has spread its wings globally, and it looks immensely unique and incredible. We have this samurai style in a half top knot bun, and it is a treat to the eyes. Girls and women who love experimental fashion must try it out. You can also go ahead similarly and colour your hair or a balayage for an extra dose of hotness and fashion looks.

5. Top Knot Ponytail:

We have this half up top knot ponytail if you never encounter such a style. You mix in the ponytail hairstyle the same way as a bun, and it looks charming. The hairstyle looks captivating and exquisite and creates a gorgeous look without compromise. It works wonders for women with long length hair, particularly straight or wavy tresses. Add this to your regular outings and see how it can accentuate the basics seamlessly. So how do you like it?

6. Braided Top Knot:

Next up, we have the gorgeous top knot braided half-up half-down hairstyle. This is among the stunning looks trending this season, especially for elegance and sophistication. You have to make a top braid and bring it to add a knot, besides leaving half your hair down. You can experiment with this style with long hair to get that lovely effect. In addition, you can take an extra step by working this haircut out in another hair colour, besides the usual black or brown hair. Isn’t this Korean top knot way interesting?

7. Top Knot Bun with Braids:

This is a one-of-a-kind hairstyle and deserves all our attention. We love how the top bun is beautifully weaved with braids, easily accentuating the entire look and giving way to a unique and boho-chic feel. If you have a thick hair texture with long hair length, this top knot with braids is worth trying. It adds to an intricate and mesmerizing captivating look and is perfect as a charm. We love this style, how about you?

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8. Double Top Knot Hairstyle:

The double knots used to be our favourite when we were kids, but least did we expect they would be back in trend even for youngsters. Isn’t it? We have this celebrity inspired double top knot hairstyle for females. The double top knot look gives you an immensely youthful, edgy style statement and adds to your glow. We see here JLO flaunting one such top knot, and it is just perfect. The hairstyle works wonders for all hair textures, from curly to fine and wavy hair.

10. Half Top Bun:

In another half knot hairstyle, we love this vibrant yet cute version. The half top knot bun hairstyle is perfect if you love simple choices yet want to try out a contemporary look. It gives you a street new-age inspiration and is easy to manage and maintain. Try it out if you have mid to long hair length, as it can add a voluminous and edgy feel to the entire appearance. Do you agree?

10. Chopstick Top Knots Bun:

This sure will come as a shock but equally charming. The double top knots with half up half down inspiration is done here, yet with another unique feature – a chopsticks addition. The fancy look was created by one of the hairstylists in the US, and we are impressed. We love the vibrant vibes it is sending us in.

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Additional Tips:

Besides these trending top knot hairstyles for women, we also have some hair tips for having the best of your appearance.

  • Top knots are gorgeous if you try them out on the second or third day after washing your hair. They sit beautifully.
  • Women with frizzy or curly hair can blow-dry the hair first before making a top knot. It can enhance the look.
  • Gel or serum can also ensure the top knot stays neat and the entire hairstyle is sleek.
  • If you want the hairstyle to stay longer, add on hairspray at the end.

So, we hope you enjoyed exploring these top knot hairstyles for women. We love how youthful yet sleek and chic the hairstyles always remain, and with these variants, you can seamlessly try out a quick look for a myriad of occasions. What do you think? Did you like top knot looks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below; we love to hear from you!


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