Babies grow smart and get mature quickly with age. Hence, you should have to take special care they don’t get exposed to explicit content and always remain under proper supervision. Your 1 month old baby can see objects just about 8-10 inches away and can’t make out details or spectrum of colours. When you talk to them, they look very closely and observe. They love to be held and seek comfort. Their fists are usually closed at this stage and sudden and loud noises can scare the babies. There are some amazingly awesome toys for 1 month old babies that are discussed in this article. If you’re looking for toys for 1 month old baby boy or girl, your search ends here.

The Top 11 Toys for 1 Month Old Babies are as Follows.

1. The Kick and Play Piano:

This is an amazing toy which requires some good amount of space for setup. It keeps the baby’s body active and allows him to have some fun as well. The kick and play piano is an amazing toy which keeps the baby in joy all time. It is suggested that the baby should not be exposed to this toy just after eating. He should take some good amount of rest and then play with it. Assistance of a supervisor or parents is required.

2. The Melody Gym:

The melody gym for the babies is also another amazing product. It comes with colorful toys hanging from the top which the baby can look at while he’s laying down. The whole thing has been beautifully designed for one month old babies which will effectively feed their fascination. The melody gym is quite popular among kids and can be said to be one of the best toys for 1month old babies.

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3. The Soft Toy Tortoise:

Most kids love elephants. Then, there are some kinds who love tortoises. There are some 1month old kids who are fascinated by the shell of the tortoise. They love to play with it a lot. This one is more special, as it makes a cute noise when you touch it or press it hard enough. The kids will spend almost every hour of their consciousness with this particular toy. The toy is so beautiful that even parents will want buy buying this for their kids, even if their 1month old babies doesn’t demand one.

4. The Animal House Toy for 1 Month Old Babies:

This particular toy comes with a house along with some animals around it. The toy is called “My Forest Friends”, which is a really popular toy set and is manufactured by one of the top baby toy manufacturing companies in the world, based in US. The toy is full of wonders and also comes with a small colorful book with direction and small images that will educate the kids about each and every animals feature.

5. The Beauty Mirror:

Have you even spotted a baby when he sees himself/herself in the mirror for the first time? The beauty mirror is manufactured using colorful and attractive plastic along with a delicate glass mirror, especially for the kids. These kinds of toys will help the kids develop a sense of self-appeal from a very little age. It can be said to be one of the best toys for 1month old baby girls and is one of the best toys for one month old baby boy as well.

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6. The Car:

If you’re looking for 1 month baby toys, your options are not limited. This is something interesting and almost each and every kid will love this. The car can be pushed by a parent or supervisor and the baby can sit on it and he will feel as if he is driving it. This can be claimed as one of the best baby toys for 1month old.

7. The Sunggauppy Bouncer:

Just lay the kid on it and it will do the rest. The snuggapuppy bouncer comes with relaxing music for the 1month old and can make the baby happy within seconds. This bouncer is ideal for little babies to be put in upright position and it is absolutely safe. Babies now can see their parents and everything around them in a different view.

8. The Lighting Cloth:

Here, we have another beautiful and extremely popular toy for the kids. This cloth lights up at night and comes with beautiful cartoon pictures, which can help the baby in having a sound sleep. High contrast Colors and animal patterns stimulate your baby’s visual sense greatly. Babies at this stage can see just about 8-10 inches away. These bright lights definitely capture their attention.

9. The Tummy Wedge:

The tummy wedge is an awesome time-killer and 1month old babies will love it. Tummy time is not the end of cuddles, this is a perfectly sized play mat ensures your babies feel hugged and they keep your baby engaged. The mat has little animals attached to it and babies love to grasp and explore those cute little animals. The quilted mat provides great comfort.

10. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy:

This activity toy is one of the best toys for one month old baby boy and girls. They keep the babies engaged with their vibrant colours and sensory interaction. This can be easily strapped to the crib, stroller and car seat. The 4 toys hung help your baby achieve sensory milestones and aid in their motor skills and visual development.

11. Taf Toys In-Car Play Center:

This is a perfect gift for parents who drive around with their infants. Parents don’t have to worry about their babies as the mirror helps them keep an eye on their babies and the toys keep the baby engaged. The toys can be adjusted to the baby’s reach and makes traveling fun for little babies.

12. Infantino Gaga Shake, Turn, Link & Teethe Activity Set:

This toy from Infantino will make your baby go gaga with 4 sensory toys. It helps babies develop their motor skills. High contrasts, textures and activities will keep the tiny hands busy and lets the baby explore activities such as shaking, spinning, teething, etc. This set is portable and can be strapped to high hairs, strollers, cribs and the car seat.

Apart from activity toys for your 1 month old, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little ones.

1. Massage Time:

Babies respond to touch from birth and this is also a great time to bond with your little bundle of joy. Massages provide tactile comfort and babies enjoy their massage time.

  • Gently place your baby on a soft towel or blanket.
  • Gently take off the baby’s clothes one at a time.
  • Pour a few drops of baby massage oil in your palm and rub your palms to warm the oil.
  • Gently massage your baby’s body starting from the next to his toes.
  • Turn the baby around and follow the same process.
  • Take a few precautions like – not rubbing oil on the face as it might get into his eyes and check to see if your baby is allergic to any oil.

2. Tummy Play:

Take off your baby’s clothes or you can play this after your baby’s bath. Talk to your baby and gently rub his tummy. Put your face close to the baby’s tummy and talk and sing.

Ensure you modulate your voice from low pitch to high pitches. Between songs, ensure you kiss your baby.
Also, keep making eye contact with your one month old baby. This is a great way to bond with your baby.

Well done mother! Your little one is at long last here! The connection and feeling you get after holding your infant are basically unmatched, and you feel the desire of ensuring her and supporting her forever.

Dissimilar to what you may think, your one month old is exceptionally touchy to the encompassing around her. She is gradually building up her listening ability capacities and vision. Before the month’s over, you may discover her reacting to the brilliant shaded toys. Sudden and boisterous commotions may astound your little one too.

This is the time when your child’s advancement will resemble a hurricane. When you delay to investigate her, you may see the accompanying formative imprints.

  • Before the month’s over you may discover they are heavier and bigger than previously.
  • Despite the fact that they can’t get a handle on a toy, they will know about it.
  • They can gradually start to perceive the possess a scent reminiscent of their parental figure.
  • In spite of the fact that their vision has not completely created, they can see objects at a nearness.
  • In the underlying days they will for the most part keep her eyes shut, yet with time they will begin reacting to splendid hues and differentiating designs.
  • Your infant knows about your voice since the time they were there in your womb. Converse with your infants. Infants cherish the delicate and mitigating sounds than the boisterous ones.

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Above were some of the best toys for the babies who are 1month old already. The kids love colors, sweet music, etc with which they can have fun and totally relate to. Each and every toy has been carefully selected based on the feedback and reviews from the parents about their kids having fun with these toys.


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