Newborn babies have some kind of attachment towards toys, which is universal. Babies all over the world are fascinated by the looks, actions, and sounds of the toys. There are, however, some toys which can scare them off and make them really upset. You should select the right toy for your newborn and this article will educate you about the top 11 best toys you can buy for your newborn baby.

When choosing a gift for a newborn, it is best to read about gifting ideas and check with the parents. Look for toys that the baby can hold and grab or suck on. Avoid toys with small parts. Our article will definitely help you choose your mindful and useful gifts for newborns.

11 Best Toys for New Born Babies:

1. Hand-Held Toys:

In the early months, babies don’t have the ability to understand complex toys. Hence, you should go for something really simple and fun at the same time. There are numerous handheld toys which the baby can hold with his/her hand and shake or move to make noise out of it, which, will, of course, be melodious.

2. Music Box:

Newborn babies sleep better when some kind of soft music is being played. One should look for something interesting when they are buying a toy for babies. Music boxes are said to be one of the best toys for newborn babies as music energizes the babies and keeps them happy. You should select one which comes with a soft and melodious tone. They might not be able to operate it but will still have fun simply listening to it.

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3. The Mobile:

In today’s world, out of 24 hours a day, we spend almost 8hrs on the phone. The baby will obviously observe her mom and dad busy on objects through which they are trying to communicate. The mobile toy is a suitable cellphone for babies and he or she can play with it as well. The mobile is one of the best toys for newborn babies.

4. The Rattle Set:

Newborn babies love colors and hopefully, they will love this rattle set as well. This is considered as one of the best toys for newborn baby girls. You can shake it and make some wonderful noise out of it. Apart from all this, it sports beautiful colors that will be loved by both a baby boy and a baby girl.

5. The Play Gym for Newborn Babies:

Almost every parent buys this for their newborn babies to help activate their different body muscles and fibers from a very little age. This play gym for babies is generally kept in bed and is totally safe as it comes with a net as well. The whole thing looks really joyful and babies will love it from the moment they lay their eyes on it.

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6. Sensory Toys:

The sensory toy is an amazing toy to add to the baby toy collection. The sensory toy comes with built-in artificial sensory buttons which will make some kind of noise or flip when the button is pressed from the outside unknowingly. Babies crack a wonderful laugh when the toys jump or flip. This is also one of the toys suitable for newborn babies.

7. The Musical Role Rattle Toy:

Looking for newborn baby toys? Here, we have another amazing and beautiful musical toy for newborn babies. The thing is totally safe for babies since no toxic material is used in the construction of this toy. It will assist in developing motor skills as well.

8. Winfun-Baby Girl Playmat:

Looking for newborn baby toys online? Here is a wonderful playmat, which is one of the best toys for newborn baby girls. This toy comes with a wonderful design and will be a total time-killer for babies. Your baby girls will love rolling on it and playing with it almost throughout the day.

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9. The Multi-Color Toy House:

Last, but not least, this is a bit of an advanced toy for the newborn babies. But they will love it anyway. You can avail of this toy from any store providing baby toy materials or buy it from some reputed online baby store.

10. Rock a Stack:

This is a very popular toy amongst babies and little boys love to stack. There’s endless joy in stacking and sorting. These bright shiny colours and rings are definitely good for hand-eye coordination.

11. Rolling Ball:

Watch your baby boy giggle as this ball wobbles and wiggles. Have a ball with your boy! This ball comes with various options to pull and spin. The options are many.

Toy Activities for Newborn Baby:

We have so far discussed toys that are suitable for newborns; let’s now take a look at a few activities that you can take on with your little one.

Dance with your Baby:

Play some soothing music for your babies and carry your little baby and sway gently holding your baby. Babies love spending time with their parents and this is a great way to bond with your little wonder.

Educate your baby about things Around You:

This activity is not just restricted to baby toys. You could use any household product that’s safe to use. Keep a stash of objects with you, and introduce these objects one at a time. This is a brilliant way to teach them objects such as spoons, fabrics, bottles, etc.

Bring out the rock star in You:

From “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Wheels on the Bus”, and “If You’re Happy and you know it”, babies love animated voices. Try modulating your voice from a low pitch to a high squeaky pitch. To add more fun, try using finger puppets.

Bubble Trouble:

Bubbles are truly magical and this game is fun for 4-6 months old. You can blow bubbles during their bath time or while walking them in the park. Babies are fascinated by bubbles.

Tummy Time:

This is one of the most important activities for babies. This strengthens your baby’s neck and head and gives them a different view of things. Ensure you are constantly keeping an eye on them.

There are some good toys for newborns, which can change your baby’s mood and transform his whole day. Hence, you should be extremely careful while you’re selecting one. The toys described in this article will hopefully assist you.


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