Nursing tops are designed keeping in mind exactly to serve the purpose, feed the baby. Usually, these tops have an opening usually that has a zip or a cut or sometimes even buttons. Some of them have a horizontal opening under the bust. Some of the tops have a drop-down option where you can simply unbutton on the shoulders thus dropping down to a hidden crop tank layer. There are truly many variants with the kind of openings and each of them is designed keeping in mind the fabric and the style of top.

Let’s just get you started with how to use a breastfeeding top for nursing your infant.

  • For the start, you sure do need a nursing bra. Choose either the flip-up or pull aside regular bra. Nursing bras have special hooks and clips. Simply pull your top-down, considering the style of top ranging from horizontal cuts to buttons.
  • Place the baby in the appropriate height so that he/she can feed on the nipple at the right position. Make sure your baby is feeling at ease without the fabric of the cloth falling on the face or anywhere that gives discomfort to the baby.
  • Cover the baby from the top just so you don’t feel uncomfortable. But, honestly, we think there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed.

Friendly and Comfortable Tops for Nursing Mothers:

If you thought stylish tops are no more meant for you, here is some good news. We have a whole range of stylish tops meant to comfortably fit the nursing moms, with the extra effort taken by designers to make sure the baby feels comfortable too. Take a look.

1. Plus-Sized Nursing Tops:

This ladies nursing top suits perfectly for all the women who are curvy and have plus-sized breasts. They are lightweight and just designed perfectly to fit your body without making you feel suffocated. They come with a front opening which makes it easy to breastfeed and also pump. The removable panels are more discreet and thus you can feed your baby without much worry in any space you want to. They come in a range of colours, with zips or button near the busts, without making it look too obvious. Most of them have a size guide or otherwise are available in 1X or 2X size. This will make it easier for you to choose from.

2. Nursing Tank Top:

Well, you sure can wear a beautiful tank top during your breastfeeding phase. These tanks tops have snap button closures on the shoulders, so you can unbutton and start feeding. They come in many sizes starting from small to extra-large and also in plenty of beautiful and pleasing colours. Choosing cotton will be a good decision because they provide you with much comfort and can be easily washed. You could use them practically any time you want to go on an outing. They can be your good choice on a long journey.

3. Nursing Vest Top:

This vest top is made from soft stretch cotton and is white, ribbed in design. It has a popper down nursing facility with long line cut design. This sure is a must-have in your wardrobe. The poppers in the front are discreet and open up for easy nursing. They go perfect with a skinny jean and are comfortable wear especially during summers. This easy breastfeeding tops come in many sizes starting from small to extra-large. The white nursing top will add a special kind of look on you!

4. Long Sleeve Trendy Nursing Top:

Like to keep yourselves warm on a chilly day? Here is a trendy nursing top designed to keep you comfortable, comfortable and stylish. It has a V-neck with an inner discreet layer that you can pull aside to nurse. They are available in white, grey and black with about 95% cotton and 5% elastane, in a range of sizes. You can match this with your favourite trouser or skinny and step out like a cool mom!

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5. Nursing Wrap Top:

Nursing wrap tops are another stylish wear you can choose. The top is specially designed to fit you comfortably, with extra softness and strength. The design is a straight cut, cross over and with long sleeves. They come in many colours and other sizes. The pull up style nursing care is easy to nurse the baby and the inner cloth will ensure you get maximum safety from dust and pollution.

6. Tunic Tops:

tunic tops for breastfeeding mothers is another comfortable option to include in the cart. This gives you an option to discreetly feed the baby and is long-sleeved. It is also ideal for cool weather and can be simply worn over a leggings or trousers and jeans. They come in many sizes and colours. The front opening makes it ideal for the baby and the soft cloth will make you feel good. Try out on a special day without having to worry about how you will feed your child.

7. Nursing Blouse:

Here is another good choice for nursing mothers. This high-low cut blouse comes in floral print with nursing access in the inner camisole. They come in many other colour combinations, in various sizes and colours. Some of these tops come with zip and others with an opening that will have a tunic below busts. They are ideal outdoor clothing and will sure make nursing easier.

8. Nursing Hoodie:

We know how difficult it can be for you on a chilly winter night to feed your baby. Here is a hoodie to the rescue! This maternity wear has vertical access to nurse your baby and has all sizes starting from small to extra-large. They are designed to keep you warm and come in colours like grey, black, blue and grey.

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9. Nursing Night Dress:

This one is absolute comfort disguised as a cloth. The nursing nightdress is best for bedtime and is knee-length. They come in many fabrics, colours and sizes. The loose attire is an easy way to feed your baby in the middle of the night.

10. Black Nursing Gown:

This is a short sleeve with U neck which has double-sided button best enabled for nursing. Most of these are in cotton and can be washed, either by hands or in the machine. The gown can fit even during your pregnancy and in the post-pregnancy phase, where the sides can be unbuttoned to pull up and nurse the baby.

How to Choose Your Nursing Top?

Choosing your nursing top needs some time and attention. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before choosing one.

  1. Wear a Nursing Bra: Nursing bra is a must for the right nursing wear. Choose between the pull-up or regular bra. Nursing bras have clips on them to hold the fabric down without really interfering in the support structures of the bra.
  2. Tank Tops: Wearing a tank top with wide-open arms or a lower neckline will help push the tank top aside so that you can feed the baby effectively.
  3. Tee Shirts: If you want to wear tee, choose a V-neck one with large size. This will ensure you can pull it down to feed the baby.

Breastfeeding does not mean you can’t wear any of the trendy clothes. Designers have now come up with many trendy dresses to cater to the needs of nursing mothers. This has enabled a lot of mothers to walk out in style or better, to wear clothes that they love. Step out and try out the range of tunics. Simply walk-in style and confidence!

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