It is often difficult for expectant parents or new parents to decide on toys for baby girls. Likewise, even individuals looking to gift an expectant mother at the baby shower or other such occasions find themselves confused about the choice of baby girl toys. To solve such a dilemma, we have compiled a list of the 11 latest toys for your little baby girl.

Top 11 Toys for Baby Girls:

Our choices for gifts are greatly influenced by society and our surroundings. Ensure there are no sharp edges, small parts or parts that break easily and non-toxic toys. Kids love toys. Just ensure the toys are age-appropriate, intriguing and, of course, fun and safe to play with. Toys must be educational and improve creativity.

1. Rattles:

A rattle is one of the must-have toys for baby girls. Recognising sound stimulation is one of the earliest signs of baby development. Rattles that are specially made for girls include animal rattles, plain colorful rattles and also differently shaped rattles.

2. Musical Blocks:

Music often does the trick when it is difficult to silence a disturbed or cranky baby. That is why a set of musical blocks is one of the apt toys for baby girls. As she puts the block in place, a musical piece is played, and the noisy baby is quietened for a while.

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3. Doll House:

Most girls love to play with dolls and doll houses. Your mother and aunts will agree to that. Dressing up the dolls, making up stories about their life and make-belief are very common scenarios among growing babies. With a number of compartments showing the different rooms in a house, doll houses provide several articles for the baby to enjoy and keep her productively busy.

4. Activity Gym:

An activity gym or a baby gym is an arch with toys suspended on it. The baby is comfortable on the soft and colourful baby mat and can avail of the various toys hanging from the arch. As the baby tries to touch and reach out to these objects, she develops her visual and motor skills.

5. Kitchen Set:

It is one of the best baby girl toys. A baby girl often emulates her mother, and when she sees her mother cooking and working in the kitchen, she often desires to do the same. Obviously, it is impossible to let the baby girl even venture into the kitchen due to physical hazards. Hence, a kitchen set is the best of all baby girl toys. With plastic cutlery and kitchenware, the baby is happy to work on it and also learns effective role-modelling.

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6. Teether:

When the baby girl starts growing and developing teeth, irritation in the gums causes her to put anything in her mouth to soothe it. As such, various kinds of teethers are made for girls to ensure a safe solution to teething problems. They come in a variety of designs, like in the form of keys or with pretty bows and flowers too.

7. Color Puzzles:

For a growing baby, it is important to find the right baby girls toys. Coloured puzzles play an important role in cognitive development. The baby just has to complete the missing parts in a particular picture by identifying the correct colours and putting them in the gaps. These are of cute baby girl toys.

8. Dangling Articles:

For younger kids, baby girls’ toys include dangling articles which can be attached to the baby’s cot, pram, and perambulator or even on the wall. They come in a variety of options, some being colorful and musical, while some make a squeaking noise every time they are touched.

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9. Musical Phones:

With the advent of technology, phones have become an inevitable part of daily life. To introduce the same to the babies sans the harmful radiation, musical phones are appropriate toys for baby girls. They allow the baby to experiment with numbers and listen to tunes that are likeable by all.

10. Makeup / Beauty Set:

Let your little girl’s imagination run wild. With this beauty set, your little princess can spend hours of pretend play that’s specially designed for her. This is a very cute and innovative way to engage your creativity and motor skills for your girl.

11. Dolls:

Dolls are girls’ first love. You can always impress little girls and baby girls with dolls, no matter how old they are. Baby dolls are particularly a hit with baby girls, and Barbie dolls and Princess dolls are very common among older girls.

Activities with Toys for Baby Girls:

We have so far discussed toys that are suitable for baby girls; let’s now take a look at a few activities that you can take on with your little one.

1. Splish Splash with your Baby Girl:

Little girls love bath time. Make this time more interesting by introducing new toys and sponges. You could also add tiny utensils that can make her fill them with water and pour them around. This will help her learn how she can fill vessels with liquids.

2. Color, color, what color do you like?

Introducing your toddler to colors is very important. Children love to see colors as it increases the visual appeal of the world around them. Place colorful toys around her and help her sort the colors according to the shades. Through this activity, they are sure to learn more about colors.

3. Bubbles, bubbles:

Kids love bubbles. They follow them around, trying to pop them. This game is sure to fascinate your little girls, who will be thrilled to watch bubbles flying by. She will surely run behind them to catch them.

4. Make your maraca:

Fill a bottle with rice or pulses and close the bottle. As your baby rattles and shakes, she listens to a different sound. This is the first step in introducing your little girl to the world of music.

Our choices for gifts are greatly influenced by society and our surroundings. Ensure there are no sharp edges, small parts or parts that break easily and non-toxic toys. Kids love toys. Just ensure the toys are age-appropriate, intriguing and, of course, fun and safe to play with. Toys must be educational and improve creativity.

With an array of interesting toys available in the market, both online and at retail stores, it is important for guardians to choose the ones which have some sort of educational value, is safe and worth the expense incurred too. Thus, choosing toys for baby girls must be an informed choice and not merely based on whims and fancies. Most toys like play-doh, doll houses, crayons, and finger painting let them exercise their creativity and also teach them to play with others.

Ensure you buy toys that are engaging and perfectly safe. Happy Gifting!


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