Now that your baby is 8 months old, he will be experimenting stuffs. He will use his hand to feel different things and develop an image in his mind. This image varies from baby to baby and to make this process more effective and vivid one will have to provide the baby with toys that will help in his all around development.

Always follow the age recommendations by the manufacturers on the label. Here are the top 11 latest toys for 8 month-old babies:

1. The VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker:

This is an awesome toy for the growing baby and can be said to be one of the best toys for the 8 months old baby. It will assist the baby in learning new things and will develop his sense of creativity and imagination as well. One can find this toy in almost all baby toy stores since it is a pretty popular one among babies of this age.

2. The Insect Lore Live Cup of Caterpillars:

This is a unique toy and you have probably not seen anything like this before. The cup contains a number of lady caterpillars and some of the butterflies are said to be the ideal specimens (all of this is painted, though). The kids spend a lot of time on this and according to some parents and nannies it is one of the best baby toys for 8 months old.

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3. The Scientific Explorer my First Mind Blowing Science Kit:

This is a basic and really simple science kit for the 8 months old babies, which will help them in develop a little idea about what science is all about. These days almost each and every parent provides their child with this particular toy as it is considered as one of the best toys for the 8 months old baby.

4. Step to Whisper Ride II:

This toy involves a little bit of activity that the baby will have to offer for playing with this particular toy. The toy comes in many colors and is one of the most purchased baby toys for the 8 months old babies.

5. The Sassy Pop n’ Push Car:

Here, is another amazing push car that demands some basic activity from the baby. This type of toys will assist the baby growing physically along with good nutrition, of course. The toy can be availed on almost all the popular online toy websites.

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6. The VTech Stack and Sing Rings:

Here, we have another one of the most popular toys for the 8 months old baby. This particular toy demands the baby to use his mind a bit. The baby will have to stack the rings properly and finally there will be a rejoicing music played by the toy. There are a few similar kinds of toys available in India, where the color code for arranging and stacking the rings is crucial.

7. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch & Play Raceway:

Babies of this age are fond of cars. This particular raceway toy comes with beautifully designed racetracks along with colorful cars. This is a very engaging and creative toy that develops your baby’s motor skills. It also plays music and fun phrases and babies can have endless fun. The fund part is that you can build three kinds of racetrack.

8. Hape- Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy:

This can be said to be one of the best toys ever for the babies that are 8 months old. The particular toy sports a beautiful design along with a rope with the help of which the 8 months old can pull this along. This award-winning puppy improves coordination and encourages active play. Your little toddler will taking this child safe puppy on walks.

9. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover Ball:

This particular toy is really amazing. It will provide the child with facts about lots of stuff as he or she rolls the ball or simply plays with it. It is one of the best baby toys for 8 months old. This is one of the best developmental toys for 8 month-old babies. The soft texture helps with tactile development and also makes them crawl to listen to the sounds the toy makes.

10. VTech Turn and Learn Driver:

Vroom, Vroom! We all love to drive and so do your little 8 month-old babies. They love to mimic their dads and moms who drive. Along with pretend play to drive, this toy makes animal noises and sounds of vehicles. Apart from these songs, there are several songs and phrases that aid in the child’s overall development. This battery operated wheel paves way for creativity and imagination.

11. Fat Brain® Toys Oombee Cube Shape Sorting Toy:

This vibrant and textured toy is ideal for 8 month-old babies, as this lets them explore shapes and textures. The cutouts on the cube are for specific shapes and your baby will learn to match these shapes – square, star and pentagon. Babies develop their fine motor skills as they are learning hands on. This safe toy is made with food grade silicone and doesn’t harm the baby even if they chew on it especially when they’re teething.

Apart from toys, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little 8 month old.

1. Peek-a-boo:

Here’s how you can play this fun game with your 8 month old:

  • Cover your face with your hand or a cloth or bed sheet.
  • Say something to make your baby feel at ease like, “Where’s Mamma?” or “Where did Mamma go?”
  • And then show your face without waiting for too long. Else, your baby might be worried.
  • You can keep playing this game and your baby will get used to it and soon start playing with you.

2. The Clapping game:

Babies learn to clap around 6-8 months, so get your baby to clap and try a singing a few rhymes alongside.

  • If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands (2)
  • If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it,
  • If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!
  • Your baby will soon learn to imitate and clap with you.

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At eight months, your baby will be more independent and a whole new phase of exploration begins. It is essential to childproof the house as your toddler will pick up the things within their reach. You will also observe that your child may recognize strangers and may cry to go to them. Ensure you do not force you toddler to go to strangers.

At this point, you can set up a cozy corner for you baby to play. You could introduce them to a whole new set of toys that are squishy, musical toys, toys that help in crawling or standing, building toys and toys that have buttons or dials will pique their interest.

8 months old means that your child is getting bring and strong pretty quickly. This article has provided you with a list of the best toys that will be suitable for the children of this age. The toys are from all the best toy manufacturing companies and you can trust them with your eyes closed.


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