Yay! Your child is finally 1 year old, and that obviously calls for a birthday celebration. The baby, by this time, will be laughing, crawling and trying to talk a bit as well. There are some awesome toys that you can gift your one year old boy or girl. The most effective ones would be the toys that will assist them in their future years and make them better persons regarding knowledge, physical appearance, etc. In this article, you will be provided with the top 12 toys that you can provide your 1 year old with.

Top 12 Toys for One Year Old Baby:

1. Ball Pool for Kids:

Ball pools (or ball pits) are the best toys to engage a 1-year-old boy or girl. It is a pool filled with small colored balls. Whether it’s hot or rainy outside, this ball pool toy will keep your kids entertained indoors. As your child sits in the pit, he or she picks a colored ball. And when your child picks a ball, you can teach them which color and ask them to pick the same color balls. It helps your kids to learn and remember colors. These ball pools help children improve muscle strength, hand-eye coordination and memory.

2. Push Toy:

Your baby has just begun to walk and now loves to hold this little push wherever he goes. This push toy offers support to your baby and ensures safety. 

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3. Bath Ducks:

Make every bath time a fun time with these cute squeaky ducks. These floating rubber ducks are your babies best bath buddies. They come in a variety of shapes, es like Fish, ships and other fun animals.

4. The Sharp Shooter Toy:

This is an amazing shooter to which will be most suitable for the 1 year old boy. It is also rated as one of the most famous toys for 1 year old baby. This toy allows the baby to identify the different shapes, such as squares, circles, etc. It is one of the most efficient things ever that you can provide your child with. This toy is suitable for almost each and every baby out there who matches the given age limit. It teaches them hand-eye coordination while experimenting with different objects.

5. AND-Generic 27pcs ABC/123 Wooden Blocks Letters and Numbering Box with Storage Case – Classic Learning Kit:

Here is an amazing toy that will assist in the baby’s growth. This toy is truly amazing for both the boy and girl children out there. It will require the combined effort of the emotional stimuli and the mind.

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6. Giggles Stack A Ring:

This multi-color toy is something new to the table. This toy sports a beautiful texture and design,n along with awesome and attractive colors. It is really precious for the children and can be said to be an amazing toy for the little one year old champs.

7. Digger The Dog From Funskool:

It is time that you introduce the child to the man’s best friend. This toy dog is so precious that anyone would want to purchase it. It sports a beautiful design and can be said to be one of the most famous toys ever. The dog looks very attractive as well. It is one of the best baby toys for the 1 year old.

8. Funskool Chain Links:

The chain links is another beautiful toy from Funskool, which is a famous toy manufacturer. This toy sports a beautiful design and can be said to be one of the best selling toys for the 1 year old.

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9. Fisher Price Rain Forest Musical Gym:

This particular toy is famous for its beauty and so much space for activity that the baby can move around pretty easily. That is why this toy is called the Rain Forest Gym. The mat is made of good material, which is not harmful for the baby at all and sports a rain Forest theme as well.

10. The Sunshine Airbus Toy:

This is a musical toy that comes with attractive light in, and the color changes as well. This is one of the best toys that you can provide your baby with. It is suitable for the kids who are fond of airplanes, and it is also one of the best baby toys for a 1 year old.

11. The Basics Chatter Telephone:

The Chatter Telephone from Fisher Price is also one of the best toys for the 1 year old children. It can be said to be one of the best toys that you can provide your child with on his or her very first birthday. If you’re looking for toys for the 1 year old baby boy, then this might be the perfect one for you.

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12. The Saffire Rain Cloud Baby Toy:

The last one on the list is the rain cloud baby toy, which will be one of the best toys for the 1 year old baby girl.

Above were some of the best toys for the 1 year old baby. These toys are based on the efficiency rating from the parents and the positive feedback from the buyers. These are some of the best baby toys for the 1 year old, and this list above will hopefully assist you in selecting the right toy for your baby.


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