We, modern women, love wearing clothes that offer the right balance of fashion and comfort. They should be low-maintenance, light-weight, sustainable and versatile! In short – we are looking for some stylish tops for women, which work as an extension of our unique personalities. You can dress up or dress down in these fashionable outfits and manage to create a statement every single time!

Of course, you do have some favourite tops in your wardrobe, but are they enough? Can you ever own too many good clothes? No way! So, it’s time to expand our collection and be true to our inner fashionista with this collection of trendy tops for women!

How to Choose The Perfect Tops for Your Body Type?

Every woman is blessed with a unique body type and shape. So, it’s important to pay attention to these aspects instead of blindly following the trends. Let us look into a few basic rules to consider before buying a ladies top for your skirt or denim:

First, identify your body type. Measure your body and compare the readings with a chart to know which category you belong to.

  • If you are a pear-shaped woman, then wear tops that emphasize more on the upper part of the body. Pick V necks, horizontal or asymmetrical stripes or an A-line that have a slimming effect.
  • Women with apple shape bodies can choose layered tops, bright colours, vertical stripes and fitting tops that accentuate the waistline.
  • Hourglass-shaped women can literally wear anything off the racks. You can pick animal prints, figure-flattering tops, low bust lines, peplum top and even slim fat jacket style outfits.
  • Those with Rectangular bodies can try to highlight their shoulders with cold-shoulder tops, flared tops and even strapless A-line styles.
  • If you are a plus-sized woman, you can pick dark coloured tops in slim fits. Pick thinner materials that hug your body and enhance those beautiful curves.
  • Women with petite figures can try flowy tops that add volume to their delicate bodies.

Beautiful and Stylish Designs of Tops for Women with Images:

Following are a few interesting designs of trendy ladies tops available widely.

1. Long Blouson Top:


A Blouson top is characterised by an elastic hemline that creates a voluminous effect on your waist. So, you need not tuck your tummy inside every time someone asks you to pose for a picture. Just hide your bulk behind this blouse and you are sorted! Seen here is one such long blouson top for women with embroidered detailing and a tie-up neckline.

  • Design: Maroon Solid Blouson Top
  • Material: Viscose Rayon
  • Fit: Loose
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Body Shape: Apple, Plus-sized
  • Style Tip: Wear with fitting trouser, Strappy flat sandals and metallic jewellery.

2. Printed Tunic Kurti Top:


Tunic tops are a great way to blend traditions with modernity. They offer the style of a western outfit and the comfort of an Indian Kurti. Seen here is an orange and pink printed tunic with three-fourth sleeves and a calf-length, straight hemline. You can convert this piece into an ethnic outfit by simply switching your denim with a Patiala or a palazzo!

  • Design: Orange and Pink Printed Tunic
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit: Regular
  • Occasion: College wear
  • Body Shape: Pear
  • Style Tip: Wear it with distressed denim, beaded jewellery and a boho handbag.

3. Shoulder Strap Peplum Tops:


A peplum top offers multiple benefits! It can conceal your excess waistline or offer volume to it. Here is a black and white new style top for women which perfectly complements your beautiful figure. The frilly top made with layers of printed fabrics hides all your imperfections and make you look impeccable!

  • Design: Maroon & Mustard Yellow Floral Printed Peplum Top
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit: Fitted
  • Occasion: Holiday Outings, Movie and Date Nights
  • Body Shape: Pear, Apple
  • Style Tip: Pair it with a skirt or a fitting trouser, metallic heels and a statement neckpiece.

4. Ladies Boxy Denim Top:


Boxy tops get their name from the box-like shape at the torso. They are loose tops, typically with a cropped hemline. This style works well for almost all body types, particularly for those with a petite upper body. The flowy, sleeves of this blue denim top add more volume to your body and make you look chic & stylish.

  • Design: Denim Boxy Top with Bell Sleeves
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Body Shape: Petite, Rectangle
  • Style Tip: Wear it with a skirt or short, style your hair well and use simple accessories.

5. Designer Pleated Top:


Knife pleats are back in the fashion scene and are making it big this year! These fluidic garments flatter your body shape and offer the right volume, especially if you need some. The trendy chain print top for women features a high neck and a cropped waistline that works quite well with skirts and trousers.

  • Design: Sleeveless Printed Top with Knife Pleats
  • Material: Polyester
  • Fit: Boxy
  • Occasion: Movie Nights
  • Body Shape: Petite, Rectangle
  • Style Tip: Wear it with denim shorts, ankle-length boots a metallic handcuff.

6. Fashionable Floral Loose Top Design:

Want something for summers! Get a loose cotton top with floral prints on it. The white cotton is given a print of embossed pink floral design to make it lovely. The top is widely selected by the women with medium or heavy body structure on jeans or Capri. They help to feel comfortable and relaxed in the hot summers from sweat.

7. Batwing Top in Style:

A popular women’s fashion tops going viral these days is the batwing top design. The sleeve pattern of the top justifies the name given to the top. It is loose from the top while has a good grip on the hips and waist with the proper crease. The hot chiffon sleeves and back pattern gives it an attractive appearance. It is suitable for jeans and shorts.

8. Cotton Polyester Frock Top Design:

Want a traditional and western touch in your outfit! Get the frock top design for a combined look. The material of the top is a combination of cotton and polyester which gives flaws to the design. It is widely worn on jeans, leggings or Capri especially during summers.

9. Off Shoulder Tops for Women:

Want to try something trendy or sensual to wear for a special occasion! A trendy tops design with off shoulder pattern is the best suitable for such occasions. The tops are given broad necks which slide below one or both the shoulders for a romantic look. The length and fitting depend on the choice of the wearer.

10. Loose Straight Ladies Top:

A medium-length jeans straight top is quite trendy among the female of all age. The sleeveless top is loose in fitting which is widely selected by the heavy body women to give a slim look. The bottom of the top is made fluffy with a narrow length in the centre than that of the sides. It best suits on jeans.

11. Trendy Tunic Top for Women:

The tunic ladies tops are quite popular among women. The top gives a perfect upper body fitting to the ladies. The lower portion is made with chiffon which is low in front while it is lengthy from behind for a dragging dress appearance. It is preferred on leggings or simply as a single gown. The long tunic tops are widely worn with leggings by ladies above 40.

12. Women’s Winter Tops:

Shopping for winters! Don’t miss the winter full sleeve collar tops this time. The top is made with a mixture of wool and cotton to give you comfort and protect you from the cold winds. It is widely carried with a pair of jeans and heel boots for a wow look. It can also be accompanied by a stall or a winter cap for a perfect look.

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13. Short Single Dotted Frock Top:

A cotton fashion tops for teens design popular among the college girls are made with cotton in blue with white dots. It is given small string sleeves with lovely cuts on the shoulder for a lovely look. For more glamour, a belt is given to get a grip on the waist. It is carried on Capri or also as a single piece top. The design is mostly carried by the teen of the colleges as a single piece top in parties or outings.

14. Very Long Fitting Tops for Ladies:

Looking for something ethnic to wear for a special occasion! The long tops for ladies design are widely popular. The long top is worn above leggings. The fluffy top is made with chiffon material with a floral pattern in the middle on both sides. The collar neck pattern and long sleeves add to the beauty of the top.

15. Women’s Shrug Like Belt Top:

Amazing tops for women design is made with a shrug like design with double material. The inner of the top is given a t-shirt look which is covered with a long and loose shrug kind of top. The design also includes a belt on the waist to give a fitting look. It can be worn on jeans and jeggings especially on winters.

16. Beautiful Curvy Jeans Top:

A fashionable design widely worn by the teens is the curvy top design. The top is made with silk and polyester material with stretchable advantage for perfect fitting. The front part of the top has many curvy layers which look attractive. The top also gives adorable fitting on the waist best suitable for jeans and shorts.

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17. Sleeveless Pink Shirt Top Design:

Want a professional approach even in a casual look for offices! Try a shirt designed top with a collar. The top is similar to a shirt but is loose in fitting. It is available in both sleeve and sleeveless outlook. The pattern is widely used by teens in college and offices. The length is shortly suitable for jeggings and jeans.

18. Ladies Simple Plain Tops:

Want a simple top design to wear on jeans for a casual day! A plain white long sleeve top is the best suitable for you. The trendy tops with this kind of design are available in several colours with only a neck design. The v shape neck and the loose-fitting add to its charm.

19. Plain Silk Top Short:

Looking for something shiny over trousers, skirts or jeans! Try a women’s tops design made from silk. The top design is made sleeveless and medium in length for an open look. The sleeveless top is given a fitting from the waist to make it more charming. The bottom of the top is given fluffy cuts which are adorable.

20. Dotted Net Fashion Tops for Women:

Looking for skinny and beautiful tops design! A black net top with dotted design in black is quite attractive. The top is given a shirt type look with long sleeves. The top gives you an opportunity to wear a favourable inner colour suitable for jeans. It exposes the inner and hence shiny inners are worn for parties for a catchy appearance.

21. Ladies Sheer Tops:

The women are more likely to wear a designer top design made by using cotton and sheer material for a clumsy appearance. The cotton top is given the upper and lower layer bordered with sheer material along with the sleeves. The sheer gives wonderful tiny floral designs which bloom up on jeans and jeggings. The tops are made with several attractive colours to choose from according to your skin tone.

22. Lace Women’s Tops for Plus Size:

Are you heavy in weight but still want an attractive look for occasions! Bring ladies fashion tops made from cotton and sheer. The top is made with two layers. The inner cotton layer remains skin fit while the upper sheer layer remains loose covering your bulky tummy and arms. The sheer with fine designs embossed on it is quite catchy for jeans. It gives you a slimmer look with a sensual look.

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23. Short Jacket Style Top in Denim:

Love wearing denim items! Get denim jeans paired with a denim top. The top is made from jeans material without sleeves and short in length which exposes the tummy for a catchy look. To make the top more attractive, the blue top is given white shades on it. It is quite often worn for summers under jeans and shorts for a mind-blowing look.

24. Peplum Women’s Fashion Tops:

Looking for something cosy to wear on casual parties or dates! The fashion women’s tops known as peplum gives you a wide range to select from trendy designs. The top is made with a small string lace sleeves and chest fitting. Along with it, it is also given fluffy waves design on the waist. These kinds of ladies tops are viral on high waist jeans from which the proper shape of the waist can be shown. They are available in various colours but white, pink, black and magenta are selected more by the female.

25. Latest Designer Back Pattern Tops:

A popular top design getting popular among the slim and young teens is the back pattern top designs. It is one of the fashion tops for special occasions like parties, dates, night outs etc. The top is made with polyester material which is stretchable also and given a shining black coating. The front of the top is simple but the back is given a lovely pattern where the back is exposed. It is a lovely pattern zipped from between to give a sensual look.

26. Trendy Strips Top for Girls:

One of the beautiful women’s tops design with simplicity and designing is the strips tank tops. The lovely design is made in blue satin material with strips forming designs on the shoulder and back. The neck design of the top is made with pearls and Kashmiri thread work. The amazing top is quite widely worn on jeans which can also be accompanied with sheer shrugs, velvet shrug coats or normal long shrugs. It is worn on high waist jeans so that the belts of the jeans can be made visible along with high velvet jeans.

27. Ladies Fashion Tops with Layers:

Want to try something funky to wear on hot summers! A cotton top is the best choice for the same. The funky top is made with several cotton furry layers with a sheer touch. The sleeveless portion is made with a single string design made from cotton coated with net design. The lightness of the top makes it more advisable for beachwear or for disco parties. It is widely worn on jeans or shorts to make them look more adorable and catchy.

28. Designer Scoop Neck Tops for Teens:

A lovely design in the ladies fashion tops is the polyester and made with scoop neck pattern. The polyester top is generally simple, but to make it fancy, sheer scoop neck is added which gives it an adorable back design. The design exposes the back through its lovely design. It is mostly worn for beach parties, summer wear, evening night outs etc. It gives your skinny jeans or shorts a perfect look. The design is worn by the teens that are slim for a perfect figure exposure.

29. Cropped Mini Tops in Women’s Fashion:

Want to have a sexy approach for any party themed for beaches! A cropped mini top is the best to pair with. The blue colour top is made of cotton with an off-shoulder pattern. It is stitched short to allow the belly to be visible when worn on mini skirts. The top also can be called arm sleeve top as the sleeves have a grip at the arms and the shoulders are left barren. It gives a sensual look to the teens or ladies. They are widely purchased by the new brides to enjoy their honeymoon in hot summers.

30. Plain Poncho Tops for Women:

A cute and trendy women’s casual tops design getting quite a popularity in the winter season is the poncho top design. The top is made with polyester material without any design or pattern. The crease lines and the curvy neck design make it attractive on jeans or leggings. They are widely worn by healthy women compared to the slim ones for a proper appearance.

The tops for women have always given several varieties with material and design to select from. Its charm also allows the aged women to wear it as it is also available in long lengths. Whether the top is simple or designer, it adds glamour to the outlook of the women. There are simple batik designed tops also available which are used for regular wear, while there are a designer or occasional tops which are also worn as single skin-tight gowns.


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